Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday, taxes are in with a few loose strings!

    I just got back from the accountants.  Still have to get a few SS#'s and addresses for employees, I always forget this, most don't make enough to worry about and the couple that do are self employed through contract labor so they file at the last minute.  Also Hub's W-2's are held up at the state for some reason.  But after today I should have everything in to file.  It actually only took me about 10 hours to process them this year which I think is a record for me.  Now I have to get a plastic tote to store them in.  (Don't tell Sluggy)

     We had one he## of a weekend and I am so tired.  Two nights of dancing and too much rich food makes Kim a tired cranky girl.  I will have to take a nap later this afternoon as I teach at 6:30 tonight.  I want to add up my purchases for January and set up a budget for February.  By the way I was able to pay an extra $2500.00 to the studio CC on Feb 1st.  But do not expect that kind of a payment again unless I get a huge tax refund.  But all my refund will go to the Studio CC.  I need to get that thing paid down.

     I still have plenty to do in the shop and I have plenty to be picked up.  Because I have the house payment taken care of (I am so blessed).  I am working toward my Aunt's birthday, I will have to get her card out by this Friday, so I will see how much I can get toward her gift.  Then I have other extras for the month. I have grandsons birthday and daughters birthday and Valentines day to plan for, but I already bought gifts for the two younger girls on an after Christmas sale for Valentines.  I will take hub's out to dinner on a gift card and make treats for his office.

     I was shocked by how little money we made this year and how I can get by on what we made.  I know things were tight and really cut back on travel.  I guess we just do not spend a lot on groceries and entertainment, although it seems like I am always at the grocery store.  When I looked through the receipts I kept , it was always the same things.  Yogurt, fresh veggies, a few pieces of fruit, microwave popcorn (yeah I know air popped is cheaper), milk, loss leaders for the pantry.

     Both girls were home for the superbowl and as D#2 was leaving I made her up a pantry.  She is moving into a new townhouse and we had taken all of her food in August to D#3's college apartment.  I bagged up, flour, sugar, brown sugar, pwdr sugar, butter, oil, ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt, soda, bake pwdr, corn starch, pasta, potatoes, carrots,onions, garlic, cinnamon, soups, canned veggies, jars of home canned tomatoes, peanut butter, homemade jams, frozen spaghetti sauce, meatballs, several packages of meat, rice, lots of canned beans, cookie dough.  D#3's boyfriend stood back in amazement.  We have such a good food storage and pantry that I have accumulated and have rotated over the years.  This really can save you money if it is done right.  He said it was like going to the grocery store.  But no beer and chips sorry, don't store those things.

     Does any one else do a big pantry and do you think it saves money?

Out My Window:  It snowed and rained all weekend, we are caught up for the year on water, but it needs to continue.  Of course the snow has melted off here.

     I need to get into the shop and get a few tings done today.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I do hope you'll get a big refund :) We just hope to break even this year because of too 1099s...

    Our pantry is not very big but I have plenty of extra storage in a garage too. It would be hard for me to live without my food storage. I definitely believe it saves money (especially during some hard times, like unemployment).

  2. I love my pantry. My grandfather built it years ago under the basement steps so the shelves are deep and long and there is enough room for me to go in and turn around. It def saves me money!

    You will like the container for taxes it makes life so much easier:)

  3. Plastic tote, huh?
    I heard that!!! lolz

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