Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday, the parties over....

  Oh My!  I am wiped out.  I feel so out of touch and I am sorry I was not able to blog all the details of the last two weeks.  But talk about running, running.  If you think I am a fire ball you have not been around my twin sister.  She puts me to shame.  She left this morning around 5 a.m. and I will miss her sorely.

     We just worked and worked and worked.  Sissie came in (her name is Kay) Thursday the 21st of February and we had such a good time, even though we had a lot to do.  We sewed 10 table clothes, 80 matching napkins, made hand made mints, collected 74 different china tea cups and dessert plates.   We had to collect china tea pots for flower centerpieces.  All had to be wrapped to take with us over the mountain.  We also made a four layer cake, solidified with the caterers and hotel and event staff before we left town.  She also went through my house like a white tornado.  I have never seen anyone work so hard.  It actually made me nervous at times and I thought this is how people feel about me!  But I was so grateful she came.

     We left for Missoula at 6:30 Wednesday evening right after my company class and arrived at the hotel right when my younger sister and two of her daughters were coming from the airport.  I dropped Kay off at hotel and went to Mom's.  I stayed with mom for two nights until my girls came in and then went to the hotel.

     We had family pictures the next day of us 5 kids and we organized the final program.  Met with the pianist and had to transpose music into a different key.  Kay has a base voice now.  Kelly (the younger sister) had major rehearsal time on the piano and all the granddaughters sang.

     We did have a day of shopping, but most of the time was spent cleaning, rehearsing, laughing, arranging flowers, setting up, dipping strawberries, cooking, frosting and decorating.  Younger brother Jeff did a fabulous slide show with background music for mom.  69 people were at the tea and the hotel staff wanted to clone us.  They kind of stood back and let us do the work.  Mom and her friends were touched and many were in tears.  I do not know why?

     We did open the floor to the crowd to tell funny stories about our mother.  Many which I had not heard or she did not want us to know.  My favorite was when she was 70 years old she had taken the garbage out to the back alley of the house.  It was twilight and it had snowed about 8 inches.  It was fluffy white snow and the moon and stars were shining like crystal across the yard.  Mom thought it was so pretty she decided she wanted to make a snow angel.  (She taught for 47 years the last 30 in kindergarten)  She had not made a snow angel for about 5 years.  So she lay down and proceeded to make an angel.  The older neighbor above her saw mom laying in the snow jerking her arms and legs and determined that mom had. had a stroke.  She thought about just coming down the hill to check on her but thought,  I will have to go back in to call and ambulance so I had better call now and save time.  In the mean time mom gets up and a fire truck and ambulance arrive to find the snow angel and mom in the house covered with snow.  Of course she would not tell us this story because we all would have chastised her for her well (stupidity) this is my mother Carol Burnett.

     My sisters and I had not sung in harmony for over 30 years and it was fun, not the best but fun.  I am glad it is over and I am ready to get the Celtic show over with in the next three weeks.

     I still have a few bills to pay for March as I was not home to do so.  My savings account is considerably lighter but I will keep hitting the bills with consistency.  I am glad February is over.

      You know I have been grousing about how slow the shop has been.  The minute my sister arrived it was like someone opened the flood gates.  I was so busy.  I was able to take over $500.00 to Montana to help off set expenses.  I was worried yesterday when I got home as the house payment is due soon and I had no money saved for my $500.00 share.  But I had over $300.00 worth of sewing picked up and checks left for other work I had done previously.  This morning I have had 10 customers in already and the phone has rung off the hook.  It looks like the slump is over.  I am so blessed.  I will easily be able to get the other $200.00 by the end of the week and be able to pay the house payment.

     I am sad about Judy's departure.  But I am sure she is doing what is best for her.  I am ever so surprised and happy that Dolce Mia is back.  She is such a strong inspiring person and I missed her dreadfully.

     Out My Window:  Hubby was busy and took two big trucks to the dump while I was gone.  We still have at least 12 trees to trim and I hope to get that done this weekend.  All the trimming will be done.

     Here is to a great March although  I will be sooooooo busy.  Good, as I can't spend money when I am busy.

Have a great and Productive day!



  1. Oh, I'm so glad you had so much fun with your family! Are your sisters as talented as you are? I guess, you guys are all talented singers too! And I'm so glad you have a ton of work right now to help you out with the bills. Happy to see you back :)

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  4. Glad you had a fun time with your Sissie. You sound much happier in this post. Its also great news that your business has picked up.

  5. Glad you had a good time with your Sissie! Glad to have you back too! :)

  6. I am pretty sure you could run circles around me every day of the week and twice on Sunday! It made me happy to hear how much fun you had with your sister! Keep smiling:)


  7. Sounds like a fabulous visit with your sister. And, so happy to hear that the shop has picked up, which must be a huge relief for you!!! :-)

  8. What a wonderful celebration of your mother and I love that snow angel story. I hope I still want to make snow angels when I'm 70! Right now I just want to see our snow - GONE! Good to hear that things are picking up at the shop again right when you need them to - I think there is an angel looking after YOU!