Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, it will be a long day!

Personal -$390.00
Studio $ 423.60

CC use one, paid as agreed the other waiting.....

     As you can see from the total above on the studio, I am almost 1/2 way to reaching my total for my last bill.  Then I can relax for 2.8 hours:)

     Carpet cleaner was here yesterday so that is done.  Had a disagreement with the window cleaner as his prices have tripled.  I mean from $60.00 last year to $180.00 this year.  The cleaning crew was here for less than 45 minutes, they cleaned the outside windows and took down 4 storms and cleaned.  The crew filled out paper work that they had cleaned inside and out and that I had storms on every window.  When I called the office the secretary told me that their rates had gone up.  That is fine so have mine but 3 times last years price?  I wanted her to check my records and the paperwork.  She calls back,  did the men come inside?  No.  Did all of your windows have storms?  No.  Now the owner calls.  Seems his crews have not been as busy as  usual (I wonder why?)  So they are padding their paper work.  They are able to get away with this on commercial buildings as we have had so much dirty rain, but residential there have been complaints about over charging.  He was very upset when he found out they had not done what was on the paper work.  Like, They did not come inside?  uh no.....  So anyway to make a long story short I have no cleaning bill.  Although I was more than willing to pay they assumed charge plus whatever the rates had gone up.  I feel bad as I am sure these crews get laid off when there is not enough work.  But you can't be dishonest and run a business.

     Mysti, and ND chic think I should have a contract with parents over costumes.  I will do that next year.  I send home notes and talk to them but I really think that they are just broke and try to wait as long as possible.  It is the Celtic dancers that I have the most problems with as they do have added costume fees and performance fees.  But if you take dance it is expensive just like any sport or activity.  I know from talking to other teachers that collections is the hardest part of the job.

     Still have no voice, and my hands were awful this morning.  I am typing and hoping the meds will kick in, then I will take a hot bath and see if that helps.  I have 7 African skirts to  put together today.  I did get all of my sewing that had to be done completed yesterday.  It was a long day.

     I need to get some house work done today.  If I can get my hands to co-operate.
 Here is the list.....

Take a hot bath:)
Clean spare bedroom and change sheets
Clean spare bathroom
Clean Master bedroom
Clean Master bath
Clean Kitchen
Mop Kitchen floor
Clean and dust down stairs bedroom change sheets
Clean and dust family room
Straighten and organize shop
Get 7 African costumes put together
Move floor to theater
get music ready to copy
start program for review
collapse into bed

I will try to do all of this in no particular order.  The house is normally picked up and not really messy I just need to do an over all wipe up and change sheets.  I will do what I can and be happy with that.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. If you had been the only one with the overcharge issue, that's understandable... mistakes happen. But for a lot of customers? No thanks. Scamming or "padding" the paperwork is never ok, not even for big commercial businesses.

  2. My son ha a show tomorrow night and still has parents who haven't paid the drama/costume fee So today he had to call the families to tell them that if the money was not paid by 4 there kids were out of the play and the understudies who paid will take over.

    They all called the principal who told them that was the school rule so if not there kids will not be in the show. Sometimes you have to draw a hard line.

  3. I'm glad you put hot bath on top of the list because you really deserve one!!

  4. I can't believe those people would think a homeowner wouldn't notice a bill that has increased 300%! Let's hope the business owner gets rid of those guys and find some honest employees. I wish you posted pictures on your blog--Celtic costumes, African costumes...sounds cool!

  5. Dearest Kim,

    I know "udy" visits your blog, so could you please get a message to her? (I only post "anon" so I cannot post to her blog :( )


    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so deeply sorry for your loss, and even though I didn't know your Grandmother, I weep for your loss.

    She sounds like a fine woman, and she would be proud how you stood up her and her wishes!

    Many HUGS,

    'An Anonymous Reader' "

    1. Dear annon: Thank you so much. And I am sorry I had to put the block on because of trolls...which I know your not!!! I will try taking it off and see what happens.

      Again thank you she was a fine woman who I am proud to have know and loved.