Monday, May 31, 2021

Monday, Happy Memorial Day!

 Let us not forget the sacrifice so many have made for our freedoms.  This is a special day for our nation. SO many of my uncles served in the military and so did Hubs. Lost a couple of Uncles in the second world war, and our family was changed forever.

It is crazy busy here and I am alone in the house as Hubs and eldest went up to daughter #2's this morning.  I wanted to stay home and just catch up on laundry and blog.  I actually needed some peace and quiet. The boys stayed up with Schmills last night so we came home to peace and quiet, but I was not feeling well.  I chalked it up to just over working last week and trying to get things done before the kids came and then the general running with the kids and lack of sleep. But I figured out this morning it was a medication mixup.  I have to take these arthritis drugs at particular times.  When I get busy or the schedule it chaos I forget and the side affects are grueling.  It doesn't happen very often but when it does it is not good. These meds are designed for release over a 24 hour period and without one of them I can get very sick very quickly. But I am feeling a little better now.  Last night and this morning were not fun, which is why I am glad to be alone and recovering.

We are actually going out to eat in Moscow this evening.  D#3 gets off work at 3 and we are all going to meet up there at a restaurant that is outdoors with a play area for the boys.  I have been doing laundry all morning and the last load is in the dryer. I also needed a bath and a hair wash.  Getting an empty shower has been hard around here. And let me tell you the silence is golden.

Sunday as I was cooking a big breakfast for the crew

I made a huge batch of home made biscuts and a pan of sausage gravy and we had hash browns.  There were leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast.  I also cooked up a big pot roast and two pies which were easy as all the prep work was done.

I had frozen pie crusts that I had made earlier. I usually  do 8 at a time with my bosch mixer (that does all the work) then I freeze so all I have to do is pull out the number of crusts I need. I also had apples sliced and frozen in pie portions and blueberries so it was just a matter of throwing the pies together in the oven with the roast.

We took dinner up to D#2's and all ate well and then had a fire pit and also had smores for the kids.

There is left over pie here but it will not go to waste.

Yum blueberry, wish Slugs husband was here as he loves blueberries.  This will be gone by tonight I am sure.

Hubs favorite is dutch apple and I am sure he will see that this is finished soon. Well the last load in the dryer just went off, so I am going to put my face on and then go do a little shopping by myself and meet the kids and hubs!

Have a great Memorial day everyone.  Anything exciting happening around your places?


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Saturday, Lots going on here! Paid off the car!

Kelsa Kayanne playing money.

 Well things have been hopping here since the kids arrived about noon yesterday.  I was just finishing up paying the bills and by the way I got the car paid off so no more car debt.  We took out a 4 year loan at 0 percent in June of 2018 and paid it off one year and a month early.  SO other than the house I just have one more debt to pay off and I may have enough for that, just don't have time to figure it out today.

 D#2 called us as soon as D#1 arrived and asked us to come up to Union town and get her two as she was watching Oliver and needed to take a shower and had to be at a theater at 3 p.m.  Her dance recital is this weekend so both she and Hubs are really busy.

  We ran up and got them and I rushed home to fix that costume I had forgotten about.  We took clothes for Schmills and Kelsa to spend the night here so D#2 could just go home late and then get back to the theater without worrying about kids.

James and Schmills who are a month a part are very busy and they can make a mess faster than any two I have ever seen.  I have loaded my dish washer twice in 24 hours. We have also done several loads of laundry as Kelsa decimated our bed last night. Both Schmills and James were in trouble for being destructive something they would never do at home but get them together and Nelly bar the door!.  D#2 stopped by late last night and I just knew she would have an armful of costumes to fix and she did not disappoint.

I had to pancake a tutu  and move buttons and take in a costume and tailor tack a fringe. There is a show at 1 today and at 7.  We will go to the 7 p.m. show.  Hubs will work the afternoon show and then be home this evening.

I made homemade french toast and bacon for breakfast and we are having leftover pizza for lunch. Have no idea what we are having for dinner, but have tomorrow's meals planned so I had better get working on that.

I am telling you it has been none stop cleaning here, these kids just explode with dirt and crap.  I know our youngest is getting a hotel tonight  with a pool so we will have somewhere to keep these boys entertained.  With only have one spare room I cannot take on the whole family anymore. But we have lots of options.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday, company coming!

 Well I completed another chart yesterday.  They are coming on fast and furious as the shop is busy and I have not bought any real loss leaders at the grocer.  The pantry and freezers are full, full.  Saves money.

I also was able to get all the sewing done by about 5 p.m. last night, so I don't have to worry over the long weekend.

There was so much I wanted to and I did what I could.  The house is clean except for the kitchen, but I left that for last as I want to make some cookies and I figured I could clean as I go.

I also need to pay all next months bills. Several are due around the first and with family here I will probably forget. So I am going to do that right after I do this blog post.

I did not have any problem loading pictures today.

Finally got this picture of the snake down loaded.  I wonder what he ate?  I see the big lump in his belly.  He was not large, but  these are harder to see, so more dangerous. Just creepy.

This was a really busy week in the shop, and I started my usual worry about trying to get all things done and perfect and I am trying to take Cheryl's advice and slow down. Things will be there tomorrow.  I can't do it all and to just take a more relaxed approach to my lists and not let them become worries.  The worry does no good.

 These flowers boxes last year were so beautiful when they grew out.  I am hoping for the same results this year.  I just love gardening and working outside.  I wish I could get more outside time in, but too many weddings.  Well I am going to pay bills and get the kitchen cleaned.  

Do you have any plans for the weekend?  Will you take flowers to the cemetery? I have girlfriends that will go put things on Franka's grave and on mom and dads.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.

Oops forgot a dance costume that is due for a recital today, better go get that done.  It is always something.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday, first rattelsnake, Thrifty Thursday

Okay I think I am going to have to switch internet companies as the one I have will not come up to speed fast enough to download a picture.  It just sends an error message. One more frustration I have to deal with.  It used to be photos now it is anything I down load to paste.  

Well just found out that the problem is with blogger, so I will go ahead without photos.   Is anyone else having problems? I just don't have the time to waste fiddling around with a blog when I have so much work to do.

We killed our first rattlesnake of the season and I wanted to show you a picture.  Even with the snake cut into pieces, all those parts moved independently for over 20 minutes, which was so creepy.  To see that head thrashing around off it's body 10 minutes after you thought you killed it.  This is why you don't ever pick up a dead rattlesnake at least you don't pick up it's head. I am shivering writing this.  It was a two year old by the rattles on it's tail. Schmills had to have his parents bring him down to see it.  He will have a tale to tell in school today.

I was able to get my flowers boxes fertilized and put up on the back deck and I would love to show you pictures but that is not happening.  Also Son in Law came down last night and hung a few things on the deck for me.  So grateful for his help. We kept Kelsa for a few hours and she was a joy until she fell off the bed under Hubs watch. Boy was she mad and boy was grandma mad.

Yesterday I had three brides in a row and I tried to give the mother of a bride the wrong dress.  They looked so much alike and with all those hung in the shop and not in their bags I got them mixed up. People need to pick up their dresses.  I am going to have to get strict about this.  After I take the time to steam a dress I don't want it crushed back in the bag, I want it tried on and then tell the bride to take it right home and hang it out somewhere, where it can't be bothered. If they leave it in the bag crushed I charge again for steaming.

On a good note the only thing I have left this week is to complete a bridesmaid dress alteration, which I have started and to finish up a wedding dress that I have started. Hopefully I can get those done in the next few hours and then I can attack this house.

I did set a nail appointment at 5:45, as I haven't had them done since before I left for Sissie's. I also need to go get groceries and I want to do some baking.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Saved all my change in my pig bank which is getting very heavy

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 dollar bills week 21

3. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

4. Cooked all meals from scratch except one.

5. I was able to get pillow forms for the back yard from Lil sis rather than buy.

6. picked up flower pots at second hand store and repainted.

7. went to Lil sis's for spray paint as I knew she had a load of it.

8. ate fresh asparagus all week that was given to us, still have enough for two more meals.

9. I was able to pull stuff out of my stash to fix and item, and then could charge for it.

10. I was able to get several free items from the Albertsons game.  Things I would not normally buy, but free is free. We will eat and use them.

     Well I am going to get to work and wouldn't it be lovely if tomorrow all I have to report is that I need to sit down and pay bills before the kids arrive about noon?

Are any of you getting ready for this memorial day weekend?  What are you doing?


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday, It finally rained!

 Well I bribed hubs with french toast for lunch ( he doesn't get much bread) if he would please go out and spray the weeds.  It is a heavy long job as we have almost an acre.  He was so pleased with lunch and then..... 1.5 hours after he finished spraying we had a rain storm that was not forecast.  It has been cloudy and it looked like rain for days but no rain and we so desperately need it.  The farmers are panicking and the fire season is upon us early.

So now we don't know if the spray worked as you are not supposed to water for two hours after it is applied. I told hubs to wait a few days and see if any of it takes and maybe we get lucky.  But we both were sure happy about the rain regardless. Although it ruined any outside work I planned on getting done.

All I did yesterday was a sew on wedding dresses.  I had 4 steamed and ready to go in the shop and you cannot move in there.  One was picked up yesterday and two more are due out today, freeing up some space.  I started on the piles of pants, but gave up late in the day as my back just could not take it anymore.

So today, it is the piles and only one wedding dress that will have a lot of hand work which I can do tonight. But first thing today while the sun shines for a while I am going out to get the flower boxes done and fertilized. Then I will hit the sewing room.  I don't trust the weather and we are supposed to get more rain in the next few days.

Our eldest and her two boys are due in on Friday for a long weekend.  I want to be as caught up as I can so I don't have to worry about the shop while they are here. Yesterday daughter brought Kelsa down while her and her hubby went on errands. They both had a car as daughter was getting her oil changed. So Kelsa arrives at about 1 p.m. and she is so stinking cute.  I have to make myself go into the shop and Hubs cares for her.  Daughter returns from her errands and is sitting on the sofa getting Kelsa ready to go, and she suddenly pops up and tells me she forgot something in the bedroom.  I asked what, and she said a NAP!

So hubs has Kelsa who scooted all over the house and played and played.  Finally hubs has to leave for the High school and I am making dinner and Kelsa collapses in his arms and goes into a deep sleep.  So that little bugger was up from early morning until 5 p.m. just playing and chortling. No wonder daughter is exhausted. I moved her into bedroom next to daughter and they both slept until almost 7 p.m.  Daughter had told her husband she was helping me.  Yeah she sure was.  I laughed at her as she left to drive up the hill.  I told her "Thanks for the help!" Kelsa is a handful and does not nap, but at least she is happy.

DO any of you remember those days of young motherhood and how tired you were?  I sure do.

Well I am off to get that fertilizing done and then I am going to chain myself to the sewing machine.  No rest for the wicked.

Butter is on sale for $1.77 limit two and diet coke is also on a good sale, so other that snacks for the boys that is all I am buying for groceries.  Oh yes and brats, are also on sale.  I really need to make a couple of batch's of cookies.  Add that to the list.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Tuesday,Solving problems


Here is my very sloppy list as I took my inspiration from "If you do stuff, stuff gets done"  But her lists are all pretty with stamps and she does not write like a first grader.  Sorry arthritis just does not allow me to have good hand writing.  Okay who are we kidding I never did have good handwriting and arthritis has only made it worse.

As you will see if you read because I know you are all so interested.... Dusting is a main thing here.  The family joke has always been that Sissie came out of the womb backwards saying, "Me first, me first", and left me to clean up the mess.  I emerged with a dust rag and said, "Where can I help you Mummy?"  But I think growing up as the head duster has left me just hating to dust now, so we will see.

I did get a few more things done on this lists but not many, most of my time was spent in the shop and then out back doing more yard work. Hubs mowed and replanted the garden things. I got more spray painting done and now have to finish planting.  I hope to be able to miricle grow all the boxes this evening if the weather co operates.  It is still overcast, but no rain to speak of. Hubs is now out spraying weeds with his home made natural concoction of something involving dish soap.  Hope it works. I promised him french toast for lunch if he sprayed.

I txted HUD's cousin's wife yesterday about my inability to download and the little sweetheart came over on her errands and we figured out how to circumvent the problem.  She thinks it is my Apple phone causing the problems.  So I was grateful to get that glitch taken care of for now.  One less problem to aggravate me.

Then I thoroughly cleaned the shop and organized all the wedding dresses in order and of course I had a bride for July call and insist on getting her dress this week, even though there are at least 8 June brides waiting.  But I have learned the hard way if you have a bride clamoring just give her, her way it is less hassle.  If you expects them to wait they start to imagine all sorts of calamities. 

So I am very happy to say that having a clean shop really motivated me to get some wedding dresses done.  I am about to finish up my second for the week and start on my third today, along with the piles.

List for today:

1. spray all boxes with fertilizer

2. whats is for dinner?

3.get all trash cans emptied, why is this just so difficult? 

4. finish planting in backyard

5. hang things on deck once fertilized

6. finish hemming a steaming wedding dress

7. start another wedding dress by hemming the under skirts and pulling the hoarse hair braid off top

8. put zipper in a pair of shorts

9. put a zipper in a pair of pants

10. hem 5 pairs of jeans and two pairs of pjs.

11. hem two pairs of jeans

12. rip a bridesmaid dress

13. start another wedding dress, just a hem and steam

Boy do I have so much to do. Better get to work.

Am I going to get even half this list done? Likely not, but I will try.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday, I can only blame myself...

 I had a weekend to get things done that needed to be done, but did I use it to do those things?   No. I can't say I wasted my time, but I certainly could have used it more wisely.  And then again maybe not?

Now here it is Monday the shop is full and a wreck.  I have already had several phone calls and people here.  My desperate attempt on keeping up the piles and the small stuff did not work on Friday.  So I am once again going to attack the piles.

I am having trouble getting my phone to import pictures.  Don't know why, don't have time to mess with it.  Will have to call Hub's nephew to help me ,  Don't have time to do that either. 

I did get a few things done yesterday that have been bothering me. Like switched the summer shoes and winter shoes in the closet and cleaned it.  Put away storage boxes in the garage that were in the house. Found a place to store linens but have not switched crap out that belongs in the deck storage but maybe I can get to that later today. We will see.

I have way too much asparagus that was given to me and we will be eating that everyday this week. Just pulled pork chops out of the freezer for dinner.  Lil sis is to be home tonight so I don't have to water and feed the cats.

The deer have eaten down all the cabbages and the cucumbers I grew from seed are just not growing right,  So we ran to a garden center this morning for those.  If these cabbages are eaten we will just be able to grow them here.

Well my day is going to be full and I need to get busy.

Things to do:

1. get savings envelopes stuffed crap to goodwill I have not been able to sell.

3.take meat out for dinner

4. hem 6 shirts

5.clean and organize shop

6.get outdoor things in outdoor storage and put away linens

7. empty all the small trash cans in the house

8. fill  extra toilet paper holders in bathrooms after restock from garage

9. figure out what is next in shop and do it likely wedding dresses.

10. put flower boxes up on back deck

11. just get something done!!!!!!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed on Mondays?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sunday, tired, playing grandma, messy house

 This is how I feel right now, but I would substitute grandchildren.  They come with so much stuff. Diapers in two sizes, bibs, burp clothes, lots of blankets, toys, a jumper and high chair an eating chair, don't even get me started on the garage.

Are they worth it?  Of course, bring on the mess, but when does grandma have time to clean up the mess? Well she doesn't.  Kelsa is here and I am going to take a nap.  I hope after her mommy picks her up this grandma will have the energy to clean this house so she can face the week.

Growing up in a very cluttered, and I am sorry dirty house, I am paranoid about letting my place get too bad.  I know I tried once I was in high school to help my mother as much as a could but it was a losing battle.  I don't want to live that way and it is getting there I am afraid.  Every room needs love and the floors are a wreck.

But I am sorry a nap is far more imprint to me right now.  Te Sabbath is a day of rest and I am taking that literally.

Do any of you have a thresh hold that you just don't want to pass when it comes to a dirty house?

Have a reastful and peaceful Sabbath.


Saturday, May 22, 2021

Saturday, To the Temple

 Running up to Spokane to attend a session at the Temple with one of my old dance students who is leaving on a mission for our church.  I was going to drive myself the 2.5 hours and then home, but there are so many deer on the road that I am afraid of hitting one. So I am opting to go up with her family but they are leaving 2.5 hours earlier than I to do some shopping.

So many things I could get done in that 2.5 hours, but then again the thought of wiping my car out with a deer, which I have done before is a deterrent. So I am off early today and will not get the things done that I planned.  Oh well.

Did get to the piles of sewing yesterday and was pretty happy about it but then 11 more pairs of pants came into hem so that scorched catching up. I am blessed with work.

Have a great Saturday, what you guys doing?  Some are going to estate sales and some are having lunch with friends.  Wish I could join you!


Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday, Another chart, and clean up


I can't get my pictures to download today, probably because of my really slow internet, so just imagine that this chart is a finished #7 and I am onto #8, okay?

I pulled about 20 yards of lace off those bridal trains last night as I relaxed and watched some TV. I was able to get that bridal dress done and another bridesmaid dress, also got a couple of bridesmaid dresses cut to knee length ready for a second try on.

Today I am going to do a few piles to have them ready for Monday and then give the shop a thorough cleaning. It is beyond a mess right now and so full that the mess makes it worse.

I do not have to go and relieve hubs today at Oliver's so I have more time to get my piles done that have been bothering me.  Hubs and I are going out to our favorite Mexican place tonight and without a coupon or gift card.  Don't die of shock.

I picked up more outdoor fabric to make a few more pillows and cushions for outside.  I had hubs reinforce all the old teak chairs we had and now I have another place for people to sit.  I also was able to score two blue metal side tables from daughter that she was not using outside as her place is so much smaller.  I had been looking for some and when I saw these in her garage she gave them to me.  I also needed to buy pillow forms and I went to Lil sis's last night and asked her if she had any she was not using. She went from a 4 bedroom house to a two so I thought she might have a few stuck away and she did.  So I was able to get three small pillow forms to recover for outside and I did not have to spend any money!  Hurrah!

Lil sis went to the Oregon coast for the next 4 days so I will be going over to water and feed the cats. It is cold and somewhat rainy here with no real rain.  I hope that don't freeze to death over there as they will have about the same weather but also wind.

I want to get the scare crow  made and up this weekend and also get the new cushions done, but I have to make a quick trip to Spokane tomorrow.

What are you plans for today? DO you have any plans for the weekend?  Do you ever go shop your families leftovers to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thursday, Great gift, Thrifty Thursday

     One of my clients, who is in her 90's used to make wedding cakes. She had these wedding trains to display her cakes on at trade shows.  She gave them to me and they have yards and yards of good lace.  SO I will pick this lace off and save it. I can do this in the evening when I watch junk TV.  Lace like this can be upwards of $45.00 a yard.  I am constantly using lace to lengthen straps and dresses and to cover where I have to make dresses larger. First of all you can't buy this here and then if you order you may not get it .I was so excited when she told me she had these.

Yesterday was crazy busy.  There was constantly someone in the shop.  SOMETIMES THEY WERE THREE DEEP. It is hard for me to stay focused when I have so many clients coming in.  I get less done and then I get distracted.  The ADHD comes out full tilt. It is frustrating. By the time 5 o'clock rolled around I still was not done with several suits I had to alter and the kids were here as daughter had to teach.  I had put a roast in the oven with potatoes and carrots so we all had dinner.

After son in law picked up kids,I had to go to Jo anns, as the wedding dress I thought I would get done yesterday, had not been touched and I needed material for her lace up back, that I did not have. It was about 7 when I left the house and I planned on making a quick trip to Lil sis's but I was so tired when I left Jo anns I did not go. As I came in the house Hubs asked if I was alright?  He is not very observant so I must have looked very tired. I told him I just felt so rung out and exhausted. Then he said, "Well you have had non stop clients here all day, I did not think they were ever going to stop coming." I still had 4 pair of cuffed pants to tailor tack and a coat to reattach lining. I finished those off and went to bed.  It was a very long day.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change for my pig bank

2. saved all my $5 bills now have $1035.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill

4. saved money in two of my 100 envelope money challenge.

5. used coupons at Jo anns when I went

6. cooked all meals from scratch with things in the pantries and freezers.  One meal we ate out I used a coupon and a gift card.

7. continued to find flower pots on sale, or use ones Lil sis had given me.

8. picked up many free items from Albertsons monopoly game.

9. reprieved (?) rescued? several perishable items from a food bank that was going to throw them away in order to make room for the next delivery.

10.found .67 cents in change

11.turned on air conditioner when it hit over 90 here, but turned it off at night

12. had hubs look in our misc. nuts and bolts holder for things he needed to attach a mirror to our driveway, saving him a trip to the hardware store.

13. made hubs go and look thoroughly through the shed for tree spray I knew we had and we found it, as he was going to buy more

14. searched on our gas buddy app for the cheapest place to fill up with gas.

I have already had a wedding dress and a brides maid dress in this morning. So my plan for today is to get the wedding dress I had wanted to get done yesterday done and then patch some pants and hem another bridesmaid dress and shorted and couple pairs of pants.  It would be nice to start on another wedding dress but I may not have the time.  I just hope I don't have so many int eruptions today.  Interruptions mean more work, but I also need to get things done. I am blessed with work.

What have you done to save money this week? Anything unusual?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wednesday, Nose to the grind stone day

 This is what humidity does to my hair.  Well humidity and wind. It is my Babba Yagga  look.  Slugs and Sissie could not take me anywhere. This might have been after I pried a penny out of the tar in the Mc Donald's drive through. But I was trying to win the change finding contest and I am a winner!!!!!! Slugs and Sissie are in the front seats discussing whether or not I should be allowed on the next trip.

On our way to the beach house we stopped at a nice little restaurant.  Slugs had the two for one margarita special and Sissie had some wine, so I drove the rest of the way.  Slugs is a light weight and does not imbibe much, so she could not feel her legs in this picture.  Boy did we have a lot of laughs. Absolutely love this woman she is like a second twin.  Oh my he!! there are now three of us.  Run, run far and fast.

Yesterday I altered 11 pair of missionary pants for three different boys.  That is all I got done as I spent the afternoon with daughter and kids.  So I had to come home and sew some in the evening in order to get the pants done.  But now all my pro bono work is done for a while. Now I need to work for money.

Daughter and I went to the food bank late in the day. I too was shocked by the amount of food that was available and what would be trashed. I talked to the women about maybe having less brought in, but they then said that certain times of the year there is not enough for the need and if they ask for less it will be harder to get more.  With the government paying extra unemployment people are not using this resource as much. Both daughter and I took a few things that would definitely go bad. They had legumes which are always free in this part of the country.  Yellow, green split peas, garbanzos, and navy beans are grown on the Polouse  and are basically given away. It was an eye opening experience.

Food banks that are given government commodities are are not allowed to take products to other agencies. My Lil sis has a food bank at her work and she was told she could not take left over food that would go bad to another food bank.  Well she does it anyway as she will not see the food go bad. She figures forgiveness is easier to get than permission.

What would you do in a situation where you knew food was getting thrown away? This is a hard one for me.

Well today it is about 60 degrees so I will not be tempted to be outside and I have a boat load of clients due to come in.

Work for today:

1. hem pants and two dresses

2. hem and steam bridesmaid dress

3. alter blouse

4. mend/patch jeans

5. Start wedding dress, hem,put in lace up back and shorten straps

6. alter suits coat and put cuffs in 4 pairs of suit pants.

Okay that is enough.  I do need to get to Jo anns some time today, but I have people coming until after 5.

Well I am off to get some things done I hope.  We are having stew for dinner.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while I am in the negative.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday,Pumping out the work

 Here is one of my favorite planters.  I have it in the front where it gets both sun and shade.  I still need to plant a few more pots, but must find them first. I am too cheap to buy at full price.

I had a young woman call this morning that had agreed to hem a three layer bridesmaid dress for a friend. Although she sews she was over whelmed with fear and I don't blame her.  Chiffon fabric is a bear and even experienced people don't like it.  I had her come over and coached her through cutting and serging and how to hem and press. It was obvious she knows how to sew. But she left so happy and ready to take on the project. I am always happy to pass on skills and help people learn this trade.  Their needs to be more of us.

We hung an owl above our garden to keep out the small rodents and we are working on a scarecrow to put out to scare the deer.

I have at least 10 pairs of missionary pants to get lengthened or taken in or out.  These boys grow and their weight changes. I want to get these done today.  But I am going up to D#2's this afternoon while she has a doctor visit to watch the baby and then we are going to that food bank they have once a month later in the day.  I just want to see what they will be throwing away and will take what I can to use and distribute here through other resources. But I don't want to take from those who could use it, that would be wrong.

I will probably have to sew this evening.  The weather dropped 30 degrees from yesterday.  It was 92 yesterday afternoon and it is 62 today.  But that is okay getting that hot this early does not bode well for our fire season.  We need rain badly here.

Do you have huge temperature drops where you live?  How is you rain gauge?  Are you looking at drought as we are?

I pulled out a container of frozen spag sauce for dinner and also a small roast as I will do a stew tomorrow.  Still trying to stay on top of the freezers and shop my pantry.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday, Kim has gone missing

 I went missing for the last three days,as I was busy being a grandma.  D#2 came down Friday with both babies and we planted flower boxes and ran with kids all day. I did not have time to squeeze in blogging, then daughter came down with Kelsa Saturday morning to help finish boxes, and she had a few errands to run in town.  So no blogging then either.

We were able to sneak in an open house of one of daughters old childhood friends who just graduated from college late.  It was fun to see the family and to see him moving on in his career. Then we went to Hub's show and it was so BAD.  Not the pit but the show.  The new director at the high school is not doing her job.  I would like to say something positive but I can't.  She did manage to appear on stage twice to explain and give thanks to people who did everything for her, blah, blah, blah. Nothing is worse for a young performer than to go out on stage ill prepared.  It destroys their confidence. We left at intermission I just could not take it.

Sunday the kids took the boat out so we had Kelsa and Oliver and no blogging they all came back sunburned. I made a large pot of homemade chicken soup with homemade noodles as everyone is still hacking and snotting.  No one is sick but the residual is getting to me.So far I have been immune thank goodness. Sunday evening Hubs and I did the missionary run up to Grangeville, Kamiah and Orophino.  It took about 4.5 hours.  The drive was beautiful. The rape fields are gorgeous this time of year.

The shop is crazy busy and I will be spending some major time in there today.  My house which I tried so hard to clean late Thursday is well.... Babies do not make for clean anything. I am doing laundry today and have all three loads washed, one folded and the other two are waiting to dry.

We drove into the yard last night in the dark and found two bucks eating away at our salad bar (garden) so I see a scare crow in the future.  Hubs threw rocks at them. They decimated my cabbages. I just have a few more things to get done outside with flowers boxes and the yard will be set for the summer.I actually got a little sunburn on my face Friday.  I am a vampire and raised vampire children.

Well I have to get to work.

The list:

1. fill money envelope

2. go to bank

3. hem wedding dress and steam

4. fix bridesmaid dress

5. fix mother of the bride dress  and steam

6. hem a pair of jeans

7. alter and hem bridesmaid dress

8. alter and hem a bridesmaid dress

The dryer just went off so I am going to fold the second load of laundry and transfer the third.  It would be nice if I had a full time housekeeper.

Now off to the shop.  My day is about to begin, what are you going to accomplish today?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday, sick Hubby, and Thrifty Thursday

 Got a few pots planted last night and found a dead mouse in one of them compliments of our cat.  He likes to leave me gifties.  No thanks.  I am a messy cook and a messy planter.  

Hubs is so sick with this cold and miserable.  I doctored him all day yesterday and I was not feeling my best with a really bad headache most of the day after Kelsa left.  But she was a joy.  I just can't get enough of grand babies and am making it a priority to love em as they grow too fast and this little cuddle stage lasts such a short time.  So to He!! with the shop and housework, and all other things that are pressing.  Give me a baby.

I made hubs take me out for tacos last night as we had a free item and a gift card. He was back and forth to the different high schools and tonight he has to play in the pit.  I plan on trying to dry him up with claritin about 4 p.m. and then he will have to wear a mask while he plays so he is not spreading his crud around.

Did not get groceries bought and I need about 6 more large bags of potting soil for my boxes, but that has to wait until I get things somewhat caught up in the shop.  I just keep remembering what Anne in Kitchen, told me when I was complaining and worried about no work.  Her words haunt me as I am overly busy right now.  She must have a crystal ball.

But I am also making it  a priority to get outside for at least an hour in the early evening.  I need to be outside and the weather is gorgeous.  I am able to wear shorts and sandals.  See my skinny legs in the above picture. Still built like a wood tick.  Skinny arms and legs and a big old body. Which I could do something about, but me loves, donuts and chocolate and pastries.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change from my trip and put it in my pig bank

2. saved  all my $5 dollar bills now have $955.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill both last week and this week so far $684

4. saved money in one of my 100 enevelopes

5. found a total of .72 cents in change over the last two weeks, had to work for some of it:)

6. Bought some nice new outfits on good sales while on trip.

7. just ordered two pairs of Dansko sandals from poshmark saving over $140.00 as I realized I was low on sandals this summer.

8. used a coupon at Jo anns and asked for a discount and got it!

9. used a gift card for dinner last night

10. bought many mark down plants for my boxes

11. just planted all my cucumber starts that I grew from seed saving  at least $15.00

12. gassed up at the cheapest station in town we can still get gas below $3.00 if we look.

13.brought home several nice sweaters and things from sissie that she was getting rid of.


 Well I need to get busy as I have alot to do today and my house is so dirty and messy, but I will just have to ignore it. DO you have a hard time ignoring a messy house?  I do, it is really getting to a point that I am tracking out.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while  you are in the negative.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Wednesday,Don't count those flowers boxes!


  SO the last two nights after I know that no more clients will show I have been running to garden centers to get flowers and I must say the selection has been dismal.  After going with Sissie and her husband to nurseries in the DC area we have nothing.  I don't know if it is covid or mother's day, but I am having a really hard time finding the things I want. Also the prices are really high.

I was able to hit walmart last night where a clerk was marking down flowers and I picked up a couple of flats. Anything to save a little money. 

The garden is taking off well.

Hubs planted the marigolds yesterday to repel bugs.  I am jealous as I spent all day in the shop and will be in there for several hours today.

To say the shop is busy is an understatement.  But I am just plugging along.  I had two wedding dresses picked up yesterday and another two will come in today.The little person I sew for was in and his suit is cut and ready to do the hand work, so I will finish that today, along with a couple of other dresses and I want to finish up a wedding dress.  I need to get them out of the shop as it is not as large as my old place and it is getting hard to move in there. I already had 3 bridesmaid dresses in this morning.

Daughter and son in law took the boat out and we have Kelsa and the dogs. Kelsa loves her walker and graham crackers and the dogs sit around and clean up everything she drops. Hubs has developed the cold that the kids have and I am still hoping I don't get it.  HE was up last night and is miserable today.  I gave him DayQuil so he can function.  But he is back and forth to the high school today with different events at both the old and the new school. I feel bad for him.

I made fried cabbage and sausage for dinner last night right before Hubs had to leave for work and then had two wedding dresses show up so I ate cold fried cabbage.  Not my favorite. We are having burgers and salad for dinner.

The sales came out today and there is not a darn thing I want to buy.  I will have to do a stock up on veggies but that is it. SO hoping I can get out and get some planting done tonight.

I noticed at home depot that the miracle grow garden soil was back up to $4.67 a bag and I am so happy I bought it when it was 5/10. Kelsa is such a happy baby when she isn't sick, but she still has a snotty nose that she does not want touched.  Strong as an ox when you go to wipe that nose.

I have so much I want to do outside and I did count the flowers boxes and I have 32.  Okay a little excessive, but not nearly as many as I had at the old place.

Well Kelsa is cranking up and Hubs just left for the high school so I am going to play grandma for a while and enjoy every minute of it.

Have you noticed prices of nursery plants going way up this year?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. 


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday, And the game was on!

 Well in a rebuttal to the very unfair coin challenge for my trip, I must say that Sluggy had a head start.  My sissie always leaves chocolates on guests beds but to leave a quarter so she started out ahead was  just plain mean.

I had to scrounge for my coins.  Like pretend that the tire was low and I was checking the pressure, to pick up pennies at Mc D's.  Did Sluggy get out of the car? NO!.  Did Sluggy almost get hit by a car at the drive up window?  NO! 

That's okay I will let her win this one begrudgingly.  But I do have to add that I found a dime while going through security at the airport, and also a penny while walking the airport.  So my cell phone just beeps right now and it is Sluggy saying she found 12 cents. She just can't let it go.  I found a shiny new penny last night as Walmart but no she has to find .12.  Am I a sore loser????? maybe.....

I had to run to Joanns yesterday to get a zipper and I had been eyeing a metal decorative compass sign that I thought would look good on my back deck.  Well of course the price was outrageous. I have been watching it go down, 30%, 40% not enough for me.  Finally they went to 50% but this sign was taken to a section that was buy one get one free.  SO still the same outrageous price plus you have to pick out something you don't want also over priced.  Well that was not going to fly with me.  So I asked the manager why this particular sign was taken out of the lot.  She allowed me to have it 50% off.  It pays to ask.

I also have been trying to replace pots from my old house as the only flowers I will have will be in pots.  I had many plastic pots, but these oxidize in the sun over time and we have full hot sun here.  If you take good ceramic pots in during the winter they can last for years.  But they are so expensive. Lil sis has many beautiful ceramic pots she besought with her from St.Louis 6 years ago that were around her pool.  She gave me three large blue pots that she was not going to use, one was badly cracked but I took liquid nails and coated it inside and it is holding wonderfully.  I also found a couple of nice pots at a discount store and one had a chip so I asked the clerk to find another for me if possible and she said you can have this one for 1/2 price.  Well I can hide a chip for 1/2 price.

Sluggy just texted me neener, neener, she just can't let this die.

The shop was crazy busy yesterday, so I did not get as much done as I wanted to.  I have to get a wedding dress hemmed today for pick up tomorrow. And I have already had two brides in this morning.  So things are not about to slow down.

Really want to get out in the yard later today if possible, so I had better get to work.  What is for dinner I ask myself?  Better get that figured out also. And life goes on at it's normal rip roaring pace.

Hubs was still sleeping when I got up this morning and he has a cold, I so hope I don't get it.  But he is up and around so it must not be as bad as what the kids had, I hope.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, May 10, 2021

Monday, back in the saddle

 So here we are the tricky trio.  We had a marvelous time together.  We shopped until we dropped and ate lots of chocolate and things that were bad for us. Well I did, Sluggy was much better, and my sister does not eat. It was fun and not long enough.  Now I am home and back to the old grind stone.

I think I might had killed sluggy.  I do this every time we get together.  Like the day in Boston where I had over 15,000 steps on my fit bit and we both fell into bed at the hotel and Slug's had a bad bit of seafood and got food poisoning. SO besides walking ourselves to death she got to worship the porcelain  throne.  Or the time I took her and her husband out on the high prairie in side by side rangers and we hit a flash storm.  Lightning, rain hail, like really dangerous storm, where horses have been hit by lightening and killed.  Good times can only be had when we get together.

There is a lot to do here. Besides the shop which is bombed ( I am grateful) hubs is really busy at the high school and is also in a pit orchestra again so gone nights. I have flowers boxes to get ready and fill.  the garden is not fully planted, the house needs a good clean, (although hubs was good at picking up) also need to get groceries, and catch up on laundry.

I got home late (about midnight) Saturday night and I had a lesson to teach for church on Sunday morning.  I though great I will be able to get a good 8 hours of sleep before I have to get up and review the lesson.  So well laid plans right? Hubs picked me up and said that Schmills had been really sick with a high fever and a bad cold last week and now Kelsa had it and daughter was coming down with it.  They were at the house hoping to celebrate Mother's day with me. Daughter met me at the door with a snot wad (Kelsa) she looked so miserable and daughter was sick.  So I spent  the next 4 hours with a sick baby on my chest (that is the only way she would sleep) she had this snotty raspy breathing that sound like a little pig.  No sleep for grandma. But I turned her over to hubs at 4:30 and slept until 8.  Hubs and I went to church and when we got home daughter was so miserable she had to go home. 

So I packed up the planned dinner and we followed her up to her place put her to bed  and I started to clean and do her laundry.  She was behind due to sick kids and an fussy baby and she had Oliver last week. Cooked dinner and Hubs got Kelsa to take a 2.5 hour nap. Daughter slept all afternoon and did not even get up for dinner. Happy Mother's day to me! But I did get to come home to chocolates and beautiful roses.

  I need to call her today and see how she is. Just called still sick, Nathan stayed home to take care of Kelsa who is doing much better. I sure hope Hubs and I don't get the crud.Hubs said that masks have been taken off at the high school the last two weeks and everyone is getting sick with a flu and a cold.  Great!

Things I would like to get done today: 

1. laundry

2. blue dress

3. green dress

4. call bride about dress being done

5. hem 3 pairs of pants

6. hem a pair of jeans

7. alter a suit for a little person (this one is tough)

8. get potting soil in all flower boxes

9. go to grocery store.

Don't know if I will get through this today but I am surely going to try.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.