Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday, Up early and plenty to do!

     Even though it is a National Holiday and the schools are closed, the bank we clean is open and I did not close the studio, because we are so close to a performance date.  I am sure to have kids missing but most will be there.  I woke up with a back ache this morning so just took a couple of advil, hoping they kick in and I can get things done.

     I am taking a meal into a family that is having their 7th baby.  So I am going to run upstairs after this post and make a poppyseed bunt cake and a pan of corn bread. Then I can just do the potatoes, meat and vegetable and take everything hot between classes late this afternoon.

     I need to update my spending record and plan to do that today.  I also need to pay the rent at the studio so I will need to figure out where that money is coming from.  Just realized that I left a couple of checks I was going to deposit today in the car that Hubs took out of town (damn) to finish a contract.  He will be home later tonight.  Okay that blows that idea of a deposit.  Need to pay closer attention sometimes.

     I have to keep telling myself that spring arrives in Lewiston the 1st of March.  We are really about 3 weeks ahead of the rest of the surrounding area, because of our elevation.  So I think I will start some garden seedlings today just so I can feel that spring is coming.  Something to baby and nurture along will help with the dull mood these overcast days bring.

     I need to call mom and check on her, see what she is doing and how she is feeling.  I also have work to do in the shop, so I had better get off my butt and get busy.

Do any of you have anything important to do today?  My things are not important just the daily grind of life.

Out My Window:  Need to think about pruning, all the fruit trees (hubs job) all the shrubbery (my job).

Have a great and productive day.



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  1. All of your spring thoughts make me so happy today... well, until I look out of the window :) I might need to close some curtains...