Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Tuesday, And the game was on!

 Well in a rebuttal to the very unfair coin challenge for my trip, I must say that Sluggy had a head start.  My sissie always leaves chocolates on guests beds but to leave a quarter so she started out ahead was  just plain mean.

I had to scrounge for my coins.  Like pretend that the tire was low and I was checking the pressure, to pick up pennies at Mc D's.  Did Sluggy get out of the car? NO!.  Did Sluggy almost get hit by a car at the drive up window?  NO! 

That's okay I will let her win this one begrudgingly.  But I do have to add that I found a dime while going through security at the airport, and also a penny while walking the airport.  So my cell phone just beeps right now and it is Sluggy saying she found 12 cents. She just can't let it go.  I found a shiny new penny last night as Walmart but no she has to find .12.  Am I a sore loser????? maybe.....

I had to run to Joanns yesterday to get a zipper and I had been eyeing a metal decorative compass sign that I thought would look good on my back deck.  Well of course the price was outrageous. I have been watching it go down, 30%, 40% not enough for me.  Finally they went to 50% but this sign was taken to a section that was buy one get one free.  SO still the same outrageous price plus you have to pick out something you don't want also over priced.  Well that was not going to fly with me.  So I asked the manager why this particular sign was taken out of the lot.  She allowed me to have it 50% off.  It pays to ask.

I also have been trying to replace pots from my old house as the only flowers I will have will be in pots.  I had many plastic pots, but these oxidize in the sun over time and we have full hot sun here.  If you take good ceramic pots in during the winter they can last for years.  But they are so expensive. Lil sis has many beautiful ceramic pots she besought with her from St.Louis 6 years ago that were around her pool.  She gave me three large blue pots that she was not going to use, one was badly cracked but I took liquid nails and coated it inside and it is holding wonderfully.  I also found a couple of nice pots at a discount store and one had a chip so I asked the clerk to find another for me if possible and she said you can have this one for 1/2 price.  Well I can hide a chip for 1/2 price.

Sluggy just texted me neener, neener, she just can't let this die.

The shop was crazy busy yesterday, so I did not get as much done as I wanted to.  I have to get a wedding dress hemmed today for pick up tomorrow. And I have already had two brides in this morning.  So things are not about to slow down.

Really want to get out in the yard later today if possible, so I had better get to work.  What is for dinner I ask myself?  Better get that figured out also. And life goes on at it's normal rip roaring pace.

Hubs was still sleeping when I got up this morning and he has a cold, I so hope I don't get it.  But he is up and around so it must not be as bad as what the kids had, I hope.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Our weather has been beautiful. We have actually had a real spring this year instead of going from cold to hot. Hope you make it outside today.

    1. Well I was able to buy some flowers that are still in the car.

  2. My week is nuts, so I defrosted yet another freezer meal to keep us going. I love having something already prepped.

    My best recent coin find was $.25 on the ground while running. My sister & friend thought I was crazy to stop & pick up the quarter, but it was an obvious win for me. ;-)