Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, Making my goals.

Personal -$398.00
Studio $1.01

CC Use.  I have paid all new charges on one card and the standard $250.00 planned payment.  I have one other card to pay.

     On a financial front as this is supposed to be a Debt blog but I think it mostly a complaint diary....  I was able to make a $782.00 payment to one of the CC's.  This was the standard payment and all charges this month!  I have another card that will need a $969.00 payment but there is still over $1400.00 coming into the studio this month, so I will make it and then some.  I feel so blessed.  It is amazing that I have been able to do this, especially with my mom's party.  I do have some charges that will appear next month, but those will be covered by reimbursement from this show and oh  I forgot hard work!

     If I can get through this year and not go backwards, I will have made it.  I am a little worried about my ability to save right now.  I would like to have more money in my slush fund and emergency account, but it is just not possible.

     Tons of  work came into the shop yesterday. I am so happy about it.  It is all easy hemming.  I love hems, they are fast and turn over the money.  Yippee!

     I lost my voice yesterday, and my hands are worse than ever.  It was one of my last big rehearsals before the show and I could not talk.  I bet my students loved it!

   I have a performance tonight at a nursing home, then I will hurry back to the studio to practice.  I still have three costumes to alter and need to get some African costumes put together and also 8 t-shirts.  I think I will go look at St. Patty's day left overs at Wal mart.

     Trying to keep my spirits up and get through the week.

Out My Window:  Beautiful Day!  Can't find the chickens!  I wonder if they are up in the back alley?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. You are doing awesome! Stay strong there! I hope you'll get your voice back very soon.