Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, Late post, early morning

     Hub's had his surgery this morning on his esophagus, they took more tissue than planned and sent it to biopsy.  This was a routine standard surgery but the scope found more scar tissue than normal so just to be safe they will run the scans.  He is in more pain than usual and came home and slept for a good 3 hours.  Right now he is eating ice cream with whip cream on it and a little chocolate just like a little kid, he is also in his jammies on the sofa watching PBS.  Pretty pathetic.  I had a busy morning in the shop.  I need to go pick up some prescriptions and also the taxes are done.

   It has really snowed here.  We have about 10 inches on the level.  It came over a three night period so we have been able to stay ahead of it.  Hubs spent most of the weekend when he was not in church shoveling and blowing out our huge driveway and the neighbors plus older people in the church.  We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so I expect it will be a slushy mess the rest of the week.  Right now everything is snow packed and people are crazy drivers, so we are taking it pretty careful.

     Saturday I really cleaned the house, just went room by room and took most of the day.  I did not hurry and took a nap or two between rooms.  We watched Olympics, and hub's shoveled snow.  The house is clean and the laundry done.  I was able to get new files set up for my desk and am working on the shop desk today along with sewing.

     We went out to dinner with our friends Saturday night but we used a  gift card.  I was shocked to realize this morning that we spent no money Saturday or Sunday!  We normally don't shop on Sunday but Saturday is always a big spend day.  I am keeping track and trying to keep my personal spending under $1000.00 this month.  This includes groceries, prescriptions, gas, gifts, etc.  $1000.00 seems like such a huge # but gas alone will eat up at least $350.00 of that and our prescriptions are never under $200.00.  Sucks to get old!

     While a bride was trying on her dress today, I was cutting up an old calender that was a day to day binder calender.  When I cut the pages in fourths it made perfect shop tickets.  See I can be really frugal when I want to be, I just do little things to save money, I wonder if it makes a difference?

I have about 2 hours before I have to get to the studio so I need to run through the house and get a few thing done!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Well I think your little frugalities make a big difference when put together. One at a time they don't seem like much but it's like saving change - eventually you have a pot full...unless you're like me and spend it before it's even half full :(

  2. I cut dryer sheets in fourths and make my own laundry soap. Every little bit helps I think

  3. I am just picturing Hubs on the couch.....poor guy!

    The all counts! One thing at a time.