Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal -$398.00
studio $53.23

CC use still waiting for bills but will pay and be at even keel.

     I was able to work in the yard Friday afternoon.  I trimmed 13 bushes so all the trimming is done in the back.  Hubby still has a couple things he must take down with a chain saw.  I have a lot of cleaning and flower bed work to do , but at least the major trimming is done.

     Saturday Hub and I picked up all the trimming and took a load to the dump. I picked up some pansies and moss roses for the back flower boxes.  I got all the back boxes cleaned and planted.  But there is still a ton to do.  Now that day light savings is here, I will try to get out in the yard for at least 1-2 hours in the morning.  First I have to get used to the time change.

     I did not go to church yesterday.  I overworked my hands and they are so swollen and sore.  Also early morning is hard for me when my arthritis flares up.  It takes me a while to get started.  I slept and took it easy all day and I needed to do that.

     Hopefully students will pay enough tuition today to get the rent paid and a couple of other bills.  Then anything else that comes in can go to debt.  It is nice to have all the little bills gone and I don't have to stress about them.

     There is plenty to do in the shop today and I have to get a letter out to my parents so I had better bet my butt in gear.

Have a great and productive day.


  1. Hope your hands feel better, & that your parents/students pay. What a frustrating thing to have to wait. Can you set up automatically billing and/or offer a discount for that?

  2. We still have yard work here. But I did see some crocuses that popped up.

    At the rate we are going....not much new landscaping will happen this year. Just don't have it. :(

  3. I hope that those that owe you money pay up. Sorry your hands are hurting so badly. We still have a ton of snow but I'm looking forward to doing some landscaping.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping your hands get better soon. I can imagine that's just painful and makes everything so much more difficult. Glad to hear you took it easy for a bit. Feel better!