Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday, I will putz around...

     We had a nice Valentines dinner.  I made steaks, potatoes, vegetable and we had short bread for dessert.  We went to dance class and then cleaned the bank. ( how romantic), ran the finished posters up to one of the fire stations.  Then came home a went to bed.  Don't tell me we don't know how to celebrate.

     Hubby grabbed his black dress shoes out of his closet to change at the studio.  When he got there he had a black dress shoe and a black tennis shoe.  He put them on and my daughter told him not to tell me I would never notice. Eventually every one knew but me and we had such a good laugh.  One of the ladies asked if that was on purpose, and I said no he is just a dork.

     My mom had more bad news yesterday as she has developed Macular degeneration.  She has lost vision in her left eye but the right has not been affected yet.  Her mother passed away blind and I know this really scares her.  It is just one more thing she has to deal with and I am sad for her.  There are treatments to slow its progression so that is positive.

     I need to make bread today and do some laundry and we are going out to dinner on a gift card with another couple tonight. I am looking forward to this, we decided to go out the day after Valentines day when it was not so busy.  So two big dinners in a row means I have to really watch what I eat during the day,( like nothing) and I have all these wonderful chocolates around, every where I turn there is a box of chocolates!

     I am going to put beans on to soak and make a big pot of bean soup for dinner tomorrow.  Bean soup and home made bread and shortbread sounds great and warm.

 Out My Window:  It is about 51 right now and overcast.  I can't wait to get new baby chicks in March.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Saturday are specifically for putzing around. You enjoy! (I hope your dinner out is fabulous)

  2. You putz you....... ;-)

    Thanks for mentioning chocolate today! When you did my arm involuntarily jerked up and over and put it's hand into a bag of peppermint patties.
    The power of suggestion is alive and well in PA today! lol

  3. Will you come make me some bread? Hot, homemade bread is nearly as addicting as chocolate for me. Love that you didn't notice the shoes! I went to church one time wearing my house slippers. I didn't notice until I was inside. Hubby wouldn't have noticed if I had slapped him upside the head with them:)

  4. that's funny with your dh. Glad you enjoyed your Valentines Day.

  5. My husband's family calls it "piddling"....which makes me think of peeing, but hey, to each his own.

    So many people make their own jealous!

  6. And my mom called it "puttering" :) Love the shoe stories - I once ended up at a wedding in flip flops! I remember each year when my dad got the "chicks" - I'd fall in love with them but then didn't really like them when they were full grown. I had to go out and collect the eggs daily and some of those chickens didn't like me sticking my hand under their bums - I didn't like it either!