Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday, I need your approval..

Personal -$398.00
Studio $214.13

CC use One up to date and one to go.

     I am really having a hard time getting parents to pay recital and costume fees.  It is like they do not understand that all of these used Celtic dresses I had to pay for, or I have to reimburse parents for the dress.  No I will not loan you the dress you must buy a costume.  It is nuts, but I will stick to my guns.  I am slowly going to get the $969.00 I need for that other Credit Card so I can write at the top of this blog how I have had NO NEW Credit card use this year!  See how your approval spurs me on!

     I sewed all day yesterday and I still am behind.  I love the fact that I am behind.  I have more coming in today!  Just keep it coming.  Several girls will pick up dresses today.  I am hoping to have enough money by the end of the week to clear up the personal account.

     I think my mom is coming for the show and my house is a wreck.  Oh well she will forgive me.  I think I can get Hubby to help me change the sheets on the beds.  I love it when my mom comes.  I wish she would just live with us.  But I also want her to be happy.  She still needs her independence.

  Out My Window:  It rained hard last night and Hubby has been working in the yard.  I wish I could work outside but maybe next week.

     My hands area a little better today, but I still cannot talk.

I need to get dressed and clean up and maybe get some laundry done.  The window cleaners came yesterday and the carpets cleaners will be here this afternoon.  My once a year spring clean has begun, but I am not doing it!  Hee! Hee!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Pardon my OCD, but what was the topic of the post about? I re-read everything and couldn't figure it out. Maybe I'm just getting slow in my old age! But I dont think you'd need our approval... we wouldn't judge you, and you try very hard for all that you do. Also, I hope the parents start paying... it sucks they put you through this much stress show after show. Do they pay everything late too, I wonder?

  2. Is the costume purchase policy written somewhere(like the contract or registration form)? If not, get it there ASAP. The policy is that costumes must be purchased for each show that the child is in. Costumes must be paid in full no later than 15 days prior to show (or whatever you feel is appropriate). If the costume is not paid for within the alloted time, the child will not be able to participate.

    no exceptions. People will test you, and it will be hard, but if Sally has to sit out, then so be it.

    I would also have a cover letter that explains that while you love teaching the little dears, dance is a time and financial commitment. If they are not able to keep up their end....then you wish them well in other ventures.

  3. Why don't they want to pay? They know about these costs upfront, right? I agree with Mysti. Put it in your contract.

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