Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday,what? who? where? WHY?

     As I was busily taking a nap yesterday afternoon about1 p.m. I got a call from my doctors nurse. " Kim' Dr. Petersen wants you to go up to Spokane to see your Rhuematologist as your SED rates are elevating and he wants to see you back in 2 weeks office."  Everything was fine before Christmas.  Holy batman that was 2 months ago.  What the He%$?

     Okay let's be honest.  I have been fighting exhaustion above and beyond anything I have experienced before.  I get up drink a soda and have to fight myself not to go back to bed.  It is not depression.  I know what depression feels like.  No I do not like the over cast crummy weather, but I can handle it.  I am busy.  But I must force myself not to take at least 3 naps a day.  I am just so very tired and sleepy.  Also my eyelashes all fell out but are growing back in now, I have holes in my eyebrows like a plucked chicken and very dry eyes and mouth.  So now we are going to get a new diagnosis and a new disease to add to our already long list of gripes.  Shoulders, elbows and jaw keep locking, sometimes I cannot bite down from the pain.  I tried to eat a piece of chocolate yesterday and actually had to suck it down.  This just comes and goes and has something to do with the paritodal glands swelling.  I have noticed swelling but as usual I choose to ignore things.  I am so bummed .

     Called the specialist and of course could not get a body they will call me back.  Called the TV station today to get the man that does my commercials, he no longer works there. Then who does?  Jarod, then give me Jarod's line. I ring in, " this voice mail box has not been set up."  Okay call receptionist back tell her Jarod's voice mail has not been set up, can I speak to him?  Well no,  Does he exist?  He is supposed to call me at 2 o'clock after a shoot.  Great I will wait by the phone all day for these two people to call me.  The doctors office with bad news and the TV station with no news.  I love me when I am sarcastic.  Don't you?

     I think we all need a little spring because all of my bloggy friends are a little owly.  I know I am. Just letting the frustrations of life get to me.

     Took dinner into a family yesterday that just had their 7th baby.  Ham, potatoes, green beans, cornbread and a poppy seed cake.  Had everything in the pantry or freezer.  Today I am making a big old pot of chicken and home noodle soup.  I just pulled a bag of chicken parts that I had saved from cut up chickens and I am going to go up and debone them in a few minutes.  Add carrots, celery, onions, garlic and a few left over spuds out of the fridge for thickener and then make my noodles.  Easy, peasy, eat with home made bread.  But boy is my kitchen a wreck again.  How does that happen?  Cooking that is how.  I am a messy cook what can I say?

     Need to run through this house, clean myself up, (like maybe brush teeth?) finish soup, clean the kitchen this time instead of leaving it, hem several pairs of pants and do some sewing then go teach as one of my teachers in out tonight, then go clean the bank and come home and collapse.  Maybe work in a nap:)

Life was much easier when I had energy.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. Oh Kim....your body is SCREAMING at you to slow down.......PLEASE, listen to it!!! We all care so much for you and I know if we were there we would chain you to the couch and make you rest. But we aren't there....so we can only yell at you through the screen. PLEASE!!!!

  2. I'm with Mysti here.
    Kim, dahling....you simply MUST. STOP. DOING. unless it's vital.

    I know it goes against every fiber in your being but you need to stop doing for EVERYONE and do for YOU only for awhile.
    It's nice to make a meal to take to a new mom but really? It's not like YOU have to do this....let someone else take that chore.
    Working extra to pay for your Aunt's quite generous bday gift is lovely of you, but do you need that extra stress on your body in order to bring in that cash?

    I'll shut up now because I may be treading on toes(yes, I am good at that and telling people what they don't want to hear)but you need to be SELFISH right now in your life.
    And there is nothing wrong with being selfish ya know. All us ladies could stand to be more selfish and less selfless sometimes.

    I worry about you.
    You and God need to have a big sit down.
    If I lived there I'd happily come sit on you as that is what it would take to make you slow down! ;-)

    1. Okay I am going to take a nap now... because my toes hurt....:)

  3. You take care of everyone else, now it seems like it is time to take care of yourself! Hopefully the news wont be that bad and the doctor will just tell you to take those three naps a day until you feel better.

  4. I just worry about you, Kim. You push yourself so hard.

  5. Somebody needs to bringing YOU a meal! Please slow down. Please.

  6. I agree with everyone else...Please slow down. Your body is telling you that you need to slow down and rest. *Hugs*

  7. Ditto what everyone else says - goodness girlfriend! Please, slow down a bit. Someone should be bringing you a meal, not the other way around!

  8. Sounds like your thyroid is part of the problem. Now ask me how I know?
    Get well soon or at least, fight like hell.

  9. Oh Kim I just want to give you a big ol' hug ((())) There! Now go lay down! Honestly, there is no way in hell (or on earth) that I could do all the physical work you do in a day without at least 2 naps! I hope the news about your health isn't anything too serious - I worry about YOU!