Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday, Thrifty Thursday, shortcuts!

 I think this is Ketchikan but I might be wrong. We dressed in layers, and then it was sunny. Please all of you ignore Sluggy's post about slide fails. I was badgered into the terrible scary slide by all three of them.  I mean they never let up.  I WAS MOST SCARED OF THE 16 FOOT DROP ALMOST STRAIGHT DOWN. Also I was afraid that I would have an accident on the drop and as I slid by the clear tubes I would leave a trail and have to go back and clean up.  Okay too much info.  There is a scale you have to stand on if you are in the red, you don't weigh enough to keep the momentum going, if you are into the green you can go.  Well I was just over to the green and I did make it.  Although I was slow and I did think I was going to die!

Hey thanks for all the support and comments, they mean alot.  I know most of my angst is from just coming back from vacation.  Also we are freezing the grape juice which is so good.  I have never done grapes and we don't have to add any sugar at all. This will make the job a lot less time consuming. Crap is my spell check on the fritz again?

Also remember the little icon you hit to update your sidebars on the blog?  Where is it?  I can't update anything.  Frustration.

Kim is sewing today, Kim is sewing today, Kim is sewing today.  Trying to get my mind set, it is having trouble.

House is a dirty pig stye, ignore,ignore,ignore. Having problems ignoring and staying on task, Work in progress.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change in pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills saved $55.00 from last post or a total of $1870.00

3. did not save a $1,$5,$10,$20 this week

4. did not save in my envelopes 

5. made apples sauce from free apples

6. made grape juice from our grapes

7. found a total of .86 cents between last week and this.

8. cooked from scratch, and used foods we had on hand

Not a great week, but I am still in not back from vacation mode and need to get my head back in the game and hopefully catch up!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Kim is sewing today!



  1. Heck it takes time to get back into the swing of things. You got this.

  2. Our family all cal it “the post vacation depression”. And it’s true! Takes awhile. I’m in the post vacation/daughters wedding depression! Ugh

    1. OOh honey, I married three daughters and it took me weeks to recover. You got this.

  3. There is no way anyone could have badgered me into going onto that slide! You were not brave, just The worst thing about coming back from vacation was laundry and getting the kids to calm down. They could take a nap, but I had to keep going. You are not using sugar in the grape juice? That's nice.

    You can sew in a dirty house. Ask me how I know. I loved shutting the door on the mess of the sewing room, too. Just sew.

    1. Hey I am with you, I can shut that door and shut out the house.

  4. I think you did very well. I am amazed each week at how much you manage to save.

    God bless.

  5. We were there last week too! You know what paid for our trip? Thrift!

    1. Boy do I know that and it is empowering, let me tell you. I kept telling myself, my savings did this.

  6. Thanks for the laugh! I can just picture someone having to clean up the tube.
    Great picture, and I'm so glad the weather was nice for your trip.

    1. Yeah it would have been me with bleach and a scrub brush.

  7. I talked to Hubby about this. He gets questioned a lot of why we "put up" like we do. which was on your other post. First one being would it's better for our health.

    When my kids started questioning me over it I asked "how many times do I give you food?" I can do that because I put up food. How many times have I handed you money? I can do that because I put up food. How many times have we hit hard times (like a truck needing $5000 in brake repairs) but I can still put food on the table and not wonder how to feed us this week/month when there was no money to go to the store. I consider my "putting up" food the same as babysitting the grandkids when they were "I'm sick. I'm exhausted due to Baby sick, teething, nights and day mixed up etc. amongst others. We always suggested parents work different shifts like we did even when the kids were in high school. Saved a ton on babysitters and day care that way also.
    I was ADD.. as being self employed for over 40 yrs I strongly suggest you set times and don't bend to the I can't do that crowd. Make wise choices of NOT DOING IT ALL. I got up at 4 am, made bread and did a load in the canner during the harvest season. before I went to work in home or out of home. I made it clear I was not available for babysitting during those hours. I also did not do canning when I had a full load of work.

    1. Well I just paid for a wonderful trip with my frugal ways. I am able to give and do things because I save little bits here and there. My problem is my kids don't really need my money just my time.

    2. WELL I just paid for a fabulous trip with my money saving ways. So I totally agree.

  8. Hell would have frozen over before I agreed to get inside a tube. Claustrophobia is my constant companion.

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