Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tuesday, Labor day and fun!

 Well I skipped posting on labor day, as I knew I had to sew in order to keep up with the shop, and I so wanted to get out on the river.  It was 94 yesterday and as soon as I had completed a said list of items and had many people drop off, Hubs and I took off for the river with the kayaks, and spent a lovely two hours.  Then we ran to Lil sis's for a dip in the pool.

My niece is here visiting  Lil sis and she is such a sweet person and so is her husband.  It is nice to see them. Then we came home and I ripped things for today.  I am very busy in the shop and I hope to kick out some major work today.

The phone has rung off the hook, with 9 phone calls to return before 10 a.m.  I actually asked a bride to wait two weeks before bringing in her dress as she is getting married Nov. 2nd. I already have 10 wedding dresses in here and I don't need the extra stress.  Also I have 10 bridesmaid/mother of the bride dresses in the shop. My goal today is to get rid of the piles, and then concentrate on dresses.

I had the missionaries, pull down the huge/heavy box of fall decor and I have no idea when I will be able to tackle that.  But probably not this week. I am ahead of the game on tossing/decluttering, and cleaning drawers and cupboards.  But I will continue.  I LOVE TO DECORATE FOR THE SEASONS.   My mother always did and it does bring me joy, plus SCHMILLS LOVES IT.

SO today:

1. finish altering karate ghee ( is that the correct spelling or is that a kind of butter?)

2. hem two pairs of jeans

3. replace  a zipper

4. alter three sets of cheerleader uniforms

5. finish a wedding dress

6. alter a formal dress

8. get another pile done

9. mend outdoor clothing and replace a zipper

10. straighten shop and organize work in the shop

11. alter blue bridesmaid dress (I got it ripped)

That is enough and I will be lucky to get this done as I have many more people stopping by today to drop off.  I am blessed with work.

Have a no idea what I am making for dinner, I guess I had better figure that out.

We will have the babies tomorrow, so I had better make hay while the sun shines.

What are you guys going to get done today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Wow Kim, you are so busy! It’s great that you were able to get on the river with the kayaks no swim in your sisters pool.

  2. I think you need someone to man the phones and do intake on sewing! That seems like a fulltime job! I went to the doctor, had a good visit, stopped at The Pig, and went to Publix. Now, I need to bake sweeet potatoes, cook sausage to freeze, and heat meatloaf and green beans to eat with sweet potatoes.

    I wish that long time ago, I had just altered wedding dresses!

    1. It is so much work and sometimes I get a little tired of it. But each piece that I finish I am happy about, I like to finish things.

  3. You are up to your eyeballs with work again. Glad you had at least a little fun on Labor Day. WE had plans but the weather had other plans for us. No one likes to wander around outside in the downpours.

    1. Anne I am, I was able to take stock last night after a long day and I was doing a little clean up and after i looked through things, I realized it was not as bad as I thought. Still bad.