Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, another chart!

 First of all I can't believe it is Thursday and secondly I keep thinking it is Friday.  How can a week go by so quickly and yet be so long it is not Friday yet. I feel like I need to come up for air.

Hubs is on his way back home and the funeral is set for Tuesday.  Our Eldest just called me and she had a long list of paperwork that she had just gotten done for mom, and was on her way back to Twin Falls. There is SSI, Montana retirement, death certificate to order and other financial things that mom will need to take care of and eldest set up all that and appointments to meet with people.  She also made hotel reservations for our family and girls and spouses. 

We are set to go back on Sunday and everyone else will come in late Monday. I do not know how long Hubs and I will stay down there, but I hope to have all sewing done before I leave so we are not rushing back before we need to.  I have cleared my schedule for next week as far as babysitting is concerned.  Heavy sigh!

Completed another chart yesterday, and this catching up business has been good for the old pocketbook.

I did get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and still have things I want to get done today if possible.  I cleaned house some last night and most of this morning, but I have everything done so far as that goes. That is a load off.

I had a good laugh with my sister in laws and daughter as they had to deal with Hubs (aka Sheldon Cooper) during a stressful situation. Finally daughter gave up and sent him home.  I said 4 days that is all you could deal with?  Try living with him.  They all understood how well I needed break. HE can be very, very difficult, not that he is hard to get along with, he just does not have the social capacity to see beyond the end of his nose.  Although I will tell you he has a great sense of humor.Luckily daughter can fill in where he is weak and try and control him.

I am going to get this pile of things done today and hope to have nothing else before we leave.

1. finish woman's suit alteration

2. get a pile of things done

3. alter 6 pairs of scrub pants

4. alter a homecoming dress

5. alter a tuxedo

6. deep clean my shop

7. run to bank

8. run to Joanns

That is it.  No more!

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

3. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

4. saved all my $5.00 bills I have lost track of what I have saved I am going to go with added $140.00 in the last two weeks as I forgot to post last week.  So far have saved a little over $2145.00

5. Really did not grocery shop this week, picked up some cheese on sale.  Also used a $7.00 grocery credit that would go bad after today.

6. didn't cook all week just ate leftovers.

7. redid bedroom with things I bought on super good sales and I love it.

8. used up all leftovers in fridge and sent much food home with missionaries so it did not go bad.

9. found .95 cents at Mcd's and 3 pennies at Albertsons this week.

Not a really big saving week, but I will take what I can get.

Hubs just walked in so I am off.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Wednesday, Dad's passing

Braunwyn and Dad in her Chemistry Class at the U of I. Dad had taken the car when he was not supposed to be driving a few years ago.  He had taken the car 30miles up the hill to his old Alma Matter.  We were frantic, as we did not know where he was although we suspected he was going up there.   We contacted B on her cell phone to be on the look out for him, but this is a campus with 7000 people.  TO make a long story short, B's husband (then boyfriend) heard someone shouting her name across the large campus square.  Now Braunwyn is an unusual name so he went to investigate and found this hunched over little old man tottering across the green.  He contacted B and she came and got dad.  She took him to her chemistry lecture, where he proceeded to tell the class that he had graduated the year the U of I beat Stanford at Stanford.  Her professed made B get up and introduce this 88 year old man to the class.  He got a standing ovation and then promptly fell asleep during the lecture.  Something that would never have been tolerated by one of the other students.  B has gone into waste water treatment just like her Grandfather.  They used to talk U of I and plant stuff when dad was still coherent.  What a great memory.

 Dad passed away last night at 8:37.  Mom, Hub's and his two sister's were at the kitchen table trying to remember a song that their dad always sang to them about a chocolate ice cream cone.  It was a kind of ballad.  They were playfully singing it and arguing about different words and trying to write it down so the great grands can sing it at his funeral. When they finally got it right, Hub's eldest sister turned and looked at dad who was in a hospital bed in the front room and said,"I think he is gone."  What a lovely way to go out, with your kids and wife singing a song you had sung to them since they were kids.

Mom and dad were married for 74 years.  They were born in the same small town in Idaho.  They went to school together and starred in the same senior musical.  She was and Annie and he was Curley.  She got her man.  Both were very musical and all of their children are also.

I am relieved and so grateful.  I am so happy Hub's got to be there with his family.  I am happy it is over, in a sense for hub's mom.  She just needs the rest. Because death rates are so high in southern Idaho right now do to covid, we are not sure when the funeral can take place. It might be as long as two weeks away.

I the mean time mom and our eldest daughter and another eldest daughter and Hub's took mom out to buy a new sofa for the front room.  Daughter and her cousin bought mom a lovely new sofa to replace the one that Dad had over used so to speak.  From the pictures they have sent it looks like they are having a good time.

I don't think that mom is going to sell the house right away.  I think she will travel and go back and forth between her kids for a while and I think that is best.  She can always sell at any time. This way she is not making big decisions so soon.  Her life is going to change so radically that selling everything you own is just not right so soon after his death.  I am happy about this.

Anyway, I was blue last night and D#2 came home after teaching and told Nate she was staying the night with me as she did not want me to be alone.  I thought that was sweet and I thought it sweet of him to keep the baby and be responsible so I could have my daughter.  We went out and did a little retail therapy.  We had some good laughs about grandpa.  You know comedy and tragedy are flip sides of the same coin.

While I have been frantically sewing this week, I have also been putting together some of the things i had purchased for our Master Bedroom.  The quilt set with shams is from JoAnns.  Now why a fabric store would get into home linens is beside me and I knew it would be a superb failure.  First of all people don't go there for linens and secondly they were ridiculously expensive.  Now everything was very high quality, but I knew it would not sell. I was right and picked up this comforter set for 80% off.  It was under $40.00.  The pillow's were originality $50.00 apiece.  I mean who pays $50.00 for a pillow?  Not I.  But I will pay $10.00 after all you can't buy a pillow form this size for $10.00 and you can always recover pillows.  So when I went to Joanns the other day here they were and I also got to use a $10.00 off coupon making these under $7.00 a piece. The Swedish pillow is old and fits right in with this ensemble.  I had to be careful not to have anything to feminine.

Of course no redo would be complete without me snagging some spray paint.  Because well $4.00 is less than buying new lamp shades, and picture frames are expensive. So I sprayed the lamp shades and photo mats that were a golden color, dark grey.

I recovered this old rocking chair that was Hub's father's father's and bought this smaller pillow for $5.00 at Joanns.  The gnome was purchased last night with my daughter.  He was just so cute and he gave me comfort.  Gnomes are part of my countries heritage and I am calling this one Bob after my father in law.  I just needed something to hug last night.  Isn't he cute? 

SO I feel like this room is set for a while and all under $100.00.  My old comforter set was getting holes in it, but I will mend it and keep it for a spare.

I was pleased with what I got done yesterday, but still have a list of about  8 things I need or want to get done today, plus the house needs a good going over as I have done nothing but sew and work in the Master since Hub's left.  I will have Oliver all day tomorrow so not much will get done, but right now having a baby to snuggle is just what I need.

Not having to leave for southern Idaho has taken some pressure off and is giving me more time to get things done.  I can take a deep breath. Which is so nice.

So today:

1. hem jeans

2. mend pants

3. put darts in jeans

4. alter homecoming dress

5. hem 4 shirts

6. attack a pile of things

7. alter woman's suit

8.clean my shop

9. clean and vacuum house

10. do the laundry

11. clean the kitchen

12. mop the floors

I am struggling to get started today and in fact had forgotten to feed and water the chickens.  I was reminded about them reading a comment from one of my readers.  SO thank you Kathy! My mind is kind of fuzzy and I am spinning in circles here.

Anyway thanks for all of your support during this time.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday, Another chart and an update!

 I actually completed this chart last Friday. But with everything going on just forgot to post it. SO I am really ahead of the game this year with the shop, not so much with the debt payoff on the house, as I have been spending my earnings on travel.  But I will get back to it as soon as I can come up for air. At two charts a month I should be just finishing chart 18,so this shows where I am.

Hubs called about 9 this morning and no change.  HE is bored.  I gave him some ideas of things he could really clean out there and start taking things to good will.  Mom's small storage basement is full of books and magazines that need to go she will never use them.  Also dad has a garage full of stuff.  GO through it.  It will never be used again. 

I am so happy to say I got so much done yesterday, without the constant interruption from hubs.  It is not that he does not allow me to work, but not having to cook dinner and plan dinner, and then sit and watch the news with him gives me an extra i swear two hours. I really knocked through all the bridesmaid dresses and then onto the homecoming or prom dresses.  It is the piles I need to get to today.  And let me tell you there are piles.

Hubs called and said he had forgotten the deeds to the cemetery that are in his name.  They are in the strong box.  So I took pictures and sent them.  The younger girls thought dad would be buried in Missoula with Franka, but he is going to be buried in Nampa.  Also Mom is in a dither and could not find the will.  Although Idaho is a shared property state she still needs proof, of some properties.  LUCKILY  dad in his good years made sure that the burial plot was in Hub's name so he could direct the burial and not have to have it switched to whoever went first.  Also dad had given our Eldest a copy of the will  to keep and she was able to pull it out of her office drawers and send copies. Now the family is probably asking why us? Hubs was by far the least favorite of the children, but he and his younger sister are the executors.  Love and trust are funny things in families. Hubs is by far the most generous of his siblings, he is honest and loving.  Sometimes he needs a little prodding form me because he is well... a man. Selfishness was something that just was not tolerated in my family.  We had a lot of problems, but that was not one of them. Death can bring out funny emotions in people.

I went out to collect eggs this morning.

I snapped this picture as I think the colors are so pretty.  Two kinds of blue green and two kinds of brown and then white. We are getting 12 eggs a day on average.  I took eggs over to the neighbors this morning. Daughter should be by tonight and take another dozen or so.

Today's work load:

1. finish homecoming dress two piece with two zippers, ugh!

2. hem four pairs of pants

3. hem 4 shirts

4. mend a coat

5. mend pants

6. get a pile of alterations done

7. get another pile done

8. hem a pair of jeans

9. shorten a skirt

10. homecoming dress

11. homecoming dress

12. alter woman's suit

Let's see what I can get done.

In addition to sewing, I have been working on the master bedroom.  I DID NOTHING IN THIS ROOM SINCE WE MOVED IN. I have kind of been waiting for something to strike and inspire me. As I am very frugal and hubs does not like a flowery feminine master bedroom, I have just put this on hold.  I do want to incorporate many things we already have. SO I will keep working on this and show pictures tomorrow of what I have done so far.  I have found many things 80% off so I jumped!

Well I had better get to work, those piles are not going to do themselves.

Thanks for all of the good wishes, I really appreciate them. Being alone here and working is great, but I am also alone with my thoughts and grief and I really would like to be with my father in law at this time.  We were close.  This is hard.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday, Sad news

 I am trying to be positive but I am in the negative.  I do not have covid. Thank goodness.

However, Hub's dad took a turn for the worse.  Hospice has been called in Finally. Hubs left this morning to stay until at least Thursday until his sister can get there. But they don't think he will last the week.  Hubs plans on coming home Thursday, unless he goes and then he will stay and I will drive down with one of the girls for the funeral. With the covid #'s as high as they are we might just have a graveside service and video it for far away family.

ANYWAY I have so much work to get caught up if I am going to leave, I am using the excuse I CANNOT TAKE IN MORE WORK BECAUSE OF DAD.

However I still have appointments that I have made to see through. Having hubs gone does make it easier for me to get more done.  Just fewer interruptions.  I don't have to cook!

I feel really bad for hubs and his siblings.  Losing a parent is very hard.  But Hub's mom is done.  She cannot go on any longer like this.  I don't think it will be much longer but if this goes on, I am preparing to be able to leave at least 3 days a week to be down there. People can just wait and I can sew at mom's house.


1. hem a bridesmaid dress

2. hem a bridesmaid dress

3. hem a bridesmaid dress

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem a bridesmaid dress

I am down to 5 bridesmaid dresses that will be a load off!

6. fix a prom dress

7.fix a prom dress

8. hem a prom dress

I think I have about 8 of these with those coming in

9. hem 4 pairs of pants

10. hem four shirts

11. hem 2 pairs of pants

The piles are killing me now, but I will take in no mare until I am sure of what is going to happen.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while I am in the negative.

Heck just stay positive..... I am now going into the shop.... really I am.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday, Aggravations

 I am having trouble getting an appointment for a covid test.  No one wants to see me. I am not sick enough and I am truly not sick. Sitting in an emergency room that is in triage for 8 hours is not in my game plan.  I am tired, but i am always tired. My wrist is a whole lot better.

I did sew some yesterday and  although I did not complete my list I did get my cooking done and now have  a large pan of enchiladas in the freezer.  I made a big quiche that is delicious.  Also a pot of our favorite beans. Then I did get that last wedding dress out of the shop.  Hooray!

I still have about 9 dresses including homecoming to get out and piles and piles of alterations.

Mom called and she is worried about Dad as she could not get him up to eat last night.  Hub's sister and husband are there right now. I think it is getting closer.

I think if she would quit nagging him awake, he would probably quit eating. I DON"T KNOW IT IS SO HARD.  But I need to be ready which mean I have to catch up in the shop.  SO I will concentrate on that next week.

I did get two bridesmaid dresses prepped and ready to hem. I had hand work to do on them so did that first.  Then I got tired and went to bed early.  Which was upsetting to hubs.  He wanted to go somewhere. Crazy guy.

Today it is soccer games, socially distanced and masked.  We will probably laugh the whole time as these little 5 year olds don't have a clue and often run the wrong way.

I will sew later this afternoon if I feel like it.

I think this will be a lazy Saturday.  I need that.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int he negative.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday, What? Corona?

 I remember when a Corona was just a ritzy beer and as I don't drink it never occurred to me to be concerned. Now Corona just means trouble. 

Ya'll know I had that terrible headache on Wednesday, and then the joint flare, and the exhaustion. I just went to bed early Wednesday and I had a pretty typical day yesterday, but was just moving slower, as I was in pain.  A couple of times when I got up to help a client I FELT A LITTLE LIGHT HEADED AND HAD A VERY HEAVY CHEST.  But I ignored it as I ignore most things that have to do with my health, after all when one lives with and autoimmune disorder for as long as I have, you just can't jump every time you have a symptom. 

So after getting the wedding dress done and another dress, Hubs comes into the shop and says he has some bad news. His mother's long term covid test came back positive.  She had a mild break through infection even though vaccinated which is happening all over this county.  We have one rest home where 77 workers all vaccinated, 33 are covid positive.  Now all have mild cases, but still sick and not able to work. So now every weird symptom I have had makes sense. I immediately put on a mask to greet all clients and will wear a mask if I go anywhere.  Have not decided whether to go get tested, but we will see how I feel.  I have had terrible night sweats, but that is also a sign of a flare. However my wrist is better today, it still does not feel good to open and close my hand but definitely less pain. I am grateful.

In spite of all of this I cooked dinner, and I did get my quota done yesterday, just took it easy last night and did a little picking up.

Today I have to get a couple of things done,as far as cooking.  I need to make a bean hotdish as I have the burger thawed out, and I also need to make chicken enchiladas to use up the chicken I pulled from the freezer and I want to make a quiche to use up those egg yokes I also pulled from the freezer.  

I cancelled to nights dinner with friends as I felt that until I know whether I have the virus, although when I called the clinic they just said to mask up and wait. I is not fair to them if I exposed my friends and I do not want to wear a mask all through our time together.

When I went to see my family doctor on Tuesday, he told me the virus was much worse here than it has ever been and that the Delta variant was mutating causing all the break through infections.  Although he also said I needed to get a booster in November. Those with break through infections have not been hospitalized, just sick.  But unvaccinated  people are dieing in droves here and families are actually listing this as a cause of death now and they were not before.

The leaders of our church were all vaccinated, and we have all been urged to get the vaccine by them.  They called the vaccine a miracle and a gift.  Also you cannot work in our temples without a vaccine.  JUST yesterday an edict came down that no one would be getting a medical exemption from the church and again stressing getting the vaccine. We all have to go back to masks in our Temples.

 The Pope has also encouraged the vaccine and is trying to put aside rumors about the vaccine. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE LISTEN TO A Prophets Voice and hear the word of God.  Listen to the Pope he is the voice piece of your heavenly father on earth. Why do we have these evangelical leaders if we don't listen to them? Okay my rant is done now.


1. fix a dress for a client 

2. hem 4 pairs of pants

3. hem a  bridesmaid dress

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem a bridesmaid dress

By the way all the wedding dresses in the shop are done the last should go out today, and there are 5 more bridesmaid dresses to hem, but I had three homecoming dresses come in yesterday and more coming on Monday.  I will also get in a couple more wedding dresses next week.  I am not concerned now as I am sure if I stick to my guns I can catch up, it is the piles I am now worried about as they are bad, and taking over. It is always something.

I had better get to work, What are you going to do this weekend? Anything fun?  Slug's is at Sis's again so they will be inundating me with pictures of fun the turds.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you re in the negative. 


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday, Flaring, Thrifty Thursday

 Boy this picture states my life right now.  I had a head ache yesterday and by the time we were driving to the kids place it was severe. My left hand blew up, I SWEAR IN ABOUT 15 MINUTES. By the time we reached the top of the hill I could not open or close it without pain. Crap!

Usually when I go up to watch the kids I clean and do things around daughters house to help, but I really just sat with the baby and watched TV.  I apologized to her when she came home and she said, "Mom I don't expect you to come here and clean, I can do that." I know this but I just want to be helpful.

We came home and I ached all over and went to bed.  I don't know what causes this, well I do know there are several things that will cause a flare, but I did not think I had done any of those things.  SO Eldest daughter and I have concluded that is was and is caused by stress.  Stress over the in law situation and also family drama with the brother who shall not be named. I am in quite a bit of pain and I HOPE THIS GOES AWAY SOON.

I did not get any sewing done yesterday besides the wedding dress that went out.  However I did get some cleaning done in the kitchen  that needed to be scrubbed after the freezer and fridge clean out.  I am having  people over for dinner tomorrow and I rearranged the menu.  I had planned on lasagna and homemade bread, and have switched to steaks on the grill (hubs) a salad, baked potatoes, and popovers, as this will be less demanding on my wrist(s).  Our friend is bringing the dessert.  Hubs and I will go grocery shopping tonight, the sales are dismal, but I will spend my grocery allotment on steaks.

I just sent Hubs out to water my flowers as dragging a hundred feet of hose around and squeezing a trigger is not in my make up today.  I have to save the hand strength for a wedding dress and a few bridesmaid dresses.

My work for today:

1. call clients to pick up

2. get a lace up in a bridesmaid dress

3. get a wedding dress done

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem a bridesmaid dress

6. hem a bridesmaid dress


1.Put all  change in my pig bank

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

3.saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

4. did not grocery shop last week no sales I was interested in.

5. picked up 10 lbs of onions on the side of the road.

6. ate what we could out of the garden, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers

7. ate all meals at home except when on the road

8. used food stuffs from pantry and freezers

9. picked up foods from food bank that would otherwise been thrown away

10. had Stillman come over and fix a door handle rather than calling a repairman

11. searched out least expensive gas here it was so high in southern Idaho

12. used coupons at joanns

13. downloaded receipts to fetch

14. mom gave me a new warm nightgown as she has too many. I love it.

That is about it. Actually typing and sewing really helps loosen up my wrist.  Sitting and doing nothing for long periods of time (although that is what my body cries out to do) is the worst thing you can do for RA.  SO I am slowly going to get moving.

Anything new and exciting at your place?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wednesday, Getting things done, in spite of me!

 Nathan came last night and helped hubs hang this canning shelf that Lil sis's boy friend made for his late wife.  He was cleaning out his basement and asked Lil sis if I would want it and I was thrilled to get it.  It is level just looks funny with the backing boards on the wall. The two freezers belong to our friends who are trying to get a shop built on a piece of land so they can take them back and have someplace to put them. I can't wait to wash it and start to transfer food storage to it.  

One of my goals is to go through all the food and get it separated as to what needs to be eaten right away.  We have long term storage and short term storage and I will eat some things past their date. Not two or three years, but you know with in reason.  I was so inspired by this, that last night after I finished sewing about 9 p.m. I came into the kitchen and decided to clean out the fridge which was on my list for the month.

I had gone to that food bank up in Washington at the end of the day and picked up quite a bit of fresh food that was needing to be eaten.  In fact one of the workers was sorting zucchini to take to her chickens.  So I am happy to report at least they are allowing some of the things not claimed to be made into animal feed. They had packages of frozen organic chicken wings, something I would never buy, but as they were going to be thrown away I took them, along with a lemon  pie. Who says no to pie? But I digress, I had a counter full of food to be put away and most of it fresh.  My fridge was a stye and has needed to be gutted for a while.

As I had to freeze many things, I looked at that freezer that had melted who knows what in the bottom and I decided to clean that also. This job has desperately needed done for months. Okay so I gave the mouse a cookie.

If you look at that plate and that bowl, you will see foods that need to be used in the next day or two.  I came across some frozen cheese, egg whites and chicken in the freezer, so I put them on a plate and the bowl has veggies that need to be cooked up.  I will get these used in the next couple of days. I am thinking a quiche of some kind and some chicken enchiladas.  Plus a couple of good salads as I have a load of veggies.

This freezer was so disgusting.  When I put hot water in the bottom of it, the sludge smelled awful, like dead rotten meat.  It was fine until it melted.  I do believe fudge sicles were involved and other sundry melty things. SO gross.  But here I found a few things I thought I could use up and those are on the plate. I got this idea from Cheryl at Cheryl's Frugal Corner.  She is full of great ideas to use up old food.  I will use the same technique when I do the outdoor freezer and the food storage.  But that is for another day. I went to bed at 11:30 tired and happy.

I just had another wedding dress leave and I am down to one left hat I have not started.  I also have 9 bridesmaid dresses plus the piles. I have a Marine dress blue that came in and I forgot that their ball is in November so I have to put that on the calendar.

I want you to know that I did get the curtains done they took me a 1/2 an hour, but were big and bulky and a pain.  They were picked up this morning.

Hubs and I are going up to daughter's house at 2 as Nate has to work and we need to pick Schmills up from school and then he has soccer practice. I hope that the weather is nice enough for us to take Kelsa out in the stroller and walk the track while Will has practice. We will stay there until about 9 when daughter gets home from teaching.  It is a 12 hour day for her, and this way the kids are in bed and she can collapse.

SO today I want to:

1. clean up the kitchen (residue from cleaning fridge and freezer)

2. hem a bridesmaid dress

3. hem a bridesmaid dress

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

We will see what I can get done before we leave.

By the way Mother in Law is doing better. I HOWEVER HAVE A BAD HEADACHE TODAY. May have to take something for it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday, Happy Hubby!

 Hubs has been nagging for and egg basket, so I ordered a small one from Amazon and he was thrilled.  We get about a dozen or more eggs a day.  He came in today with his egg basket and I told him I wanted him to go outside and skip to the house with it and he refused.  This was the best I could get.  We keep ourselves, kids, Lil sis, neighbors, clients anyone who can or will take eggs happy with our surplus.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon.  It will be my last with my long standing physician who is retiring.  Oh I hate to get a new doctor. After my appointment I will drive up to the food bank with my daughter to see what is left over.

 Yesterday I had two wedding dresses that went out much to my releif.  But I still did not get to those dang curtains!  I actually sewed all day and never touched my machine as it was all hand work to get those wedding dresses out.

I took a pork roast out of the freezer and as pork roast is not good for me (I get severe heart burn) I decided to cube it and make sweet and sour pork.  It was just so much work and I really did not like it.  I have a rice cooker, so that is easy.  I also wanted to use up onions and peppers from the garden, but I had so many interruption during the process of making it that I was frustrated when it was done. I had two brides to fit and two bridesmaids come in while I was trying to make dinner.  SO I had to keep turning off the stove and reheating the oil. I did not like the sweet and sour sauce I made.  I tried a new recipe off the internet.  Now it was edible and Hubs of course liked it, but I will not make it again. At least not with this recipe.

I am the queen of the 20 minute meal and this was definitely an hour from hell, so I will not put that on repeat.

Hub's mom called early this morning from a clinic parking lot, where she was waiting for a nurse to come get her.  She woke up with a fever of 102.4 this morning and a very sore throat. She was able to get the fever down, but felt she needed to get in at her age that kind of a fever can be fatal. SHE CALLS Hub's and says that she is shivering with chills and is in the parking lot. HE tells her to turn the heat up in the car and she says she cannot as the tank is almost empty and she does not want to run our of gas.  So Hubs new thing is to make sure mom's tank is full next time we go down.

 She does not have covid or strep, but they called in a prescription and she is now home.  I called our Eldest who is two hours away and she can drive over as she has no trials set this week. SO we have her on stand by.  It is so scary being so far away and having mom so weak.  I just wish this could be over with dad, so we could move her in with one of us and not have this constant worry.

Well I have quite and list for today:

1. hem burgundy bridesmaid dress

2. finish as much as possible wedding dress for fitting tomorrow

3. DO the damn curtains KIM

4. hem a bridesmaid dress

5. hem 2 pairs of suit pants

6. hem a grandmother of the bride dress

7.hem 4 pairs of pants

8. hem a pair of jeans

9. hem another bridesmaid dress

That is enough and I doubt I get all of this done.  Stay tuned to see if Kim gets the *&^%$# curtains done.  I will actually time myself as I am sure they will be done in no time and I am just making them a big huge deal in my head.

Well I am off to get something done.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday, home again, home again

 I remember this picture from the Real Mother goose book as  a child. My twin and I had that entire book and it was huge memorized before we entered kindergarten.  I think it shocked people.

We had a quick trip  down to mom and dad's and got the missionary apartments that are out of town done on our way down. It did make for an 7.5 hour drive rather that a five but will keep us from having to do a 5 hour round trip again so I was game.

Mom had a list of things for hubs and he pulled weeds until his hands blistered and he filled every trash can available. I cooked and cleaned.  I made up 2 lasagnas and two stuffed shells, and spaghetti sauce. I also threw away and replaced a few things in the kitchen. Like the 6 years old Italian seasoning and the 5 year old jar of chopped garlic. Yikes!

I cooked dinner and left them enough for a couple of days.  We were home by 3:00 yesterday and I was able to go check on lil sis. Then I went to bed early.

I cannot tell you how nice it was to come home to a clean house and a clean shop.  I am loathe to go in and mess it up but I will. 

Mom was weaker and dad more lost in his mind than ever before. I told her not to buy any more meat as the freezer is full of lovely meat that she is not cooking and it is going to get burned.  Luckily she has Hub's sister's that will visit and cook some of it up. I took down some of the things that Sissie had sent me that were too small to mom and she was thrilled with them.

We will be going back down for Dad's birthday and I will be staying until I get back  from Hawaii so that means Hubs will have to come back down and get me an allow us to check on them twice. We have not talked Holidays, but might be taking a quick trip down before or after Christmas.  I plan on having Sissie here after Christmas if I can get her to come.  I have plans within plans that all involve her.  She should be afraid.  IF only I could Slugs to fly out.  The fun we could have.

When we came home I had two eggplant that were ready and several cucumbers.  I also got cucumbers at lil sis's.  I will keep eating what we can from the garden even though it it a dismal year.

By the way we did stop and pick up about 10 lbs of onions on the rode side on our way back.  No potatoes yet , but We can get those when we go back.

Today's work:

1. finish wedding dress

2. finish wedding dress

3. fix curtains (ugh hate this)

4.start another wedding dress for second fitting Wednesday

I am failing dismally at my two challenges of cleaning drawers and cupboards and de cluttering.  Maybe I can catch up if I can get a few things done in the shop this week.  I can only do what I can do.  Dang me!

Hubs is outside mowing the lawn and he has already been to an appointment to rebuild a wheel chair ramp that is sagging, he also is going to try and hang the kayaks up in the garage.  Can't wait for that after the door handle mess.  Why can he do somethings well and others?

SO what are you plans for today, or this week?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday, Kim takes a break and cleans addition

  Well the fall flowers are planted and the mums that will bloom out are yellow, so I am happy with that adventure.  The boys had this done in about a 1/2 hour it was great.

THEN I proceeded to finish cleaning the house and putting out the fall decorations.  It was a nice way to combine two things I wanted to do.

So out came the fall decos as I cleaned windows, and

dusted blinds and washed crystal.

It was a nice day of putzing and I and the house needed it badly. I find house work relaxing if  I am not in a rush or expecting company.  

I picked out these pillow covers in Ketchikan and I love to have something I can put out to remind of the trip.  Then I added a pillow of my moms.



 I added a few pumpkins, and new candles and pillows to the family room.

A little garland and a few pumpkins on the  TV cupboard.

These Fall prints we bought on a trip back east with our family years ago, I bring them out every fall.

The fall table I think I will take this cloth and make it an oval with my serger.  I will put a rolled hem edge on it.  Plan for the future.

I told you I had purchased an O'Cedar mop and bucket when I bought the new vacuum.  I tried it out yesterday on the floors and it worked so well.  No streaking, it also pulled up a lot of dirt.  The steam mop does kill germs on the surfaces but I have often wondered about how well it actually cleans even when I change out the cleaning heads. Well I added pinesol to the water and mopped the entire floor (s) and they came so clean.  The water was very dirty so I know that this is the way to go.  SO happy I did this, as I have been very frustrated.  I just felt like I smeared dirt around.

Then after making a simple dinner of garden salads and brats which we can take the leftover brats on the road with us, I decided to tackle the ironing. We had run out of hangers, mostly because they go by by in the shop, so I had stopped to get more from the dry cleaners recycle.  I did 2.5 hours of ironing and went through a few of my clothes and got rid of a few things, pulled some things to take to Hub's mom and even mended a pair of my shorts that had a small rip.  I mended a sweater my sissie had sent me and I just did things to make my life easier and happier at home.

I FEEL GOOD ABOUT LEAVING. Which I did not before.  The house is relatively clean, the ironing is done and I AM COMING BACK to a clean shop.  I will be busy when I get back but I am prepared for that.

SO we are off and I want to stop and get a donut:)

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday, another chart!,Thrifty Thursday

 COMPLETED ANOTHER CHART, so I am onto #20. I have had two wedding dresses picked up making the shop much more pleasant. Also will have another large dress picked up Tuesday and then another was tried on yesterday and it fit perfectly so now I just have to finish it up and that is all hand work.

Hubs has agreed to come back from his folks late Sunday, so I won't lose another day of sewing.  When I explained to him that I had a minimum of two wedding dresses and at least 6 bridesmaid dresses due out for each of the next two weeks, besides all the piles, he realized that I just needed more shop time and more help.  

I loved what Practical Parsimony told me about her friend who made salt dough ornaments at Christmas.  She told her husband she could either do the dishes or make $150.00 worth of ornaments,what did he want her to do? Now my situation is different, but also the same in many ways.  I can only do what I can do, and Hubs needs to step up in some ways to allow me to do that. By the way he is much, much better than he used to be and I am very grateful.Yesterday he put Kelsa down for two one hour naps, changed all the diapers, and took her for a one hour walk in her stroller freeing up more time for me and less interruptions.

 After my melt down, I just looked at my list yesterday and got the things done I had to and then I said enough! I could do more sewing, but I am tired, the house is a mess and I am going to clean this shop and see if I can make myself feel better.  So I started out with reorganizing things and cleaning up the scraps from the floor and picking up all pins before vacuuming.  My Sissie bought me a wonderful Shark vacuum when mom died and I have taken loving care of it.  It has been the best vacuum I have ever had.  But a sewing shop is the hardest thing there is on a vacuum and even though I have kept it clean, and washed the filters and cleaned the brushes, it finally gave up the ghost yesterday as in the motor froze and gave out a puff of smoke.  It was about 3.5 years old.

So I took off last night and went to Wally world and got a new Shark.  I also picked up an o cedar mop bucket, as the steam mop leaves such bad streaks on this laminate floor, that I decided to go ahead and steam mop to remove germs and then mop over and see if it will dry better.  I also picked up three flats of cabbage flowers and small mums for the flower boxes that need to be switched out from spring flowers.  Like I have time for this, but I had a plan.

I came home with my new loot and put the vacuum together and it worked like a charm. WE also went and looked over two missionary apartments last night and I had two Elders, come over this morning and plant all those plants for me!  Hey they want dinner on fast Sunday they can plant flowers for me. SO THAT IS ALL DONE AND THEY LOOK GREAT!

My mess, and it gets to a point I can't function,so I stopped after I finished my list yesterday at about 5 o'clock, told Hubs to forage for dinner and I cleaned

See the clean floor, the wedding dress on the ironing board I will finish today sometime and also the drapes on the floor and few other things but that is it.  I am taking a much needed break, as I have been on a dead run for three days.

Doesn't this look better? It feels better too!

My door handle after three days of hubs fussing and stewing and dropping and losing and interrupting me for help.  Do you see a problem, besides the greasy fingerprints all over? He said it was fixed, and the first customer that used it the other side fell off in her hand.  I was done. Stillman came over after work last night and replaced it, bless his little heart.  He also helped me order a new part for the over head light that is not working and he will come and fix it when it comes in.  But I was trying to feed hubs ego.

SO Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my spare change in my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills now have. $2005.00 saved and $70.00 from last post I was paid with 5's alot this last week.

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved mney in two of my 100 envelope challenge

5. ate cucumbers, onions and tomatoes from garden.  

6. cooked from scratch most meals with foods from pantry and freezers

7. purchased loss leader cheese from grocery adds last week and then a slew of condiments, but they will last a long time.

8.  Used coupons at Joanns

9. down loaded receipts to fetch 

10. Had Hubs drive my car as it takes less gas than the truck

11. found the cheapest gas in town to fill up vehicles.

12. recorded a part off Amazon to fix a light rather than replace fixture.  Difference of over $60.00

13. cut all herbs and dried them for this winter.

14. Had a girlfriend give me a ton of sewing thread.  Great less I have to buy.

Today before I start sewing I am going to run a list of errands that I sorely need to do.  Just getting out of the house and driving around to do errands is helping me release some of the pent up stress I have been experiencing the last few days.

1. go to bank

2. take items I have de cluttered to St Vinnies

3. Go to dry cleaners and get used hangers for shop

4. Find some fall candles

 5. go check mum prices at Home Depot I still have mney on a gift card

6. Find some inexpensive fall garland just because I want some.

Then get my butt home to sew.

Thanks for all the impute on how you re leave stress, can you work well in a messy environment, or do you have a level where you just cease to function like I do?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday, frustrations abound

 Yesterday was a why day, Why am I frustrated?  Why do I feel like I GOT NOTHING DONE?  Why do I allow my stress emotions to take over?  When really there was no way I could get a lot done as I had way too many interruptions.  I had over 20 people in the shop and I had 3 bridal fittings which take time.  They have to get the dress on and then we discuss what needs to be further done and then they leave the dress for me to finish.  I did have one dress picked up and will have another picked up today, and they were both very hard dresses, and large as in ball gown style, so they will be out of the shop and  that will help with the stress level.

Anytime I can get larger items out I am happy about it.  I tried to work on items yesterday that were due out for the weekend.  I only have a jacket for a groom and a formal dress left for this weekend,anything else I get done is gravy so really I did just fine yesterday. I just need to calm down, I mean really Kim get a grip.

When I got up today I tried to get some things done around this very dirty house, just things like, picking up, and putting away.  Folding laundry and putting away, just a few things to make myself feel like my house is not going to fall down around me.

 Poor hubs has been so frustrated with the shop entrance.  The  door that leads to the bathroom clients use to try on actually fell off the frame.  As in the screws were so short they just let go and Hubs had to go to the hardware store and get much longer screws.  He fixed that.  The next day the light fixture that is in the laundry room that the clients pass through went belly up.  It strobes, off and on and will give you a seizure in no time, so clients enter in the dark.  We just found out from his cousin that the whole fixture must be replaced.  Then the door handle into the shop from outside fell off in my hand.  After two days of hubs messing with it and me having to tell clients I could not open the door come to the other one, He finally just took the dang thing off.  

Now I WANTED TO CALL Stillman our nephew to come fix said door, but hubs has his pride so I have put up with this nonsense for three days.  Finally I am allowed to contact Stillman who will now need to replace the light fixture also.  That entrance gets used way more than a normal entrance and everything is falling apart. I am waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Hubs and I have just laughed about it. But it has added to my frustration as I have had to go out the front door and around to get things out of the garage many times yesterday.  KIM HATES WASTING TIME! Especially when she is busy.

Complain, whine, go read another blog, I mean really why are you reading this diatribe? Please stop it will be better for your blood pressure, either you will pity me and keep me in prayer or you will be swearing at me and wanting to strangle me. I want to strangle me.

In the mean time I have already had two more bridesmaid dresses dropped off and a bride was in here for me to put a bustle on her dress. SO today's work load is as follows:

1. finish bridal dress for pick up today

2. call all clients for pick up on things done yesterday

3. alter a dress

4. alter grooms jacket

5. hem 4 pairs of slacks

These are the things that must be done.  However, I would like to in addition get these things done:

1. finish up another bridal dress

2. call bride for a fitting

3. hem a pair of jeans

4. hem a pair of jeans

5. hem 4 shirts

6. attack a pile of things and get done

I doubt very much that I will get all of this done, but I will try. Hubs is trying to be much less disruptive today, as he has come to the conclusion he can't fix the boo,boos on the house.

What do you do when you get frustrated with things when you are busy and you feel like you are getting nothing done?  How do you handle that stress? I mean if you work at any job you are going to have times when this happens. So how do you cope?


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Tuesday, September 14, 2021


 You know sometimes I feel like a factory worker.  But I know putting in the long days makes the rest of the days easier. I sewed most of the day until about 9:30 last night.  I got through my list of wedding dresses. I have one that called late last week for a short notice and of course said it was an easy job and every time they say that I know it won't be and it wasn't. They keep calling with changes and I keep telling them no! Finally I said, nicely, you said this was easy and it is not and I don't have time to make all the changes you want on short notice sorry!  GRRRRRRR!!!!

Anyway I had another client call and say she needed a dress for homecoming.  Crap homecoming. I forgot about that.  It is October 9th, I need to gear up for that.  Not as bad as prom season but it will add to the work load. Hopefully I will be rid of at least 4 wedding dresses in the next couple of days and that will be a relief.

I managed to make hub's a shrimp salad for dinner last night and I have enough leftover shrimp as I cooked the whole bag that I can make a shrimp pasta dish for this evening. SO dinner is sorted, now If I could just get a little cleaning done, but I can tell right now that is not going to happen. I am going to try and get all things due out for the weekend done today if possible.


1. finish hooks on bridal dress have a fitting

2. have a fitting, bridal

3. have a fitting bridal

4. call and set up fitting bridal

5. replace zipper on coveralls

6. go to Joanns for fabric to fix a dress

7. alter a skirt

8. double check shop for items due out this weekend there might be lurkers.

9. alter two formals for this weekend. got one done

10.try and clean up the shop a little as it is a nightmare

11. get hand work done on bridesmaid for pick up today

12. alter jacket

13. mend hunting pants

14. hem shorts

15. black pants waist and hem

16. alter men's jacket for wedding

 Okay yesterday was hard, but let's see what I can do today.  I really just need things picked up and out of here and then I will feel better about the situation.

We have the grandkids tonight as daughter is teaching, so I NEED TO GEAR UP FOR THAT.

I THINK Kim needs a different life.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


8 alter and men's suit coat

Monday, September 13, 2021

Monday, Kim sleeps:)

This was me, the cell is turned off and my glasses are beside me and my hair is off my neck and I am sleeping and smiling.  I came home from Church at 11:00, with Kelsa in tow.  I made pancakes and eggs, and daughter and the kids and Hubs and I had breakfast.  Then a cousin showed up from out of town and it was so nice to see him and catch up.  Then Lil sis's two daughters came over with their other halves and I fixed a bridesmaid dress for one of my nieces, and I also had a client pickup a dress.

It was a little hectic, but by 1:15 all were gone and I laid down.  I had not slept well Friday night for some reason, and then we had Kelsa Saturday night and although she slept, she is a constant wake up and put in the binky and bottle.  Daughter needed to catch up on her sleep as she had a rough week back to work and teaching and with the new COVID mandates by the state of Washington, Nate is working insane hours and constant called out on the highway when he should be sleeping. SO  as daughter was doing a catch up, I WAS NOT SLEEPING.

I slept until 4:30 then I got up for a minute and laid back down  and slept again until 7:30.  Hubs was worried that I would not be able to sleep last night, but I ate some leftover corn chowder, I had thrown together Saturday night after spending all afternoon at the pool just relaxing.  I was in bed by 9 and slept until 9:09 this morning.  That was a lot of sleep and I feel great and I need to as this is going to be the week from hell in the shop.

We have to go to southern Idaho this weekend, so I have to get my ducks in a row.  We also need to do the missionary run and I told Hubs to combine them on Friday and then we will continue on our way to his folks, rather than doing that 5 hour driving loop only to return home.  I really feel like this is a bad time for me to be taking off, considering the busyness of the shop, but needs must. Mom is having a hard time with dad.  I believe she is out of prepared meals and we just need to go even if it is a quick trip. Family down there are all involved in farming up to their necks

I CAN SAY A LOT OF NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT Idaho (especially the panhandle) politics, but our devotion to family and farm is second to none.Some  of the family is deep into potato harvest, and the cattle have to be brought down to winter pasture.  So the entire family down in the Twin Falls area (NOT MY DAUGHTER) took off to move cattle.  This means grandmas down to whoever can fit in a saddle.  We are talking young kids are out sometimes staying up all night to drive the cattle down. Because of COVID there is just not enough help, they start school early and are given a week or two off for potato harvest.  I am so proud of these kids and proud of the work ethic of this family. This is another reason Hubs and I are going down, anyone who could check on mom is tied up.  I do believe our daughter will bring over some meals and help me wile I am there.

So today I have two really hard wedding dresses to get ready for fittings.  I have many other dresses I want to get out this week. I was pleased with all the bridesmaid and mother of the brides that I got done last week but I still have about 5 more of those to do also,along with the piles.  I just have to be really organized which is not my strong suit.

Sissy, sent me a big box of lovely clothes almost all Talbots, and now I have to find places to put them and get rid of some of my things.  She is so generous. My ironing basket is taking over the world, but that shall be ignored.  I also did not do anything about my challenges this weekend and I am behind.  But that also will be ignored until I feel I have caught up on today's work.  SO here it is!

1. call all people who's stuff is done

2. get money envelopes filled.

3. get one wedding dress ready for a fitting

4. get another wedding dress ready for a fitting

5. finish another wedding dress 

6. get another wedding dress ready for a fitting

That is enough I think.  Let's see if Kim with lots and lots of sleep can get this done.

What does your week look like?  Does anyone want to come help me sew?  Anyone? Anyone?

Have a great and productive day sating positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Saturday, Sept 11th

 It started out as a beautiful day.  I had been rear ended the day before and I was still very sore, but I got the kids off to school and  took the car into the dealership to get and estimate on the damage.  I was sitting in the show room watching the TV and a plane flew into a building in New York and I thought it was a movie, then I realized it was the News.  Then another plane appeared and hit a building and I knew we were under attack.  I left immediately.

I remember driving home in a state of shock and fear. I dug out my husbands military papers as I knew this meant some kind of war and I wanted to make sure he could or would not be deployed.  He was a combat engineer/ surveyor and they are the first to go out to plan strategy and roads.  He had been DTY'd twice in our marraige for uprisings in Panama during the Noriega crisis.  I did not want him going again.  But I realized he was over his time limit and we were okay.

I remember the University calling me as I sat in shock waiting to go pick up the kids from school.  They told me to do whatever I wanted about classes that evening.  I thought about cancelling, but then I thought, NO!, if we shut down they have won.  I will hold classes and whoever comes, comes. I remember being surprised that all 25 of my students arrived.  Everyone felt that for the children it was better that life was normal.  As adults we were all walking around like zombies.

One of my youngest boys came in with treats for the class and he was crying.  When I talked to the mom it seemed that he had brought treats to school for his birthday and the teacher had not given them out and they had not sung happy birthday to him.  Everyone was in such a blur. HE was convinced at the ripe old age of 7 that his birthday was ruined and cursed for life.

I remember giving him a hug and telling him, that yes his birthday would be marked, but I was going to remember this day as a good day because he had been born on this day and it was a reason to rejoice.  I also told him I would never forget how important this day was to me as he had been born on it.  I have called him every year on his birthday.  Sometimes he was not home so I sang to an answering machine, when he was in college I embarrassed him with my phone calls. Now he is a father with three kids and I still call him and sing.

It was a very bad day, but we never gave up, I never gave up, and we still have important things to celebrate.  Great things, because we are a great country.  We will never forget and I will always celebrate the good.

I am off to enjoy the sun and the pool and maybe go out on the kayaks later.  TODAY I am going to celebrate the end of summer as next week will be hell!

Have some fun today, give your kids and extra hug, make someone happy, remember the good.


Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday, Crazy day

 Running with scissors here.  I have had so many drop offs and pick ups we are due over at lil sis's to start decorating for nieces party.  Of course I don't have the cake frosted yet and the dogs and kids are here.

Nate just went to get us lunch and then we are off. It is a zoo here and I am running behind can you believe that?

I sewed hard yesterday and actually got 7 dresses done but nothing on wedding dresses.  I will really have to put my nose to the grindstone next week.  Because I didn't do a damn thing this week....:)

We might have Oliver in the morning tomorrow, and Hubs wants to go huckleberry picking.  Have no idea how the weekend will turn out, but I just want to do anything else than sewing.  I am a little burned out with the long hours.

We took a keylime pie and a dozen eggs over to our friend that had to put their dog down. As they had no children he was the child.  We had a nice long visit and my friend ate two pieces of the pie.

 Then I came back home to finish up a couple of dresses. Now I am off like a prom dress.  My mother hated when we said that.

Any plans for the weekend? Anything fun?  Let me know becasue I may have to live vicariously through you.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while I am in the negative.


Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday

 Well my well laid plans did not go off like I had hoped. I was only able to sew one item yesterday, and I am not even charging for that item, so what a deal huh?

Kelsa kept us busy and I was just in constant motion, doing and doing. Mostly picking up, but can't think of anything I really accomplished.

Kelsa managed to hurt herself, by finding one of my stick pins and as I was taking it away from her she poked herself in the struggle, so that led to tears. Then she has learned how to open the bottom drawers in the kitchen, but also to close them on her fingers, and that brought tears.  Then she was playing with a toy and managed to flip it back into her mouth ( I was watching her) and that brought tears.  By the time mommy came she was a sleep on my chest exhausted from crying. It is just that age where they get hurt and you are constantly trying to protect them.

After daughter picked the kids up, Hubs and I went to get a few groceries.  I had to laugh as I was so sure that all I would be getting was the cheese that was .99 a bag and fresh veggies.  But when I checked the list of out of items on the fridge, I was shocked.  We needed, A1 sauce, used the last of it on Sunday. I used up the last of the Worcestershire sauce last night making the meatloaf.  I also used the last of the oatmeal.  We needed to get milk,and all of our salad dressings were down to the dregs. Replace a ketchup bottle I had pulled from storage, also needed to buy a can of Crisco, as the one we have is almost gone. Low on bread crumbs and tobbasco sauce was empty.  Like every condiment had to be replaced.  It was weird. So after filling those needs and the veggies the bill was $55.14.  Now I had a $70.00 budget but I though I would be spending about $20.00.  I also bought a couple of containers of cottage cheese as I am going to make a couple of lasagna's.

My nieces birthday is tomorrow, so we are all going over to decorate my Lil sis's house, while Lil sis has daughter and her hubby on a jet boat tour. It is a surprise party and my other niece from Oregon will be coming in for it.  These sisters have not seen each other in months. I am making the cake.

Our good friends had to put their dog down yesterday and they are devastated, as they should be.  They never had children so pets are everything to them.  I am going to make up a key lime pie and take over as it is their favorite treat.   So that means finding time to make a cake and a pie later today.I had better sew like the wind. I need to make up for lost time yesterday.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change

2. saved all my 5 dollar bills, Saved $55.00 from last post and total is $1925.00 several clients paid in 5's this week

3. saved a$1,$5,$10,$20 bill this week

4. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

5. put money in my save a penny for the day challenge I did the whole month and it was $79.something and put $80.00 in the can.

6. Stayed under my grocery budget

7. ate all meals at home except one that Lil sis paid for and I left the tip

8. used a coupon at Jo anns

9. used scraps from other bridal dresses to fix a dress

10. Used foods from pantry and freezers for most meals

 Really just the same old, same old.  But my frugal ways make a difference.  They have gotten me out of seriuos debt and continue to bless my life in numerous ways.

What have you done this last week to save money or to be frugal?

Today's list:

1. alter plum mother of the bride

2. hem bridesmaid dress

3. hem bridesmaid dress

4. hem bridesmaid dress

5. alter mother of the bride dress

6. hem bridesmaid dress

7.hem bridesmaid dress

8. rip a wedding dress and start to alter

9. alter a wedding dress for appointment


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Wednesday, Kim worked hard and another chart!

 Completed chart 18 yesterday but still cannot update my side bars.  Anyone know how this new blogger intended you to do that?

I sewed hard yesterday, into the evening, but was determined to get the  piles done.  I went through the shop and did some clean up and I feel alot better about where I am right now.

Kelsa came in last night and is with us until this evening after daughter gets done with teaching.  She will have a 12 hour day between her hygiene job and dance. 

Hubs is getting up early to open the church for high school seminary, and he had to direct music at a funeral yesterday.  He was a busy man yesterday along with me.

I need to make phone calls in the shop for people to pick up today,and get quite a few dresses altered.  I have the piles under control which makes me so happy.

On my declutter and cleaning challenge I was able to get more things cleaned out in the kitchen. I have now decluttered 76 items, so I am more than keeping up right now. I have almost enough for 12 days of the challenge and I am not nearly done with cupboards or drawers in the kitchen.  This challenge may have to go on for more than one month.

The infamous tupperware cupboard.  We all have one.

I do not like things on my counters, especially appliances so the toaster is stored down in this cupboard.

Kelsa helped with this cleaning process, by playing with all the extra lids I was getting rid of and by generally being in the way. By the way not getting rid of the baby.

The final product, much nicer.  I have two lazy susan corner cupboards, they can hold a lot of stuff.  I went through the one side and found a blender I never have used, I have an immersion blender that works great, so that is going. The cupboard was a mess with things stuck behind it and I organized to have the things I use almost weekly or daily on top and the things i don't use as often but still want on the bottom.

The mess that came out of the corner cupboard, it is a much better system now that I have cleaned and organized.

I also cleaned out the pan cupboard and got rid of two pans that I never use.  Also a large lid that did not match anything.

Just don't use these and haven't for a year so off they go.Someone can use them, they are great pans.

Very little in the sales adds today.  I will be getting sliced cheese for .99 cents a package, which is really, really good.  You are limited to 3 but it is a coupon so you could go multiple times.  I will go twice, other than that nothing I will buy but milk, and fresh lettuce and veggies. They do have a cereal sale, but other than keeping a box for the grand kids we just don't use it.  I am so grateful hubs stopped eating cereal it really helped our food bill to go down.

I am anxious to get through my pantries and see what is terribly out of date and what needs to be used up soon. I put out ground beef to make meatloaf for dinner along with baked potatoes and a veggie.  We are out of salad fixings and will have to make a trip to the store sometime soon.

Well I had better get to work.  Need to fill cash envelopes and get into the shop and get something done.

Are any of you getting rid of clutter with me? Are you trying to do a little fall clean up in your house? Believe me it will make you happy.

Well I am off to the salt mines.

1. call clients for pick up

2. fill money envelopes

3. pennies for the day for September

4. Sew

These are my priorities right now.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.