Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday, Taxes, taxes, taxes!

     So I worked on taxes from noon until 5:30 when hubs and I went to dinner with friends.  We have a Red Lobster in town and I had gift certificates to the restaurant.  It will be closing soon so we had to use them.   It is not my favorite place to eat but I enjoyed the older couple we took with us.  Then Hubs and I went to my 4th ballroom class.  It was cha-cha night and we got quite a work out.  I am trying out a new dance couple to teach ballroom and they are doing a great job.  This is the only set of classes where I feel I have to be there to watch them and participate.  If this set of 6 lessons goes well I will let them rent the studio for sets of classes.  Lots of laughs.

     Hubs and I came home and I worked on taxes until about 1 in the morning.  I am about 3/4 of the way done.  But I have the worst parts over.  Adding all the receipts and figuring out what goes where, yuck.
It will be interesting to see where we stand this year.  I am sure we will get some kind of refund which will go right onto the studio CC.

     I am so happy it is February.  It is the month of love!  I have Valentines day and birthdays and candy, I make my famous shortbread.  February seems to go by fast and then in our neck of the woods it is spring!

     After I am done with the taxes I am going to add up my spending for the month of January and see how I did.  I am going to try and spend less in February. Right now I have enough put aside for the house payment and my next goal is to get enough money put aside in the next 10 days to send my Aunt $500.00 for her birthday.  I do this every year to help pay her taxes.  Then I have a theater bill that needs to be paid out of the studio, so those are my goals this month.  I will be very careful and see what is left to put on the CC by the end of February.  I did not join Carla's low spend challenge, because every time I do something like that it seems I go off my rocker and spend money like an idiot.  The only idiot I can blame is myself.

     Tonight hubs and I are going to a benefit for Family promise.  It is a chocolate and big band dance.  At least we will burn off the calories.  I did not eat yesterday so I could go to Red Lobster and I will not eat today so I can go eat Chocolate.  Tomorrow I will not eat until the super bowl party.  This is a high calorie weekend!  I still need to lose about 10lbs to fit into my clothes and I will not buy new clothes.

     Well I want to make a batch of bread today and finish the taxes.  So I am off to see the Wizard!

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I started working on taxes today, too. I don't have it as bad as you, though, because once I've gathered all the info, I hand it over to my dad who does seasonal tax work in his retirement years. I'm going to be sad when he ages out of this phase of life!