Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, January totals not good....

     To say that I spent to much misc. money in January is an understatement.  Why?  Well two trips to Mom's, gas alone would be $160.00.  Getting B ready for semester, groceries, which I can't avoid, sorry, she had been home for a month and had no food or money so this is a given.  Those two things pushed me over and I mean way over. So this month I have set a limit on gas and groceries, misc. to $1000.00.  I have already spent $98.12 on groceries.

   Finally got Hub's W-2 and I still need one SSI number and address and I am done with my end of the taxes.  Now I need parents to pay their tuition so I can cover payroll and all the bills. Oh my jolly life!

     I was a slug yesterday and I really need to kick my butt and get busy.  The cold, the grey days, I have no ambition.  I needs me some ambition.  My Sissie did not call me  and roust me out of bed so it is her fault I am behind and whiny.  I really like to blame all my problems on others, it makes my life seem simpler at the time.

     The kitchen is filthy and smells like bad shrimp, the laundry room is a mess, the shop and my desk area are a disaster, I need to set up for the new year.  I know if I get these things done I will feel better, more positive.  Motivation where are you?  I can tell you that when the smell from that kitchen reaches down the stairs I will probably get busy:)

  Okay what do you use for motivation when you have a case of the cold, grey, depressed, lazy, want to take a nap down in a funk mood?  Wow that could be a Jazz song.  "Down in a Funk Mood"  but one would have to be careful how one said it.

Okay I just have to get busy doing something, anything........



  1. When I have one of those moods I prefer to drink. It's a good thing I don't get them often. lolz

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  2. Honestly? I take a nap!

  3. As far as I'm concerned you just did something very important - you made me SMILE!! I'm imagining the melody to "Down in a Funk Mood"!

  4. I would probably take a nap....that is why my house is a disaster right now. No motivation to get things done and just bleh....