Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, late post...

     Up and busy today.  The days this week have been a blur with so much to do.  Hub's and I pass like ships in the night.  I saw him leave the pit of the theater and wave at me, that was our only contact besides one text message.  I will be teaching when he gets home this evening and then on my way to Post Falls to meet daughter.  I have left out his concert clothes and left him some homemade chicken knefla soup on the stove.  He can also have bread.  I plan on coming home tomorrow afternoon late as I have a rehearsal at the studio at 5:30.

     I really, really need some sunshine! I really, really need a nap!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday, Juggeling to keep up!

     I know February is a short month and I am grateful for that as the weather here is always socked in and dull.  It can get depressing to never see the sun.  But those extra 2 or three days do make a difference in the budget.  As in time to pay the bills and the money to do it with.  I just realized last night that my car insurance and life insurance would go through and I had no money in the account as Hub's gets paid tomorrow.  So had to run an emergency check down to CU.  Today another $300.00 bill is due so will have to do the same thing, so I don't get a late charge.  Then I will have to pay the money back.  I hate this.  At least I have reached a point in my life that I can pay attention and not get nailed by a late charge or an overdraft fee.  But I still do not like not having the money to just pay bills as they come in.  My dream.....

     Now I need to be glass half full here and say that I have made a lot of progress and stop whining.

     The house needs a run through and I have too much sewing to do today.  So I am going to get my butt in gear and get busy.  The next couple of days are very full of to do's and I had better get started doing. bummer.

Out My Window:  Overcast, grey, cool, rainy

Have a great and productive day!
I know I will because I HAVE TO!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, sometimes I listen....

     Yesterday turned into a bombed mess, but I listened to myself and I am so happy.  After blogging I had a list of sewing things I wanted to get done, and I thought about going to the bank by myself after teaching and as it was a messy, snowy, kind of day, the bank would surely be a mess.  So I laid down and took a nap.  I was  woke by a telephone call about 2 and it was my advanced Ballet teacher.  They had closed the road do to blowing snow on the prairie, so I would need to go teach her classes as well as mine.  That is 5 hours of teaching plus cleaning the bank by myself.  So glad I had taken a nap!

     I got home from work at 11:45 and I was tired, but I remember just about 3 years ago that this was a typical night.  I am telling you I could not do this for the long haul any more.  In between teaching and cleaning I ran to high school to deliver things out of our prop room.  Hubs sent me home for a proper piano light and gaffers tape. 

     The little ballet b's were so cute when I was teaching.  They see me as this old lady that runs around getting things done and correcting, but not as a dancer.  They wanted to know where Miss Gina was?  I told them, and they wondered how I could teach.  I asked them who they thought taught Miss Gina when she was 8?  You? a look of surprise!  Yes,me the crypt keeper.  Advance ballet spent time working on different stretches for problem areas, jumps, leaps and petite allegro.  They were sweaty and tired so I figured my job was finished.

     So today I need to get things caught up in the shop, as I figure I will have no surprises.  I am going down to the credit union for a bit as I can't seem to access my account on -line and I need to finish paying bills for this month.  Hub's gets his paycheck Thursday night so I want things ready to go.  Then I can post new totals!  I feel like this month I am sliding backwards, but I am not it has just taken longer to post because of the way paychecks have a fallen and money has come in.

     I need to get busy.

Out My Window:  A skiff of snow this morning, cold and drizzle,overcast and dull.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, I hope this lasts

     I don't know what happened but I have a new spurt of energy,or I am coming out from under the fog.  It is only 11 in the morning and the day is not really even beginning but yesterday I just felt this feeling of renewed hope and happiness and energy.  It is still overcast and grey outside, drizzly and cold, but I think I will make it through this dull winter.  Whine. Whine.

     Last night after I watched the end of the season Downton Abbey, I went up to clean the kitchen.  I had left it a mess after making a pot pie for dinner.  We were still eating on that roast I cooked and I was sick of it.  I took two pie crusts out of the freezer and let them defrost during church.  I chopped up the rest of the roast fine and some carrots and potatoes, added some frozen peas, bullion and cornstarch.  Put a pie together and it was delicious.  I haven't done this before with beef.  But it is a great way to use leftovers and cheap.  We had it with salad and bread.  When I was doing up the dishes I realized that I needed to make bread as D#2 had taken a loaf up to her younger sister and one for herself.  So I put all the ingredients out on the counter.  When I stumbled into the kitchen this morning, I dumped all 5 ingredients into the mixer and set it for 8 minutes this gave me enough time to make the bed and do a little straitening. Then I put loaves in pan to raise.   I think this is what I am going to do from now on, it just makes the day easy to start as I got that out of the way and I can get other things done while the bread is raising and baking.

     I have a specialist appointment on Friday, so I will drive up to daughters Thursday night and she will take me into the city Friday afternoon.  Then we will drive home for rehearsal.

    This is hell week for Oklahoma, so hubs will be busy every night from the time he comes home until late.  That means I will have to do his cleaning by myself, I will go teach and go right to the bank instead of coming home to get him.  It is fine with me not something I would do all the time, but I can once in a while.

     The nice thing about hell week is that I do not have to cook as the High School will feed hubs, and I can eat cold cereal, or a salad.  I also need to pull out his concert clothes last time he had a hole in

     I have so many lose ends to tie up in the shop and of course I am still trying to get a commercial made so have to nag on that today.  I need to remember to take a couple of baskets to the high school and a bowler hat out of my closet. 

Out My Window:  Rainy, overcast, cool.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, expensive Saturday!

     I puttered all day back and forth at the sewing machine.  Finally got all the Oklahoma things done.  Some of those costumes I made 25 years ago, and it is amazing that they are still using them.  A couple outfits I was making the waist bigger and I thought,"Oh this is so beautiful I wonder who made it", and then I would turn it inside out and realize it was my sewing.  I had forgotten making the dress or skirt.  Too much in too many years gone by I tell you.

     Well after fighting with the U.S. Post Office over Hub's  bow we have decided to get the original bow fixed.  It will be fixed for free.  Then we ordered a new glass bow in addition for hubby.  He has always wanted one and he needs it immediately for this musical.  Hopefully we will be reimbursed but at this time I am not holding my breath. I had $550.00 in my slush savings, we had to used the CC for the bow and we will pay it back.

     Hubs and I agreed that we would buy bikes with part of the tax refund.  That is why I was saving the slush fund as I wanted to pay cash for bikes and use the tax refund to help with another bill.  We biked several times last summer,but we always rented bikes.  When I was doing the taxes I noticed that we had spent close to $1000.00 on rentals.  Stupid as we always drive the truck when we go on these adventures and could easily taken bikes with us.  We found two good bikes at a local bike store, I had a big padded seat put on mine and hub's got a mountain bike with bigger breaks   Hub's breaks failed on a rented bike once and he was hit by a car.  It was going slowly in the park but it still scared the he^# out of us and it totaled the bike.  I put my cash down and they are adding all the barbie doll stuff so bikes will not be delivered until March 5th, I have until then to come up with an additional $500.00.  I can do it you just watch!

     I am excited.  Hub's and I used to walk the levee almost every evening we could, but he walks so much slower than I do now that it was causing difficulty so now he walks by himself and I do nothing.  We need to be out getting exercise and on bikes we will stay together.  We have miles and miles of bikes trails in this area and most of the places we Vacation have trails.

     By the end of the week I will be able to post new #'s for my debt reduction and next month should be good with the show and the tax refund.

     We are still eating on the roast I made Thursday and I am a little sick of it, so I think I will make a pot pie with it after church.  I am also going to bake some bread for the week.  This will be a busy week with Hub's musical going and I am getting closer to the show, the shop always gets very busy in March and it is starting to heat up. 

     Out My Window:  It snowed a little last night but it is not sticking.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, just bumming around....

     Hub's got up early and went and go a haircut, thank goodness.  Hubs is one of those 2% of the male population that has too much hair.  It grows right down to his eye brows, it is very thick and curly with just a little bit of grey.  Every time he gets it cut now he gets greyer.  We call him our Schnauzer.  So he has to keep it pretty short or it takes over, and believe me it was taking over he was due for a haircut 2 weeks ago.

     The shop was busy yesterday and I sewed all day long.   One student came into be fitted.  Plenty of new work came in also.  Hub's brought home about 10 dresses from Oklahoma practice that all need love.  Like broken zipper, waist too small, shoulders need taken up, so I will work on that pile today and get them ready for their dress rehearsal next week.

     My girlfriend came over with a Wedding dress she has been working on for the last month.  The bride finally got here from Costa Rica and we tried the dress pieces on and it fit perfectly.  So I showed her how to sew the lace sides and shoulders in such a way that there looks like there is no seams.  These new lace over dresses (brought into fashion by Kate)look home made if you cut bodice pieces out and put seams in.  You need to have a seamless beaded bodice and it is hard work.  She was here about 4.5 hours and the skirt is attached and the upper part of the zipper is in, so she can finish all the hand work and I will finish the zipper for her next week.  The dress is stunning, she is thrilled, as her daughter-in-law just sent her a picture and she and I made the pattern and started from scratch.  I think she has about $125.00 plus time into the dress.  I am very proud of her.The bride is very thin but has a huge chest so fitting a lace bodice to that figure is tricky, but she looked gorgeous.

     Our dog just came downstairs doing back flips, I think hub's must have said the work W A L K.  Usually we spell this out.  Sure enough Hubs has his coat on so they are out and about.  I am on my last load of laundry.  Hubs and I went and got ice cream last night and then went to the bookstore as we both had gift certificates.  It was a fun simple date. I had to laugh because one of my teachers was there with her husband and they had gone out for ice cream and were now looking for books.  See we are some what normal.

     There is enough roast left that I am going to have french dip sandwiches for dinner, but have not thought about tomorrow.  By the way we sell a lot of beef in Lewiston as we ship it out of a major hub via container fright at the port.  We just had beef go for shockingly high prices.  Like record prices.  So if you have a way to stock up or, see sales on beef I would buy it now.  This is a sure indicator of things to come.  Our area calves early do to the weather, so other beef markets will not run until the end of March.  We are one of the first markets in the nation to sell.

     Well I am going to check the Oklahoma pile as I might have to go to Jo-anns for a few things.

Out my Window:  Sunny but windy and getting colder again.

Have a great and productive day.



Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, lest you start to think.....

     Just want you to know that my mad skills as an efficiency expert failed yesterday as I forgot to turn Judy on ( that just doesn't sound right)  so at 2:30 when I went to add my carefully peeled veggies the roast was still frozen because Judy was not turned on. (still doesn't sound right)  So hubs and I had dinner about 10 p.m. after his orchestra practice.:)

     Slept terrible last night finally took a painkiller about 4 a.m.  I don't know why I don't just give it up and take them earlier.  Stubborn and I don't want to get up.

     Made several phone calls this morning to get loose ends tied up.  Finally had to call specialist and get a little testy as my phone calls were not being returned.  I can't believe you have to call 3 times and just get an answering machine to try and make an appointment.  When I finally got to the doctor's office they were a little rude.  But crap what was I supposed to do?  I know you are busy, but sick people need to make appointments.  As if we were going to stop if they just didn't answer the phone or refused to answer messages.  Also had to call TV as my commercial has not been posted to find out it is not even started.  I hate having to stay on people and worrying about things I cannot do myself.

     Ordered 4 costumes we will need and ordered more gaffers tape for floor.  Called vocalists and left messages they need to get with Pianist whom I have already booked. Called in a refill on my prescription.  I know there is one more thing I need to do, but I just can't remember?  It will come to me.

     I have a ton of sewing to get done today so I am going to hit the machines early after I get cleaned up and switch over the laundry.  I am so glad we do not have a ballroom class tonight, I am so tired of teaching 5 nights a week.  I have a break for a few weeks until we start another set of classes.

     I am off to my dungeon.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday, efficiancy is my habit, good? or bad?

     One of my favorite books growing up and I have read and reread it was Cheaper by the Dozen.  It was a story about one of America's first efficiency experts.  Several books were written about this family and they were funny and heart warming.  I have always been amazed by efficiency of any kind.  How can one get more done with less steps?  How does one foresee problems and take care of them quickly?  I always tried even as a young girl to do things efficiently and quickly.  Some of it is just plain practice.  I sew very fast and seldom make mistakes because I have done it for so many years.

     I try really hard to be energy efficient in most of the things I do.  I do not leave a room without picking things up that need to go else where.  I look around me as I go through the house and make note of what needs to be done and then come back and quickly do those things.  I am not a perfectionist, I just like things put away and organized.  I still am a shover and a stuffer but as long as it looks good I will come back later and un stuff.  I try very hard not to accumulate things I will not use and I try not to bring them into my house.  These are habits I developed over the years trying to get out of debt and just live a simpler life.

     I was taught to save steps at the first restaurant I worked at.  I remember my employer teaching me not to make extra trips because every step I took that I didn't need to would make me more tired by the end of the day.  She would point out ways to save steps and I try to incorporate this into everything I do.  I know it seems silly but it does save time and I do believe that time is money.  At least my time is money when I am working.

     If a customer comes in and I am working, I get up from my machine and take care of their problem.  While they are trying on something, I will sit down and sew  as much as I can, I do not waste time waiting for them to undress and dress.  If I have to set the iron, I do not stand waiting for it to heat up, I pick up scraps or clean up an area or rip a new hem.  My mind is always saying what can I be doing right now so as not to waste this few minutes?  When I put toast in the toaster or something in the microwave, I will look around the kitchen for something to do as to not waste time.  I know this seems silly.  But time like money is cumulative.

     My question is, does this habit lead to my inability to slow down and do less?  Or does it help me get things done quickly so I can rest?  Trying to figure this out.  I know one of the reasons I get so much done is because I am fast and efficient, but is this killing me?

     I slept late this morning and got up and took a hot bath.  I am now at the computer with a wet head.  I have already started the dishes and set out the pans to make bread.  I have a roast out for Judy to love.  When I go upstairs I will finish the dishes and start the bread, while it is kneading (8 minutes) I will go make bed, dry my hair and put it up and put makeup on, as I leave the master bedroom I will pick up the dirty clothes.  These I will leave at the top of the stairs.  I will x-fer bread into pans to raise and then get carrots and potatoes peeled and ready for roast in crockpot.  I will leave them to soak in cold water to add about 2:30 before I go to studio.  Then I will take clothes down stairs and start a load of laundry before I hit the shop.  As the laundry is right out side the shop I can transfer it while I am sewing.  I listen for the timer and go up to put the bread in when it has raised and the same when it is done cooking.  If I have a basket of folded laundry or things to be hung up fresh out of the dryer I take these up when I go upstairs and deal with them when I am switching over the bread.  I just don't waste steps.  I will also save all scraps from veggies and take out to chicken and collect eggs.  It is really a routine and a habit to not waste time.

     Now when I want to waste time I really can.  I can be lazier than any slug I know but I've earned that right don't you think?

     Yesterday I had a mom come in and rip 5 company costumes apart so tomorrow students can come in  and I will fit bodices and put them back together.   But see I am trying to cut back and ask for help.  In fact I had cases of soda and water and Gatorade in the back of the truck.  It was delivered by a Dad that I put in charge of keeping the studio fridge stocked.  I no longer do this.  I asked another dad to unload it and bring in 5 cases from the truck down the long hall of the studio and into the room where the fridge is kept.  Then I showed one of my 8 year old students where the scissors were in the desk and told her to cut open the cases and arrange all in the fridge and she could have a free Gatorade.  She was thrilled, I went up to teach and when I came downstairs the heavy boring long job was done:)  I am getting better.

     Out My Window:  It can't decide to be warm or cold.  We are cut off right now because of avalanche danger.  There is only one highway route out right now instead of 4.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday,cutting back

     Thanks for well wishers.  Really I am fine, just very tired.  I feel like I do so little any more.  I feel lazy, just laying around doing nothing. I 'm used to being busy and that is okay as long as it is busy for a purpose.  I have cut back what I do so much and am trying to cut back even more.  One problem is I do have to pay bills and those bills are paid by my work.  It also takes time to save money and I am always trying to find ways to save.  But I do not like to save money at the cost of a lot of work, so that is a fine line.
I'm doing the best I can.
     I have several things to do in the shop today and a couple of suits to alter for my oldest daughter.  Daughter #2 is flying to her house late Thursday so I need to get those done so they don't have to be mailed.  I still cannot find the checks, but I know who wrote them and will have to get them reissued.  Just an aggravating complication.

     Doctors office did not call back yesterday so I could make an appointment, but TV station did so that is taken care of, thank goodness.  One more thing off the list.

     I made homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday and I had not ever used my new mixer for anything but bread and whipped cream.  Noodle dough is really stiff and elastic.  Just flour, eggs, salt and water.  It takes a while to mix by hand, so I thought what the heck at least I will know.   I threw the ingredients in and hit speed 2 in about 45 seconds I had the perfect noodle dough.  No trying to get it blended just perfect.  Now I want a pasta maker.  But not an electric one I want one of those old hand crank ones.  I will look for one in second hand stores.  So many people by kitchen gadgets and then don't use them.  Now I am wondering about pie dough?  Although you don't want to over mix crust as it becomes tough.

     I really like to cook and bake  and I am trying to find ways to do this with out any upper body strength and mixing and kneading are on their way out.  I have to be really careful in the kitchen.  Too many stitches and too many spilled dinners and burns.  So I am adjusting all the time.

     Hoping to finish hard shoe routine tonight and also finish first part of river dance routine.  This is the last night to clean the bank this week and I always look forward to Thursdays.  Just teach and come home.  I did get two new students last night every little bit helps.  I have a mom coming over to help me cut down costumes.  I have 4 new little ones that need smaller dresses so we are just making old dresses smaller.  When this company outgrows these we will make all new.  They have not had a new company dress for about 7 years, but the work involved to just too extreme.  I will not make new ones with out help from parents and I do have several that have offered.  SO maybe next year.

     Well I have plenty to do today so I had better get busy, I want to get a nap in before I go to the studio.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday,what? who? where? WHY?

     As I was busily taking a nap yesterday afternoon about1 p.m. I got a call from my doctors nurse. " Kim' Dr. Petersen wants you to go up to Spokane to see your Rhuematologist as your SED rates are elevating and he wants to see you back in 2 weeks office."  Everything was fine before Christmas.  Holy batman that was 2 months ago.  What the He%$?

     Okay let's be honest.  I have been fighting exhaustion above and beyond anything I have experienced before.  I get up drink a soda and have to fight myself not to go back to bed.  It is not depression.  I know what depression feels like.  No I do not like the over cast crummy weather, but I can handle it.  I am busy.  But I must force myself not to take at least 3 naps a day.  I am just so very tired and sleepy.  Also my eyelashes all fell out but are growing back in now, I have holes in my eyebrows like a plucked chicken and very dry eyes and mouth.  So now we are going to get a new diagnosis and a new disease to add to our already long list of gripes.  Shoulders, elbows and jaw keep locking, sometimes I cannot bite down from the pain.  I tried to eat a piece of chocolate yesterday and actually had to suck it down.  This just comes and goes and has something to do with the paritodal glands swelling.  I have noticed swelling but as usual I choose to ignore things.  I am so bummed .

     Called the specialist and of course could not get a body they will call me back.  Called the TV station today to get the man that does my commercials, he no longer works there. Then who does?  Jarod, then give me Jarod's line. I ring in, " this voice mail box has not been set up."  Okay call receptionist back tell her Jarod's voice mail has not been set up, can I speak to him?  Well no,  Does he exist?  He is supposed to call me at 2 o'clock after a shoot.  Great I will wait by the phone all day for these two people to call me.  The doctors office with bad news and the TV station with no news.  I love me when I am sarcastic.  Don't you?

     I think we all need a little spring because all of my bloggy friends are a little owly.  I know I am. Just letting the frustrations of life get to me.

     Took dinner into a family yesterday that just had their 7th baby.  Ham, potatoes, green beans, cornbread and a poppy seed cake.  Had everything in the pantry or freezer.  Today I am making a big old pot of chicken and home noodle soup.  I just pulled a bag of chicken parts that I had saved from cut up chickens and I am going to go up and debone them in a few minutes.  Add carrots, celery, onions, garlic and a few left over spuds out of the fridge for thickener and then make my noodles.  Easy, peasy, eat with home made bread.  But boy is my kitchen a wreck again.  How does that happen?  Cooking that is how.  I am a messy cook what can I say?

     Need to run through this house, clean myself up, (like maybe brush teeth?) finish soup, clean the kitchen this time instead of leaving it, hem several pairs of pants and do some sewing then go teach as one of my teachers in out tonight, then go clean the bank and come home and collapse.  Maybe work in a nap:)

Life was much easier when I had energy.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, Up early and plenty to do!

     Even though it is a National Holiday and the schools are closed, the bank we clean is open and I did not close the studio, because we are so close to a performance date.  I am sure to have kids missing but most will be there.  I woke up with a back ache this morning so just took a couple of advil, hoping they kick in and I can get things done.

     I am taking a meal into a family that is having their 7th baby.  So I am going to run upstairs after this post and make a poppyseed bunt cake and a pan of corn bread. Then I can just do the potatoes, meat and vegetable and take everything hot between classes late this afternoon.

     I need to update my spending record and plan to do that today.  I also need to pay the rent at the studio so I will need to figure out where that money is coming from.  Just realized that I left a couple of checks I was going to deposit today in the car that Hubs took out of town (damn) to finish a contract.  He will be home later tonight.  Okay that blows that idea of a deposit.  Need to pay closer attention sometimes.

     I have to keep telling myself that spring arrives in Lewiston the 1st of March.  We are really about 3 weeks ahead of the rest of the surrounding area, because of our elevation.  So I think I will start some garden seedlings today just so I can feel that spring is coming.  Something to baby and nurture along will help with the dull mood these overcast days bring.

     I need to call mom and check on her, see what she is doing and how she is feeling.  I also have work to do in the shop, so I had better get off my butt and get busy.

Do any of you have anything important to do today?  My things are not important just the daily grind of life.

Out My Window:  Need to think about pruning, all the fruit trees (hubs job) all the shrubbery (my job).

Have a great and productive day.



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday, Conversation with Hubby,

     So I slept until 9:30 Saturday morning, yes it was lazy but who cares?  I got up went down stairs in my stripped peppermint fleece pj's and wool socks and sat on the sofa drinking a diet coke (aka Mormon coffee).  Hub's comes in from taking the dog for a walk and he is out of breath and tired.  He collapses on the chair and we watch some TV.  Finally at 11:00 he asks,  "Are you going to do anything today?"

     It was not so much what he said but the way he said it.  I got up slowly and went upstairs grabbed two jell cap advil and then came down and got another diet coke and plopped my peppermint stripped butt back on the sofa.  At noon he says, " Well I sat down here because I had taken the dog for a long walk and I was out of breath."

      I had no reply for this other than to think, is this a contest?  After the advil took affect about 20 minutes later, I went upstairs, changed clothes, emptied all the trash cans and started the 4 loads of laundry that needed to be done.  Then I made beds, did a little sweeping and went into the terribly messy kitchen.  Hubs was making a sandwich.   He asked for a dish rag to wipe off the dining room table as I had not cleaned up after the nice steak dinner I had made him the night before and he had forestry plots to do.  I ground 5 lbs of wheat, and as it was grinding, got the dishes ready to soak and put away others.  That took about 5 minutes.  Then I put 2 bags of soup beans on the stove in water to boil, after boiling for 10 minutes I let them cool. Then I cleaned up the kitchen from the night before. While that was going on I mixed up 4 loaves of bread and set the timer for 8 minutes to knead the bread.  Peeled, and cut, two onions, 4 carrots, two celery stalks, head of garlic, then set those aside and took scraps to chicken.  Came in and drained beans, then added water and all veggies, a ham bone,and a package of ham left over in the freezer, started this to boil.  Emptied bread dough onto floured board and cut it  in 4 loaves,shaped and put it into sprayed pans.  Then as the bread raised and the soup boiled I re cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor. I also ran up and down the stairs to keep the laundry moving.  By 2:30 bread was out of the oven and soup was cooked ready for tomorrow.  Hubs sat quietly at dining table the whole time, well after I found his 3 inch triangular ruler in the junk drawer, that he insisted he put back in his cruising vest.

     Now my question is?  Does your hubby ever treat you like you don't do anything or am I just sensitive?  I really could have stayed in my pj's all day.  I feel like if I am not doing something useful all the time I am being judged, My problem? or His?

     I need to go clean up as in bathe set hair and get ready for church so I can go teach music.  Then I can come home and enjoy a quite evening. My dinner is made, I can take a nap and veg on the couch.

Have a quite and happy Sabbath.



Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday, I will putz around...

     We had a nice Valentines dinner.  I made steaks, potatoes, vegetable and we had short bread for dessert.  We went to dance class and then cleaned the bank. ( how romantic), ran the finished posters up to one of the fire stations.  Then came home a went to bed.  Don't tell me we don't know how to celebrate.

     Hubby grabbed his black dress shoes out of his closet to change at the studio.  When he got there he had a black dress shoe and a black tennis shoe.  He put them on and my daughter told him not to tell me I would never notice. Eventually every one knew but me and we had such a good laugh.  One of the ladies asked if that was on purpose, and I said no he is just a dork.

     My mom had more bad news yesterday as she has developed Macular degeneration.  She has lost vision in her left eye but the right has not been affected yet.  Her mother passed away blind and I know this really scares her.  It is just one more thing she has to deal with and I am sad for her.  There are treatments to slow its progression so that is positive.

     I need to make bread today and do some laundry and we are going out to dinner on a gift card with another couple tonight. I am looking forward to this, we decided to go out the day after Valentines day when it was not so busy.  So two big dinners in a row means I have to really watch what I eat during the day,( like nothing) and I have all these wonderful chocolates around, every where I turn there is a box of chocolates!

     I am going to put beans on to soak and make a big pot of bean soup for dinner tomorrow.  Bean soup and home made bread and shortbread sounds great and warm.

 Out My Window:  It is about 51 right now and overcast.  I can't wait to get new baby chicks in March.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday, Wal-mart and Valentines eve....

     Just a bit of advice for those of you who need to go to Wal-mart the night before a holiday.  DON'T.

Good Grief!  After teaching last night I needed to go pay the house payment and the studio loan.  The only CU access was Wal-mart.  We also needed milk and a few other things.  It took Hubs and I over an hour to negotiate the crowds.  Mad, crazy people and their children dashing around trying to get valentines.  What a mess.  I mean I really thought "They let these people breed?"  I know that is not very nice, but it was a zoo.  We try not to go to Wal-mart on the 1st because of the long lines of government food stamps users.  I am not trying to be snotty it is just that the lines are long and I can't stand the food they buy. I am a food snob.  Okay I will be honest it does kind of bother me, although I have used food stamps before when Hubs was out of work in our earlier years.  I just did not buy frozen pizza and pizza rolls.

     Hubs gave me my first box of chocolates last night and I will get another box this evening.  A box for each hip so I am not lop sided. We are not big into Valentines day, I think it is a lot of hype. I had a child on the 11th, my Aunt's birthday is on the 12th, then I had one on the 13th and I had one pass on the 13th, then my grandson was born on the 15th so we have  a lot of celebrating to do and Valentines day just gets caught up and lost.

     Tell me honestly those stuffed animals they have for Valentines and Easter,what do you do with them afterwards?  I found myself eventually throwing them away.  I remember B the youngest was in ICU over Valentines day, her doctor brought her in a huge bear, I mean huge every day for three days!  She had a white one, a black one and a pink one.  They took up more room than the hospital bed.  The nurses were always fighting their way around a huge stuffed bear.  We finally donated those to a shelter.  But really do we need to spend our money on this kind of thing? 

     I purchased my to younger girls some boot stuffers.  They wear those UGG boots that get so wet and the stuffers were on sale for $4.00 a pair after Christmas.  Hubs gets them a small box of chocolates.  They are happy and it is something they can use.  I purchased a pair of Grizzly pj pants for hubs at his Alma mater book store after Christmas for $6.00.  Valentines done.  No huge outlay of money.  I will take my older neighbors and friends some homemade short bread, I think people would rather have something you made personally for them, than buy a box of chocolates.

     Even St Patrick's day is getting out of line, anything a merchant can make money on is fair game.  I just choose not to buy into it. Easter is April 20th and the candy is already out.  So we will have to look and be tempted by that for 2 months.  I can admit this because I heard that Jane ate an entire bag of those Hershey's hard crack eggs.  She pretended to buy them for her daughter, but instead she snuck (snuck is not really a word) them into bed and devoured the whole bag. This is something I would never ever do.  It gets chocolate on the sheets and it is just easier to eat them in the parking lot on the way home, then throw the evidence into the trash can before you get into the house.

     I must go check on my short bread and do a quick run through the house before I start to sew today.

Have a great and productive day and Happy buy yourself chocolate day!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, It is all gone!

     I mean it that 10 inches of snow disappeared yesterday with a high wind Chinook that was up to 61 degrees.  It sounds like a freight train outside, but it is sunny and 51 already this morning.  Hate me if you will.  I want to go work in the yard but the wind would blow me over.

     I am very broke right now and I will pay the house payment tonight with hubs check and the $550.00 I saved for the purpose.  I will send late notices out to parents who have not paid this Friday as I cannot pay the rent at the studio and I have bills to pay.

     Drama Director from the local high school stopped by yesterday at noon with a score to Oklahoma.  I guess the new band director wanted to use the band score and it is a disaster, so they quickly ordered a orchestra score and she wants hubs to sit in and see what he can do.  He is confident as he has played it at least 4 times and he knows where the cuts should be, he can also get many of his cronies to come in and as they are all professionals it will be fine.  But he may also have to direct, which is okay but playing and directing is tough.  He will figure it out.

     He took his cupcakes (decorated) today to work like the happy little man(child) that he is.  Most of the men in his office are not married, either they did not marry or they are divorced.  Forestry does not lead to happy marriages as you must live in very remote areas on very little money, most women get out young.  I have just stuck it out. 

     I was able to balance my books and clean out my desk area yesterday.  I love the way I set up my new file system.  Instead of going, House, Shop, Studio and then having separate files under each division, I just put every thing in alphabetical order.  So much faster.  So I think the huge piles of receipts that I get at my desk are a thing of the past.  Why I did not figure this out sooner tells you how bad my office skills are.

     Called my oldest daughter today to wish her Happy Birthday, she is 33 that is hard for me to believe.  Our only grandchild will be 3 on the 15th.  We have so many birthdays this week. I need to stop at the store and get a bag of Valentine treats for my Dance students tonight.  I do not want to make cookies or cupcakes for them as they are so messy and it gets all over.  I will get suckers and send them home, save myself the cleaning process.

     I ordered another dress from Talbots on their 85% off sale.  I purchased a dress in desperation last fall when we were traveling to daughters.  I paid too much for it and it was too short to wear with the belt.  I even have a coat and shoes that  match it so quite an investment.  The last funeral we went to I was just not comfortable and I was chastising myself for spending the money on the dress.  Well I just picked up another dress that will be 2 sizes too big for me but I will cut 3 inches off the bottom and add it onto the other dress.  It is color blocked so it will be fine.  Then I can hem the too big dress and give it to a customer of mine who is very, very short and larger than I am!  At least I can wear this dress without pulling it down and trying to cover up all the time.  Hubs and I play for quite a few last minute church things and I like a simple black dress.  This one has a Khaki top and sleeves, the coat is the same.  Elegant but not all black.  I was thrilled to find one of the dresses in Los Vegas I had Talbots track it down.  I called and they will ship it to me free!  Yippee!  I was so mad at myself about that dress and I felt like I had wasted so much money.  I am pretty careful when it comes to buying dress clothes.  I want classics that I can wear for years and years.  But if I don't lose 10 lbs in the next few months I am going to be in trouble.  Where are my Valentine chocolates?

     I have a great deal of sewing to do so I am off to the races.  Stay warm!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday, the biter is back!

     The shop was crazy busy yesterday.  I have so much work to do, so that is a great blessing.  I also have the biter back today, he is watching cartoons and emptying out the video cupboards.  We all have our work to do.  He has found his and it is very important.  His grandpa will pick him up at noon.  Hopefully he will go down for a nap in a while:)

     I had a terrible headache and lower backache yesterday evening.  It started about 5 p.m. I was so afraid I was coming down with something, but today I am fine.  So I have no excuse but to get some work done.  Rats.  I am going to clean out my thread drawer on my sewing table, and I did start cleaning my desk yesterday, but I got waylayed by a friend who needed advice on a Wedding dress.  Finally got her organized and it was time to get to the studio.  Then I came home and laid on the sofa until I went to bed.  Nice evening, I very seldom get to just lay around on an evening and watch TV.  Hub's and I watched the Olympics.

     My heart goes out to all of you who are coping with the awful weather.  It was up to 47 here yesterday and the snow is melting fast, now the surrounding counties are facing floods from to much snow melting too fast.  It is always something.  Is the weather ever perfect?  Well yes it is most of the time, but when mother nature is unruly she is really a Bit#@.

     I need to go find something for dinner, there is plenty of meat in the freezer so that should not be a problem.  I think I will get out some burger, meat loaf sounds good to me.  Someone has messy pants and I don't think it is me.  But I had better go check.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, I complain well.

     Hubs is back to work and I need to get busy and get a few sewing projects done.  The shop has been slow with the snowy weather people just don't get out.  That is a good thing because they drive like idiots when they do.  I was able to get birthday cards out yesterday and need to do a deposit today.  People are slow paying at the studio for the first time all year.  Have you noticed that I have not been complaining about it?  But this month it is like pulling hens teeth.  Posters are done for the upcoming show so I need to get commercials done and orders in for those. 

     We went to the grocery store and pharmacy last night spent $39.00 at pharmacy and $ 27.00 at grocery store.  See meds always cost more than food.  Too bad we cannot eat medicine.  It might come to that.

     I know I should not complain but I am tired of the dull cold overcast weather.  I really want spring.  Although I love snow and we need moisture.  Three more weeks and we should see signs of spring I hope.  Then I will complain about yard work, just wait and see.  Because I have mastered the art of complaining.

     I want to bake some cupcakes for hubbies work, will probably do that later today.  I have valentine cupcake wrappers and cute little cake decos I bought on sale last year.  I also need to make at least 5 pans of short bread for Valentine gifts and treats.  I always buy the cupcake wrappers and decos after the holiday at Albertson's, they are usually marked down to .25 cents.  I think I have every holiday in a bin upstairs.

     This is my definition of the difference between cheap and frugal.  I buy cupcake wrappers and decos on sale for .50 cents.  I stock up on cake mixes when they are less than $1.  I make my own frosting, and I even have chickens for the eggs.  Then I make cupcakes several times a year for hubbies office.  A cheap person would not make someone else a treat.  A frugal person will do it up well but not really spend alot of money.  My cost of sending a batch of cupcakes to office less that $2.  It brings a little happiness for very little money.

     I have pockets to put on lab coats, a blouse to hem and a jacket to cut out so I am off to the sewing room.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, Late post, early morning

     Hub's had his surgery this morning on his esophagus, they took more tissue than planned and sent it to biopsy.  This was a routine standard surgery but the scope found more scar tissue than normal so just to be safe they will run the scans.  He is in more pain than usual and came home and slept for a good 3 hours.  Right now he is eating ice cream with whip cream on it and a little chocolate just like a little kid, he is also in his jammies on the sofa watching PBS.  Pretty pathetic.  I had a busy morning in the shop.  I need to go pick up some prescriptions and also the taxes are done.

   It has really snowed here.  We have about 10 inches on the level.  It came over a three night period so we have been able to stay ahead of it.  Hubs spent most of the weekend when he was not in church shoveling and blowing out our huge driveway and the neighbors plus older people in the church.  We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so I expect it will be a slushy mess the rest of the week.  Right now everything is snow packed and people are crazy drivers, so we are taking it pretty careful.

     Saturday I really cleaned the house, just went room by room and took most of the day.  I did not hurry and took a nap or two between rooms.  We watched Olympics, and hub's shoveled snow.  The house is clean and the laundry done.  I was able to get new files set up for my desk and am working on the shop desk today along with sewing.

     We went out to dinner with our friends Saturday night but we used a  gift card.  I was shocked to realize this morning that we spent no money Saturday or Sunday!  We normally don't shop on Sunday but Saturday is always a big spend day.  I am keeping track and trying to keep my personal spending under $1000.00 this month.  This includes groceries, prescriptions, gas, gifts, etc.  $1000.00 seems like such a huge # but gas alone will eat up at least $350.00 of that and our prescriptions are never under $200.00.  Sucks to get old!

     While a bride was trying on her dress today, I was cutting up an old calender that was a day to day binder calender.  When I cut the pages in fourths it made perfect shop tickets.  See I can be really frugal when I want to be, I just do little things to save money, I wonder if it makes a difference?

I have about 2 hours before I have to get to the studio so I need to run through the house and get a few thing done!

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, glad I am home!

     Yesterday was a blur and a little overwhelming.  I had customers here early to pick up and then had to be to the salon by 11:00.  It had snowed pretty heavy for our area, but I wasn't worried as I had 4 wheel drive and the sun was out so I knew it would melt off.  I proceeded to my appointment on nary a plowed road.  Lewiston is built on a series of very steep grades, much like Seattle, so driving on ice or snow is just not smart.  Plus people here just don't go out until the roads are clear.  Smart because they usually hit me.

     I made it to the salon no problem.  All the hairdressers were out front and one of them said "I knew she would make it".  They had, had nothing but cancellations all morning.   I asked if I needed to go get anyone?  I made a few quick trips within the neighborhood and by the time they were done the sun had melted enough to let them walk home.  I was there for about 2.5 hours and the roads were pretty clear when I was done.

     Hub's calls and says his contractor wants us to meet first thing in the morning in McCall.  We had planned on leaving early this morning, I was booked with a photo shoot at the studio at 6 p.m. so I said we would hurry and pack and leave after that. Company would book us a hotel room.

     When I got home at 2:30 I had two brides that needed to pick up and have a final fitting and I needed to steam one of the dresses.  I also had customers waiting to drop off.  Grabbed a slice of bread and started to take care of business.  Hub's gets home and we start pulling outdoor gear out, I am not sure if my Gortex ski suit that I made after B was born (21 years ago) would still fit as I have gained weight.  But it did so we were a flurry of packing and finding the right skis, poles, snow shoes, ice skates, and I realized that I did not have any ski gloves. (thanks kids).  So I went to studio to meet photographer and Hubs went to gas up car and get gloves.

     We had 10 pipers and drummers with full regalia and instruments, 5 Irish dancers and an advanced Ballet class rehearsing, and don't forget the sketch artist from the college in the corner with a big easel.  The partridge in the pear tree had flown to the rafters.  As we are getting the pictures taken, Hubs calls and says trip is cancelled( after all that packing).  Great get down here and help me teach the last ballroom class.  Hubs shows up at 7:15 and class starts at 7:30. I am faint with hunger and my blood sugar is dropping.  Hubs insists we go eat something, so I tell advance ballet instructor to tell Ballroom couple we will be late and to start class.  We run and get a salad bar and run back complete class.  Then we go home and unpack all our crap. Skis, poles, skates, snowshoes, pjs, undies, makeup, medicines, long johns, boots, ski boots, and put it all away.  Collapse in bed.

     Woke up this morning to about 5-6 inches of snow.  Hub's is now out getting snowblower ready to blow out the neighborhood.  I am just going to putz around the house, as in clean, vacuum, dust, and do a little cooking.  Maybe take a nap.  I could handle a nap.

Have a great and productive day!  or have a nap!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, I will be beautiful in a few hours!

     Yeah, that will be me, beautiful.  Going to get my hair done in a few minutes and boy does it need to be done.  I was able to alter two wedding dresses yesterday,and do a pile a alterations. I need to come home and work on a a jacket.

     It snowed last night about 1.5 inches on the level, I know, I know nothing compared with the rest of the world, but it rarely sticks here.  Went out to the chicken coop and the bird looked at me like what did you do this for?  So I felt bad and gave her some warm water and a heel of homemade ww bread.  My favorite part by the way so a real sacrifice, I don't think she noticed.

     Hubs and I are I think driving to McCall in the morning as he has some private timber to look at for an individual.  But why on the snowiest coldest weekend of the year?  So I will need to break out winter gear, and I think I will take my cross country skis, just in case.

     I have a photo shoot tonight at the studio, the Pipers need a new picture and I have not done any action shots of the girls for about 5 years.  Photographer will be there at 6 so that will take about and hour, then I have a ballroom class.  I am already tired just talking about the weekend.

     I would like to get home to watch just part of the Olympic opening ceremonies, but if we need to get up early to drive, hmm.  I know make hubby drive and I will sleep.  That works for me.  I wonder what my kids are up to this weekend?

     Out My Window:   Everything just covered with snow, the garden and pond, all the fruit trees and shrubs.  It is very pretty.  We call snow like this poor mans fertilizer.

     Well I am off to become beautiful!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday, Gee wiz forgot to hit publish on tis!

     Okay so I got all my tax info in yesterday, I am done except picking up things and paying the accountant.  She is worth every penny let me tell you.  Slept well last night and had bad dreams, so I will take bad dreams over no sleep any day.  I am taking a page out of Mysti's book today and just having a good day no matter what.  Adam is cute and busy and asleep on the floor by the computer, may he stay there until his mom comes.

     I am getting my hair done at 11:00 tomorrow.  It is so bad.  I have not been to the salon since August and have been touching up my roots myself.  It is time, I tell you.  The banshee will be vanquished.  I hate to spend the money but you can only go so far before you turn this nasty shade of orange muck and get that stringy look.  Not my body, my hair.  I would love to have a stringy body, but that is never going to happen.

     I tried something new yesterday with my crock pot Judy.  I took 6 chicken legs (purchased at .69 cents a lb) and put them into Judy with 1/2 a bottle of 99 cent barbecue sauce and some salt and pepper.  I was a little worried that they would stick and get burned but no.  They were the best barbecued chicken legs.  Hub's loved them.  I added rice and veggies and fresh baked bread.  Yum.  Cheap dinner.

     I have a Wedding dress to alter and a coat to fix today along with a few other chores I hope to accomplish. Right now I have laundry going and I just need to get busy as I am due at the studio at 3 p.m.  My week is almost over.

Out My Window:  Cold!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday,watching the biter!

     One of my old dance students who is going to nursing college called me in a panic, her little boy (20 mo.) is now the daycare biter.  So he has been expelled from daycare for 5 days.  He learned to bite in daycare so now he cannot come for a awhile.  She was so upset.  I laughed and told her I did not think he would become a serial killer.  Adam will stay with me in the mornings for a few hours until his sentence is up. I am just a few blocks from the nursing school so it is easy for the mom  and he was an angel this morning, well if tearing every single video out of the cupboards is angelic.  But he was entertained, that is what counts.  I was also not bitten:)

     I was able to collect enough to tuition to get payroll done.  Now I have to get the bills paid.  The months just go round and round same old same old.  I still need to get organization done about my desk, I have just been a lazy, sloth.  But boy is slothfulness fun, as long as I don't stink.  Hubby actually did the kitchen last night.  I started it and had all the dishes soaking and he finished it also took out the garbage bless his little heart.

     So my goals today if I can convince my butt to leave a chair, are to bake bread, run to the accountants, call a hotel, call the bagpipers, call a theater, set up a budget and organize files for next years tax receipts.  But as these have been my goals all week I am having a hard time getting them done.  Why?

     Yes why?  I just grabbed my phone and called the hotel, done,  called Jeff, pipes and drums, done,  called theater about date, done, even  e-mailed a professional singer and a photographer for a new gig and poster picture. Done but was not planned.  This all took under 5 minutes.  Why do I make such a big thing out of things that are so easy?  Why do I put things off and procrastinate and make things nightmares in my mind?  I mean really Kim grow up.  Mysti come slap me, I need a slapper.

     See I feel better already.  Less stress, more energy to get other things done with no worries bugging me.
Now I am going to work on my files and desk area, also write up a budget, but first I must start my bread.

Out My Window:  It has turned very cold here so I will need to go give the chicken water.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, January totals not good....

     To say that I spent to much misc. money in January is an understatement.  Why?  Well two trips to Mom's, gas alone would be $160.00.  Getting B ready for semester, groceries, which I can't avoid, sorry, she had been home for a month and had no food or money so this is a given.  Those two things pushed me over and I mean way over. So this month I have set a limit on gas and groceries, misc. to $1000.00.  I have already spent $98.12 on groceries.

   Finally got Hub's W-2 and I still need one SSI number and address and I am done with my end of the taxes.  Now I need parents to pay their tuition so I can cover payroll and all the bills. Oh my jolly life!

     I was a slug yesterday and I really need to kick my butt and get busy.  The cold, the grey days, I have no ambition.  I needs me some ambition.  My Sissie did not call me  and roust me out of bed so it is her fault I am behind and whiny.  I really like to blame all my problems on others, it makes my life seem simpler at the time.

     The kitchen is filthy and smells like bad shrimp, the laundry room is a mess, the shop and my desk area are a disaster, I need to set up for the new year.  I know if I get these things done I will feel better, more positive.  Motivation where are you?  I can tell you that when the smell from that kitchen reaches down the stairs I will probably get busy:)

  Okay what do you use for motivation when you have a case of the cold, grey, depressed, lazy, want to take a nap down in a funk mood?  Wow that could be a Jazz song.  "Down in a Funk Mood"  but one would have to be careful how one said it.

Okay I just have to get busy doing something, anything........


Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, taxes are in with a few loose strings!

    I just got back from the accountants.  Still have to get a few SS#'s and addresses for employees, I always forget this, most don't make enough to worry about and the couple that do are self employed through contract labor so they file at the last minute.  Also Hub's W-2's are held up at the state for some reason.  But after today I should have everything in to file.  It actually only took me about 10 hours to process them this year which I think is a record for me.  Now I have to get a plastic tote to store them in.  (Don't tell Sluggy)

     We had one he## of a weekend and I am so tired.  Two nights of dancing and too much rich food makes Kim a tired cranky girl.  I will have to take a nap later this afternoon as I teach at 6:30 tonight.  I want to add up my purchases for January and set up a budget for February.  By the way I was able to pay an extra $2500.00 to the studio CC on Feb 1st.  But do not expect that kind of a payment again unless I get a huge tax refund.  But all my refund will go to the Studio CC.  I need to get that thing paid down.

     I still have plenty to do in the shop and I have plenty to be picked up.  Because I have the house payment taken care of (I am so blessed).  I am working toward my Aunt's birthday, I will have to get her card out by this Friday, so I will see how much I can get toward her gift.  Then I have other extras for the month. I have grandsons birthday and daughters birthday and Valentines day to plan for, but I already bought gifts for the two younger girls on an after Christmas sale for Valentines.  I will take hub's out to dinner on a gift card and make treats for his office.

     I was shocked by how little money we made this year and how I can get by on what we made.  I know things were tight and really cut back on travel.  I guess we just do not spend a lot on groceries and entertainment, although it seems like I am always at the grocery store.  When I looked through the receipts I kept , it was always the same things.  Yogurt, fresh veggies, a few pieces of fruit, microwave popcorn (yeah I know air popped is cheaper), milk, loss leaders for the pantry.

     Both girls were home for the superbowl and as D#2 was leaving I made her up a pantry.  She is moving into a new townhouse and we had taken all of her food in August to D#3's college apartment.  I bagged up, flour, sugar, brown sugar, pwdr sugar, butter, oil, ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt, soda, bake pwdr, corn starch, pasta, potatoes, carrots,onions, garlic, cinnamon, soups, canned veggies, jars of home canned tomatoes, peanut butter, homemade jams, frozen spaghetti sauce, meatballs, several packages of meat, rice, lots of canned beans, cookie dough.  D#3's boyfriend stood back in amazement.  We have such a good food storage and pantry that I have accumulated and have rotated over the years.  This really can save you money if it is done right.  He said it was like going to the grocery store.  But no beer and chips sorry, don't store those things.

     Does any one else do a big pantry and do you think it saves money?

Out My Window:  It snowed and rained all weekend, we are caught up for the year on water, but it needs to continue.  Of course the snow has melted off here.

     I need to get into the shop and get a few tings done today.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, Taxes, taxes, taxes!

     So I worked on taxes from noon until 5:30 when hubs and I went to dinner with friends.  We have a Red Lobster in town and I had gift certificates to the restaurant.  It will be closing soon so we had to use them.   It is not my favorite place to eat but I enjoyed the older couple we took with us.  Then Hubs and I went to my 4th ballroom class.  It was cha-cha night and we got quite a work out.  I am trying out a new dance couple to teach ballroom and they are doing a great job.  This is the only set of classes where I feel I have to be there to watch them and participate.  If this set of 6 lessons goes well I will let them rent the studio for sets of classes.  Lots of laughs.

     Hubs and I came home and I worked on taxes until about 1 in the morning.  I am about 3/4 of the way done.  But I have the worst parts over.  Adding all the receipts and figuring out what goes where, yuck.
It will be interesting to see where we stand this year.  I am sure we will get some kind of refund which will go right onto the studio CC.

     I am so happy it is February.  It is the month of love!  I have Valentines day and birthdays and candy, I make my famous shortbread.  February seems to go by fast and then in our neck of the woods it is spring!

     After I am done with the taxes I am going to add up my spending for the month of January and see how I did.  I am going to try and spend less in February. Right now I have enough put aside for the house payment and my next goal is to get enough money put aside in the next 10 days to send my Aunt $500.00 for her birthday.  I do this every year to help pay her taxes.  Then I have a theater bill that needs to be paid out of the studio, so those are my goals this month.  I will be very careful and see what is left to put on the CC by the end of February.  I did not join Carla's low spend challenge, because every time I do something like that it seems I go off my rocker and spend money like an idiot.  The only idiot I can blame is myself.

     Tonight hubs and I are going to a benefit for Family promise.  It is a chocolate and big band dance.  At least we will burn off the calories.  I did not eat yesterday so I could go to Red Lobster and I will not eat today so I can go eat Chocolate.  Tomorrow I will not eat until the super bowl party.  This is a high calorie weekend!  I still need to lose about 10lbs to fit into my clothes and I will not buy new clothes.

     Well I want to make a batch of bread today and finish the taxes.  So I am off to see the Wizard!

Have a great and productive day!