Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday,cutting back

     Thanks for well wishers.  Really I am fine, just very tired.  I feel like I do so little any more.  I feel lazy, just laying around doing nothing. I 'm used to being busy and that is okay as long as it is busy for a purpose.  I have cut back what I do so much and am trying to cut back even more.  One problem is I do have to pay bills and those bills are paid by my work.  It also takes time to save money and I am always trying to find ways to save.  But I do not like to save money at the cost of a lot of work, so that is a fine line.
I'm doing the best I can.
     I have several things to do in the shop today and a couple of suits to alter for my oldest daughter.  Daughter #2 is flying to her house late Thursday so I need to get those done so they don't have to be mailed.  I still cannot find the checks, but I know who wrote them and will have to get them reissued.  Just an aggravating complication.

     Doctors office did not call back yesterday so I could make an appointment, but TV station did so that is taken care of, thank goodness.  One more thing off the list.

     I made homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday and I had not ever used my new mixer for anything but bread and whipped cream.  Noodle dough is really stiff and elastic.  Just flour, eggs, salt and water.  It takes a while to mix by hand, so I thought what the heck at least I will know.   I threw the ingredients in and hit speed 2 in about 45 seconds I had the perfect noodle dough.  No trying to get it blended just perfect.  Now I want a pasta maker.  But not an electric one I want one of those old hand crank ones.  I will look for one in second hand stores.  So many people by kitchen gadgets and then don't use them.  Now I am wondering about pie dough?  Although you don't want to over mix crust as it becomes tough.

     I really like to cook and bake  and I am trying to find ways to do this with out any upper body strength and mixing and kneading are on their way out.  I have to be really careful in the kitchen.  Too many stitches and too many spilled dinners and burns.  So I am adjusting all the time.

     Hoping to finish hard shoe routine tonight and also finish first part of river dance routine.  This is the last night to clean the bank this week and I always look forward to Thursdays.  Just teach and come home.  I did get two new students last night every little bit helps.  I have a mom coming over to help me cut down costumes.  I have 4 new little ones that need smaller dresses so we are just making old dresses smaller.  When this company outgrows these we will make all new.  They have not had a new company dress for about 7 years, but the work involved to just too extreme.  I will not make new ones with out help from parents and I do have several that have offered.  SO maybe next year.

     Well I have plenty to do today so I had better get busy, I want to get a nap in before I go to the studio.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You want an old hand crank one but you don't want to use any upper body strength?? Did I read that right? You better get hubby into the kitchen - get him to do the physical work! He needs to help out more! Maybe he likes to cook too and you just don't know it yet :) Wouldn't THAT be something!!