Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, just bumming around....

     Hub's got up early and went and go a haircut, thank goodness.  Hubs is one of those 2% of the male population that has too much hair.  It grows right down to his eye brows, it is very thick and curly with just a little bit of grey.  Every time he gets it cut now he gets greyer.  We call him our Schnauzer.  So he has to keep it pretty short or it takes over, and believe me it was taking over he was due for a haircut 2 weeks ago.

     The shop was busy yesterday and I sewed all day long.   One student came into be fitted.  Plenty of new work came in also.  Hub's brought home about 10 dresses from Oklahoma practice that all need love.  Like broken zipper, waist too small, shoulders need taken up, so I will work on that pile today and get them ready for their dress rehearsal next week.

     My girlfriend came over with a Wedding dress she has been working on for the last month.  The bride finally got here from Costa Rica and we tried the dress pieces on and it fit perfectly.  So I showed her how to sew the lace sides and shoulders in such a way that there looks like there is no seams.  These new lace over dresses (brought into fashion by Kate)look home made if you cut bodice pieces out and put seams in.  You need to have a seamless beaded bodice and it is hard work.  She was here about 4.5 hours and the skirt is attached and the upper part of the zipper is in, so she can finish all the hand work and I will finish the zipper for her next week.  The dress is stunning, she is thrilled, as her daughter-in-law just sent her a picture and she and I made the pattern and started from scratch.  I think she has about $125.00 plus time into the dress.  I am very proud of her.The bride is very thin but has a huge chest so fitting a lace bodice to that figure is tricky, but she looked gorgeous.

     Our dog just came downstairs doing back flips, I think hub's must have said the work W A L K.  Usually we spell this out.  Sure enough Hubs has his coat on so they are out and about.  I am on my last load of laundry.  Hubs and I went and got ice cream last night and then went to the bookstore as we both had gift certificates.  It was a fun simple date. I had to laugh because one of my teachers was there with her husband and they had gone out for ice cream and were now looking for books.  See we are some what normal.

     There is enough roast left that I am going to have french dip sandwiches for dinner, but have not thought about tomorrow.  By the way we sell a lot of beef in Lewiston as we ship it out of a major hub via container fright at the port.  We just had beef go for shockingly high prices.  Like record prices.  So if you have a way to stock up or, see sales on beef I would buy it now.  This is a sure indicator of things to come.  Our area calves early do to the weather, so other beef markets will not run until the end of March.  We are one of the first markets in the nation to sell.

     Well I am going to check the Oklahoma pile as I might have to go to Jo-anns for a few things.

Out my Window:  Sunny but windy and getting colder again.

Have a great and productive day.



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  1. As I was reading your post I thought "oh crap, what am I going to make for dinner?" I'll think of something - must check the freezer soon! You have such a gift Kim, to be able to create a pattern from a photo AND make it fit the bride's unique shape. I'm sure the dress will be gorgeous AND inexpensive! :)