Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday, Juggeling to keep up!

     I know February is a short month and I am grateful for that as the weather here is always socked in and dull.  It can get depressing to never see the sun.  But those extra 2 or three days do make a difference in the budget.  As in time to pay the bills and the money to do it with.  I just realized last night that my car insurance and life insurance would go through and I had no money in the account as Hub's gets paid tomorrow.  So had to run an emergency check down to CU.  Today another $300.00 bill is due so will have to do the same thing, so I don't get a late charge.  Then I will have to pay the money back.  I hate this.  At least I have reached a point in my life that I can pay attention and not get nailed by a late charge or an overdraft fee.  But I still do not like not having the money to just pay bills as they come in.  My dream.....

     Now I need to be glass half full here and say that I have made a lot of progress and stop whining.

     The house needs a run through and I have too much sewing to do today.  So I am going to get my butt in gear and get busy.  The next couple of days are very full of to do's and I had better get started doing. bummer.

Out My Window:  Overcast, grey, cool, rainy

Have a great and productive day!
I know I will because I HAVE TO!



  1. Yes, have this glass half-full! At least,t he bills are paid for now :)

  2. I hated doing that too... still do. But it beats having to pay an overdraft fee, where you get nothing in return for the fee itself... glass half full!

  3. I LOVE short months, instead of getting paid on the 15th and 31st I get paid on the 14th and the 28th! YAY! I'm almost out of $$ but I can make it two more days easy. I hate borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and then paying Peter back at a later date - it feels like we're falling behind when that happens. Sigh...

  4. Kim have you started all your paperwork for disability yet?????

    And lets hope that March is a calm