Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday, sick Hubby, and Thrifty Thursday

 Got a few pots planted last night and found a dead mouse in one of them compliments of our cat.  He likes to leave me gifties.  No thanks.  I am a messy cook and a messy planter.  

Hubs is so sick with this cold and miserable.  I doctored him all day yesterday and I was not feeling my best with a really bad headache most of the day after Kelsa left.  But she was a joy.  I just can't get enough of grand babies and am making it a priority to love em as they grow too fast and this little cuddle stage lasts such a short time.  So to He!! with the shop and housework, and all other things that are pressing.  Give me a baby.

I made hubs take me out for tacos last night as we had a free item and a gift card. He was back and forth to the different high schools and tonight he has to play in the pit.  I plan on trying to dry him up with claritin about 4 p.m. and then he will have to wear a mask while he plays so he is not spreading his crud around.

Did not get groceries bought and I need about 6 more large bags of potting soil for my boxes, but that has to wait until I get things somewhat caught up in the shop.  I just keep remembering what Anne in Kitchen, told me when I was complaining and worried about no work.  Her words haunt me as I am overly busy right now.  She must have a crystal ball.

But I am also making it  a priority to get outside for at least an hour in the early evening.  I need to be outside and the weather is gorgeous.  I am able to wear shorts and sandals.  See my skinny legs in the above picture. Still built like a wood tick.  Skinny arms and legs and a big old body. Which I could do something about, but me loves, donuts and chocolate and pastries.

Thrifty Thursday:

1. saved all my change from my trip and put it in my pig bank

2. saved  all my $5 dollar bills now have $955.00

3. saved a $1,$5,$10,$20 bill both last week and this week so far $684

4. saved money in one of my 100 enevelopes

5. found a total of .72 cents in change over the last two weeks, had to work for some of it:)

6. Bought some nice new outfits on good sales while on trip.

7. just ordered two pairs of Dansko sandals from poshmark saving over $140.00 as I realized I was low on sandals this summer.

8. used a coupon at Jo anns and asked for a discount and got it!

9. used a gift card for dinner last night

10. bought many mark down plants for my boxes

11. just planted all my cucumber starts that I grew from seed saving  at least $15.00

12. gassed up at the cheapest station in town we can still get gas below $3.00 if we look.

13.brought home several nice sweaters and things from sissie that she was getting rid of.


 Well I need to get busy as I have alot to do today and my house is so dirty and messy, but I will just have to ignore it. DO you have a hard time ignoring a messy house?  I do, it is really getting to a point that I am tracking out.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while  you are in the negative.



  1. My outdoor kitties are always leaving mice for gifts and once in a while birdies. Take care and hope your hubs feels better soon.

  2. Our neighbor cat is thoughtful that way. I'm going to be a bit cranky here, but I'm sorry for all that hubs feels he has to be out in public sick. I hope for others sake the mask does the job. That was one think I had hoped would be a positive outcome of the last 16 months is that people are able to without guilt stay home when they are sick. I don't blame you for wanting that baby time. We only saw our great nephew for a short time late August last year-tiny two month preemie he was. Well, seeing hi on Saturday doing rolling and army crawling-we missed seeing so much of the in between!

  3. I am built like a wood tick the description!!!

  4. Do tell us about how you had to dig that penny out of the tar at Dunkin' Donuts. hehehe
    Tell Joel I hope he feels better and I hope he likes that book.

  5. I hope he gets to feeling better. It is no fun staying upright when ill. I had a neighbor cat who liked me and left dead and half-eaten ground squirrels on my doormat. Finally, she just left them in the path to the door.

  6. Baby time goes fast! Love it and enjoy it all you can.
    I was knee-deep in grandBabies but not they are all school age. Still sweet but sure not babies anymore

  7. Hope he is feeling better soon and that you avoid catching it. Spend as much time as you can with the grandbabies. They grow up in the blink of an eye.

  8. Hi Kim
    Sorry hubby is still not feeling well.. I understand. My allergies have been making me feel terrible the last two days and the sinus headaches well they've just been off the charts. I'm allergic to every grass and weed type in the entire state of SC and the last two days have been breezy and I had to get out in the garden yesterday and today.. Doesn't make for a good mix. So tonight I m just sitting here trying to catch up on blogs with a pounding headache. I'm sure i'll be in bed by 7 pm.

    As for the house, I am a clean freak I guess. Not as bad as some but I HATE it when my house is a mess. I used to be extremely anal about how my home looked but as I've gotten older I realized that as long as it's 'clean' to heck with what it looks like. I straighten every day but now with the warm weather being here I have to be in the garden every day and by the time I"m done with that and harvesting and then coming in and cleaning what I've harvested and putting it up, plus taking care of whatever my husband needs and the dogs, Im tired! So I see my 'housework" as, I'll get too it when I get too it!