Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday, first rattelsnake, Thrifty Thursday

Okay I think I am going to have to switch internet companies as the one I have will not come up to speed fast enough to download a picture.  It just sends an error message. One more frustration I have to deal with.  It used to be photos now it is anything I down load to paste.  

Well just found out that the problem is with blogger, so I will go ahead without photos.   Is anyone else having problems? I just don't have the time to waste fiddling around with a blog when I have so much work to do.

We killed our first rattlesnake of the season and I wanted to show you a picture.  Even with the snake cut into pieces, all those parts moved independently for over 20 minutes, which was so creepy.  To see that head thrashing around off it's body 10 minutes after you thought you killed it.  This is why you don't ever pick up a dead rattlesnake at least you don't pick up it's head. I am shivering writing this.  It was a two year old by the rattles on it's tail. Schmills had to have his parents bring him down to see it.  He will have a tale to tell in school today.

I was able to get my flowers boxes fertilized and put up on the back deck and I would love to show you pictures but that is not happening.  Also Son in Law came down last night and hung a few things on the deck for me.  So grateful for his help. We kept Kelsa for a few hours and she was a joy until she fell off the bed under Hubs watch. Boy was she mad and boy was grandma mad.

Yesterday I had three brides in a row and I tried to give the mother of a bride the wrong dress.  They looked so much alike and with all those hung in the shop and not in their bags I got them mixed up. People need to pick up their dresses.  I am going to have to get strict about this.  After I take the time to steam a dress I don't want it crushed back in the bag, I want it tried on and then tell the bride to take it right home and hang it out somewhere, where it can't be bothered. If they leave it in the bag crushed I charge again for steaming.

On a good note the only thing I have left this week is to complete a bridesmaid dress alteration, which I have started and to finish up a wedding dress that I have started. Hopefully I can get those done in the next few hours and then I can attack this house.

I did set a nail appointment at 5:45, as I haven't had them done since before I left for Sissie's. I also need to go get groceries and I want to do some baking.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. Saved all my change in my pig bank which is getting very heavy

2. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 dollar bills week 21

3. saved money in my 100 envelope challenge

4. Cooked all meals from scratch except one.

5. I was able to get pillow forms for the back yard from Lil sis rather than buy.

6. picked up flower pots at second hand store and repainted.

7. went to Lil sis's for spray paint as I knew she had a load of it.

8. ate fresh asparagus all week that was given to us, still have enough for two more meals.

9. I was able to pull stuff out of my stash to fix and item, and then could charge for it.

10. I was able to get several free items from the Albertsons game.  Things I would not normally buy, but free is free. We will eat and use them.

     Well I am going to get to work and wouldn't it be lovely if tomorrow all I have to report is that I need to sit down and pay bills before the kids arrive about noon?

Are any of you getting ready for this memorial day weekend?  What are you doing?



  1. EEK on the snake. I am shuddering just reading it.
    Yum on the asparagus - one of my favorites.
    When I kept getting an error message and couldn't transfer MY pictures to blog - I had to go and clean out my GMail acct. There was a lot of stuff that didn't need to be and I had no more room. I could only use the pictures I had already used before on blog. Might check your GMail folder!!!!
    Hope that helps.

  2. I hate snakes, so reading about it gave me the shivers. I haven't had any trouble uploading photos to my blog, but I don't know that I've recently tried. Maybe I'll take a gardening picture this weekend & report in.

    I have a giant list of things to get done this weekend!

    1. I am almost through my list but grandsons are due in any moment and I am sure they will undo anything I have done. :)

  3. That is scary and creepy about the snake after it was hacked into. I can imagine how a kid would love that to tell at school. Mine would have been so excited. I hope you never do the wrong alterations on a dress. The worst alteration I ever did was to cut off cuffs on pants I was shortening. The woman shrugged when she found out. Whew! Poor Kelsa!

    1. Well so far that has not happened but now I will worry about it:)

  4. Oh My Kim ... that is one thing I am so glad of here in New Zealand - we don't have snakes to deal with. When I lived in Australia they used to scare me so much. Reading this gave me the shivers too. Take care Kim. xx

    1. Well Hubs has been busy closing up any holes he finds in the snake fencing.

  5. I despise snakes. I have a four day weekend and am really looking forward to it. I posted the Chicken Parmesan recipe on my blog for you. Hope you enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks so much Lori I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend.

  6. Though I did finish the post it was hard to continue after the rattlesnake mention.
    Maybe you could start charging a rental fee for each couple of days late for pick up.

    1. I know I am thinking of Slug, she may never come visit again...