Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Tuesday, I am off, on vacation, I mean...

Before I leave let me share my Christmas card from Anne (Anne in the kitchen).

She taped two dimes in my card, so I have already found some change.

I hope she only put a one dime in Sluggies.  The race is on.

 Have a wonderful Christmas you, guys!  I will miss you but try and post some.


Monday, December 5, 2022

Monday, Gettin it done!

 Since I am not fond of wrapping presents of course I put it off as long as possible.  I finally finished this morning and now I have to pack.

We flyout tomorrow at 12:30. our son in law will come down and get us to the airport, so Hubs says we will have a police escort. 

I really need to get some housework done.  Kelsa has been here for two days, and neatness does not come with the two-year old. They are a lesson in entropy. 

I have my paperwork printed out, and I can't wait to get to my sister's. Slug and her hubby fly in the day after us.  I think we are both on the mend.

Had the missionaries here for dinner yesterday, made shrimp pasta and homemade rolls, and a fennel salad.

I still have a few bills to pay which I will do as soon as I am done with this post. There are just so many details to getting out of town.  Here is my list for my sanity:

1. pay bills

2. send wedding gift

3. put wrapping paper away

4. clean spare room

5. mend nates uniform

6. clean master bath

7.get suitcases out

8. go to post office

9. deliver 12 days of Christmas stuff along with cash

10. get cat things ready

11. clean family room

12. clean spare bath

12. clean kitchen 

13. pack!!!!!!!!

Okay let's see what Kim can do. 

All of you have a Merry, Merry Christmas and may the peace of the Lord be in yours hearts.


get suitcases out


Friday, December 2, 2022

Friday, Feeling better! Coin Bank!

 I took my coin bank in and I had $351.12 in my bank.  I add this to the $676.00 I had in my save a penny a day bank and that gives me over $1000 for my trip.  Woot! Woot!  These are two really easy ways to save if you have any extra money.  But if you are like most of us you will never have any extra money unless you work at it.  Money is just too easy to spend.

I also completed my last chart of the year.  There are still a couple of things to be picked up.  But I am done for the year.  I did not sew the last dress as it is due out Jan 17th I will do it when I get home.  I look at it like a seed for the shop.  January and February are notoriously slow so this is fine.

I also went to the carpet store and picked out new linoleum for my shop and new carpet for the spare room.  I made an appt for installation on the 10th of January.  This means I have to get home, get that dress done and paint both rooms and get them ready for new flooring.  

Sissie is supposed to come in January to help me reset the shop.  This way I am on the books.  Now I have only to wrap the gifts  that stay here and pack including all the paperwork for the cruise and passports and such.

We have the grand kids tomorrow as Signe' has to work at a fundraiser at Will's school. We also have a church Christmas party tomorrow night.  Hubs is a wise man ( I think it should be wiseguy) so I knocked up a costume for him with some yardage and I have to make a large green beans casserole.  We will take the kids with us.

So three days left before we leave and I am trying to make sure everything is done.   Go to phone store to get international sim cards. Pay a couple of last minute bills.  Make sure animals are cared for and a schedule for those who come in to do so.

I am feeling good enough to go and visit a friend and my Lil sis tonight.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday, Eating an Elephant

 That is exactly what I am doing.  Then again, I love elephants and the idea of eating one is just too sad.  We call Braunwyn our baby elephant, as she is the youngest.  The youngest elephant in the herd does not even have to feed himself.  He or she remains the baby of the herd.  Just like many youngest children.

My throat is a little better today, but I am still taking meds every 4 hours to make life livable. I did get all the sewing done for yesterday. It took me three hours and I kept making mistakes, and I seldom have to rip anything out.  It was aggravating.

 I still have an easy wedding dress and bridesmaid dress alteration that I can probably get done in an hour and then one other dress that will probably take an hour, but I don't know if I will get to them today.  I might wait until tomorrow. I am just too tired and a little weak.  So much for taking Friday off, but I will play it by ear.  An elephant ear that is.

I wore a mask and picked up my meds from the doctor, and also the pharmacy so we have enough to get us on the other side of the trip, at last.  I also put a check from Hub's mom in the bank for our Christmas present.  We plan on replacing the kitchen sink and we put the money toward that. I paid the power bill and mailed the checks that I could not pay locally.  Also, put cash in the bank to pay for my ticket to Sissie's, so no interest. 

A bride picked up her dress today and I have another pick up at 5:30 today.  Just a few more things to be picked up and I will be done for the year.  I can hardly wait.  I am really tired of sewing, almost to the point of burn out.  I think this is the worst it has ever been, but not feeling well probably has something to do with it. 

Tomorrow, I will cash in my penny can and my change jar, also my $5.00 bill accumulation.  We will use this money on our trip.  It will be fun to see just how much I saved. 

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5's $265.00 so 55.00 in the last 2 weeks

3. put another 96.12 in penny can for the month of December

4. tried to cook all Thanksgiving from scratch

5. used up Turkey leftovers and froze.

6. used $100 in points at Talbots for Hub's mom's gift

7. cashed in Fetch rewards for gift cards for holiday

8. checked around for cheapest gas to fill vehicles

9. using up as much as we can in fridge so we can go and not waste

10. found out our house taxes were lowered over $400.00 as I complained to city about the city drainage covering the lower part of our lot when we have heavy rain.  We actually have a drainage pipe.  We cannot build or use it for garden.  They claimed there was not pipe there and nothing showed on their plats.  But they came out and looked and had to admit it was a city over water drainage. I was pleased.  I was nice but firm.  If they are going to drain on our land I should not be taxed as n heavily.

Hubs and I still have to go cash a check and get cat and chicken food, so we have enough while we are gone.  That is really the last of my errands.  I also need to pick up some gift boxes to wrap Christmas gifts.

I am very tired and need a nap.  I think I will take one when we get home and I will wear a mask.

Also, Sluggy is really sick with a sinus and double ear infection and is now on an antibiotic.  We have to get well, or our husbands will be cruising without us.

Tomorrow, I have a nail and pedicure appointment, plus I get to see how much I saved.  I am so excited.

Do any of you save for Christmas?  If you do, how do you do it?  I am always looking for ways to make saving fun. Because for me it is never easy.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.