Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, sometimes I listen....

     Yesterday turned into a bombed mess, but I listened to myself and I am so happy.  After blogging I had a list of sewing things I wanted to get done, and I thought about going to the bank by myself after teaching and as it was a messy, snowy, kind of day, the bank would surely be a mess.  So I laid down and took a nap.  I was  woke by a telephone call about 2 and it was my advanced Ballet teacher.  They had closed the road do to blowing snow on the prairie, so I would need to go teach her classes as well as mine.  That is 5 hours of teaching plus cleaning the bank by myself.  So glad I had taken a nap!

     I got home from work at 11:45 and I was tired, but I remember just about 3 years ago that this was a typical night.  I am telling you I could not do this for the long haul any more.  In between teaching and cleaning I ran to high school to deliver things out of our prop room.  Hubs sent me home for a proper piano light and gaffers tape. 

     The little ballet b's were so cute when I was teaching.  They see me as this old lady that runs around getting things done and correcting, but not as a dancer.  They wanted to know where Miss Gina was?  I told them, and they wondered how I could teach.  I asked them who they thought taught Miss Gina when she was 8?  You? a look of surprise!  Yes,me the crypt keeper.  Advance ballet spent time working on different stretches for problem areas, jumps, leaps and petite allegro.  They were sweaty and tired so I figured my job was finished.

     So today I need to get things caught up in the shop, as I figure I will have no surprises.  I am going down to the credit union for a bit as I can't seem to access my account on -line and I need to finish paying bills for this month.  Hub's gets his paycheck Thursday night so I want things ready to go.  Then I can post new totals!  I feel like this month I am sliding backwards, but I am not it has just taken longer to post because of the way paychecks have a fallen and money has come in.

     I need to get busy.

Out My Window:  A skiff of snow this morning, cold and drizzle,overcast and dull.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Bossy found a picture in a box of MY parents when they were dating. I asked him who those people were and he had no idea. I said "that's Grammy and Grandpa." His eyes got big as saucers.....You mean, Grammy and Grandpa were YOUNG???


  2. So crypt keepers need naps do they? You make me laugh! This morning I had a day of training instead of going into school so I had 2 extra hours in bed - what a luxury!

  3. A nap sounds so good right now....but alas I need to get things done at home before bed. Like get 3 kiddos into bed at a reasonable time......