Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday. I have a drippy cold....

personal -$398.00
studio $ 53.23

CC use $352.00 this month on personal card will pay that off in addition to regular payment, still waiting for studio card.

     I have really bad cold sores all over my mouth and a runny nose and scratchy throat, cough.  Fun!  My hands were a little better yesterday so I am happy about that.  Working really hard at the studio as we are so close to show time.

     Hubby had a filling fall out last night so I have to make him an appointment to see the dentist.  I just hope that don't tell him he needs a a crown!  We do have some money left in the medical savings so I think we can cover whatever.  I just get sick of every visit we have to have a crown.  Now if it was one for my head that would be different. I could stand to be Queen for the day.

     I just realized I have not updated my debts and I need to do that as it makes me feel like maybe I am making progress!

     Out My Window:  Cold, overcast and rainy.

     I have at least 6 formals in the shop right now that need love so I am going to be a busy sniffly girl today.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Oh, I hope you feel better very soon, Kim!

  2. Feel better soon! Not fun at all to work while sick. We got quite a downpour today, it rained nonstop. But it was 60 and we were loving it anyway!

  3. I don't get cold sores very often but when I do they are terrible! I had to get prescription for Valtrex and am so glad I did! I dont know if you can take it with your other meds Kim but it has worked wonders for me.
    I hope that you feel better really soon!