Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tuesday, Crap what time is it?


I thought a little Oliver cuteness would brighten your day.  Here he is with his mom's papa bear.  She drug this bear around by one leg until she was 5. He belonged to a nice set of family bears that Sissie sent us when B was 2.  But she loved the papa bear and she still has him even though one leg is shorter than the other due to a dog of ours. Now he belongs to Ollie.
Can you just say cutest bay ever?  Can't wait to get Kelsa's pictures. I got in a couple of hours of snuggle last night and it was so hard, sniff.

Sewed like girl on fire yesterday, and even got a few things ripped for the camo wedding.  This morning was a fiasco as Hubs was gone fishing and the missionaries called desperate for something to do as their plans got cancelled. With covid they are really limited to what and where. Hubs is not home but luckily he had them up last week when I was out and showed them where he wanted rock moved and he had even staked it out.  So 6 of them came over and moved rock (a job I am thankful I do not have to do) They also pulled all of my geraniums and spikes and vincas and put them into cold storage in the garage.  One less thing for me to do Hurrah!

But they have to be watched and coached so my morning was taken up.  Then I had them make sub sandwiches on the deck.  They were fed and watered, all the while the shop was busy with clients.  It is going on 2 and I have not hit a machine yet, but I plan to.

I have no idea what time Hubs will be home but I think I will send him for blocks this evening as the missionaries are due back for the next two days  to do service work and will need something to do. But at least Hubs will be home to give orders. If we can get this garden wall built with free labor I will feed the bodies!

I need to get to work in the shop.  I want to hem the camo dress, and take in the flower girl dress today and also alter the two orange bridesmaid dresses. Also have three bridesmaid dresses for other weddings to get done today, oh my aching head.

Just got our electric bill for last month  just $83.00 so we are really going to save living here.  I was so excited. In the mean time, I have laundry to do and a house to keep up and a husband to feed.  No wonder I feel like I am getting a headache.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday, busy weekend helping kids.


Here is some of the ribbon sewing I have done, and I have many more to go, but I am off this for a while and onto the camo wedding sometime today.  I do have four zippers and 6 pairs of pants to hem before I can start on the wedding.

The infamous pile of camo and orange.  Yikes.  This includes:

1. hemming camo wedding dress

2. attaching camo ribbon to veil

3. altering two orange bridesmaid dresses (too small) must put in inserts

4. make 4 camo vests

5. make 4 orange vests

6. alter flower girl dress

7. possible third bridesmaid dress

We spent the weekend helping kids at the new house.  We work and work and I still don't see much progress.  But the carpet layers are coming this Friday and they are having hardwood laid in three rooms, so it is hard to get things unpacked only to repack to move them.

I did manage to get up on cupboards in kitchen and clean the filthy, dusty, grease laden cupboards.This house was built in 2013 and I don't think those were ever cleaned as I found saw dust from builders under the grease.  I went out and washed off all the front porch furntire and cleaned the front porch well.

Then we moved and moved things trying to organize the garage.  Everything into piles, then everything to one side, then set up shelves and then fill shelves, then everything back to other side and set up a shelf, everything back into garage.  All the while trying to keep two babies happy.  Hubs loaded his truck with garbage and boxes to the limit and took it to recycle this morning,only to go up and do it again and he still isn't home.  Nate took an entire truck load to Goodwill and they will certainly have to do much more of this if they are going to fit into this house. It was a crazy exhausting day.

Daughter is bringing the kids down tonight while she teaches, so Nate can paint with out distraction. So I will get Kelsa and Schmill cuddles.  Can't wait but I need to get to work.

I just am so happy with this bookcase, I can't even tell you how much I love it.


I also love this TV cabinet, I got from my daughter.  I love being able to cover up the TV.

This is what it looks like open, I just love it.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday, I did get the bills paid, Now.....

      I finally made myself clean up my desk and get the bills paid.  I called on the Covid,, loan pay back and of course was put off until Monday. But I am some what worried about how long it is going to take with my shop revenue down to pay this money back.  All I can do is try the best I can. We are after all paying ourselves back.

     Since neither hubs not I have any life insurance any more, I found out we can get a term policy very cheaply at a our credit union. So I plan on getting $25,000 on each of us until this loan is paid back. It will just make me feel better.

     Still have no idea of a budget yet as I have not received all the bills for a whole month yet.  But I have to say that both the water and power bills are much less and we got to use a good air conditioner something we have not had for over 20 years. I did receive our first water bill and the water portion was $37.41 which is about $150.00 less than the old place during the summer month. I was thrilled with that news.

I will take pictures of the Indian skirts I make and the camo wedding.  Today we went to the grocer for more fresh veggies, boy is salad and lettuce high in price.  Drives me nuts.  I don't like to get bagged salad as it has all those preservatives in it and I can taste them.  Of course it is cheaper to buy them that way.  But that kind of cheap I can skip.

We are driving up to daughter #2's later this afternoon to help with the house.  I haven't sen the baby for two days and I know she is missing her grandma.

We drove the 4 miles out to the reservation for gas as it is .20 less a gallon and worth it. October is right around the corner and I am looking forward to setting up the new budget in this house.  I have many smaller bills that need to be paid and I want to get going on those and tick them off. Because every extra penny after they are paid will go to the house and the car.  Once the car is paid off we will replace Hubs truck.  Future plans for sure.

Have a great and productive day straying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday, Actually making some headway, What a relief!

Finished another chart this morning and that always makes me feel better.  I also was able to deliver a skirt to the Native American Indian Gift Shop and have three more started.  Hopefully after this blog post I can finish the skirts and feel like I can get on with the awful Camo wedding.

I have many zippers in coats that have come in that have to be out for hunting season next week.  We all know how I love to replace sippers. (NOT)

Daughter brought the kids down last night for us to watch and it was so nice to snuggle Kelsa and play with Schmills.  He was asleep on the floor when daughter came to get him.  This was Nathan could get about 2.5 hours alone to get things done and the fact that Schmills was already asleep would have him get even more done.

I am hoping to go up there tomorrow to help get things done.  That is if I get all the bills done today.  I plan on conquering that after I sew these skirts up.

I have a small roast out I will put in a pot for dinner, with potatoes and carrots.  Then Hubs will have leftovers for tomorrow. I plan on taking a large plan of frozen stuffed shells up to Daughters tomorrow so we don't have to worry about cooking.  I will take a large salad and some bread.

Hubs got his flu shot yesterday(I am waiting to do mine) HE ran a fever last night and was so cold.  I felt like I was next to a furnace.  I wanted to move away but he was so chilled and I felt sorry for him so I stayed close and sweated while he shivered.  Finally I snuck out of bed an hour later than  usual and when he got up he was fine.  I am not looking forward to my reaction.

Well I am off to pay bills and sew wish me luck. 

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday, Thanks guys, doing a little better, I think?

      I had a good talk with Lil sis and Sissie( although Sissie beat me up and knocked some sense into me.   I hate it when she does that.  Lil Sis was nicer and actually came over even though she was very upset about her house dealings.  She talked me off my ledge and we had some good laughs. If Sissie was here we would have laughed harder.

     I did get the shop cleaned yesterday by setting a timer under Sissie's direction.  Do you know how long it took me? Less than 30 minutes.  Now is it perfect? No! But is is functional.

 This pile in the corner will eventually be in the closet but for now it is okay.

Clean, and I did get that bride dress done! Also had a fitting so I can get started on the dreaded camo wedding. I really like my ironing board here, it is much more functional.

Nice and clean just asking me to come in and get busy.

The ironing is in the closed closet for right now.  I do not have to look at it and feel guilty. Out of site out of mind.

After I had a call from D#2 I felt better. One of the advanced ballet teachers and her daughter are being tested for covid, so I had agreed to teach class last night and that was bothering me.  I did not want daughter to have to teach 3 times this week, but then she told me she would do it as she was called to teach the hour before.  That would put me teaching 2.5 hours and exposed to more parents and students.  I told her how I felt and how I was trying to make her life easier and she put a stop to that. It was so nice to have her agree to teach and that she would be alright and I should not be stressing about her.  So I actually agreed which was hard for me.

Then I got a text from the studio owner asking me to sub a 5 o'clock tap class.  I did not answer the text.  I did not say no but I did not engage.  I am proud to me. (as my eldest used to say when she was young) I actually turned down to opportunities to take on additional work. I know don't faint.

I actually got into the native skirt project and after I run down to the Native store I should be able to finish one today.  I also have a few pairs of pants to fix and a homecoming dress to alter.

Hubs and I ran to Albertsons this morning to get proscriptions refilled and I hit a great meat sale.  All marked down and then 50% off the mark down price.  So I picked up all the burger they had, a large package of pork chops and two large packages of chicken legs.  Chicken was less that .50 a pound.  Now I have to burst the stuff into smaller portions to freeze and then I am on with my day.

If I can get this skirt and the sewing finished I am going to do the book work and desk.

One thing at a time here.

Have a great and productive day staying positive wheel you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday, Kim is a mess and struggling

      I really need help,just look at this shop. It is an unusable mess right now.


I did not like the set up and got rid of the oak table and chairs I had in there. Mostly because I was not going to get rid of them.  My daughter took them for her house and promised  not to get rid of them without my knowledge which was a comfort to me.  All said I was able to move the ironing broad. Which by the way I like in this position much better. It allows me to reach over and grab my scissors which I am constantly leaving behind without even getting up from my chair. is a win.

I just really need to clean this space up and get my butt in there. I have very high anxiety right now. High anxiety causes me to freeze.  I just stop and don't get things done. I have no idea what is causing this.  I talked a week ago or so about making small projects into something huge when it is all in my mind.  I am just really struggling with this on every level right now.

Hubs put up this new rack for me on the wall where I had the ironing board.  It is tall enough to hang wedding dresses on which the closet in that room could not do. Don't look at the ironing basket, that too gives me anxiety. The place is an embarrassing mess.

I can finally hang things and maybe get organized that might help my stress level. I took on two projects that I would normally not have becau revenue was down in the shop and I have this loan to pay back, now I wish I had not and these projects are nagging me.  But I still have to do them. Sitting here churning my ghosts is not helping me get anything done. I just hate myself when I get this way.

I feel like my daughter needs me and I can't go up and help her. My Lil sis has a house she is trying to buy, so I will have to help her. I just feel like I can't move. Paralyzed by fear.  I want to sleep and ignore and be irresponsible. Ostrich mode I call it.

This is my desk.  Did I get any bills paid yesterday? No! Did I get info for paying the investment account back? No!    Are the funds available? Yes! Have I been waiting on said funds? Yes!  It is all I have talked about.  So why am I not doing anything? Am I afraid? Yes.  OF what? I don't know.  Just paralyzing fear. No real reason.  Usually I can snap myself out by making a list.  But I have made them and I don't do them.

Well I did get two bridesmaid dresses hemmed yesterday, and little work done on a wedding dress.  Then Hubs went into my shop while I napped (yeah like I needed to nap) and put up the hanging shelf but it also created the mess that is on there.  I am grateful, but I have to clean before I can do any thing with any wedding dress in there. AGHHHHHH!

I know you all think I do too much, but I cannot stop feeling like I am always behind. I know I can catch up if I just get this anxiety under control. I talked to my eldest daughter and she has a very stressful job and deals with issued that bring on anxiety, like murder and mayhem.  She told me D#2 is not pinning for me to get up to her house, she is fine and I need to quit having that cause me guilt.  Believe her if she needs me she will say she needs me.Daughter also told me to go do something, anything.

Okay Sissie just called and beat me up good, so please don't you guys feel the need.

I have just set a timer and Sissie will cal back so I need to go do something.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tuesday, I made some headway


Here is a picture of the completed bookcase, with plenty of room to add books! Our Alma Mater proudly displayed in the Montana sign.  I will put pictures of D#2's children in the coral frames as soon as they are ready.

Nathan hung my mirror.  There is too much glare here at night for the Jewish Madonna, so I swapped it out. You have to live with a house for a while.

I will eventually replace those burgundy rugs that I have from the old house, but not until I find a great deal.

Our loan funds today so I need to go and see how to pay back our covid investment loan and get my finances on even keel.  That is going to take a few hours of my day.

Swedish Madonna moved by the toy trunk that was made by my Father.  I am eventually going to tole paint this when I have time. HA!

Hubs helped the kids move yesterday and will again today.  He called me in the middle of my day to ask which baby he should hold, just to make me jealous.  It worked.

The kids came in last night to shower and eat.  They could not find shower curtains. Schmills and I played video games on my phone. Grandma bonding.

I was able to pick up a couple of these frames at second hand stores, one at Pier one's close out for 80% off and I had to order one full price from Amazon.  I want to do a picture collage of all 5 grand kids but still waiting on pictures from the girls. 

I do have one extra for......? Maybe a someday?

Pulled Italian sausage brats out for dinner as I need to use up some buns.  Also will make a broccoli salad.

It is rainy here and thank goodness as the air is finally clean.  We lived in and inversion of terrible smog and fire smoke for almost 10 days.

You can finally see the river. Yesterday I had a whole flock of turtle doves eating bird seed I throw out.  There must have been over 100 of them.  I love it!

Here is the new patio set and Huge umbrella.  All gifts.  The umbrella from my Lil sister. and the patio set from my two girlfriends and my sisters.  I love it. It is big enough for three couples and the grand kids can eat on the other deck pieces. I am so grateful for my friends and family.  They are very generous.

I was really able to kick trough the piles yesterday and hope upon completion of :

1. wedding dress

2. bridesmaid hem

3. bridesmaid hem and darts

4. hem jeans

5.replace zipper

6. Indian skirt

7. bills and budget

I would love to be able to drive up to Daughters house this evening and see and help.  But so much depends on how the day goes. Wish me luck my friends.

Have a great and productive day staying positive  while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday, Crazy behind

      No my behind is not crazy although a little large maybe.  But I am crazy behind in the shop and it is all due to that baby.  Or should I say babies?  I just have spent too much time snuggling and not enough working.  In my defense, how long will they stay little?  Not long enough.

     We helped the kids move into their new place yesterday. They don't officially close until the end of the month(hopefully) but they got to get into the place last night. It was hard to see Schmills and Kelsa go, but this grandma needs to work without distractions.  

     Hubs and I really miss them especially the babies. Hubs is going up to help get another load from the storage unit as soon as he gets back from Home depot where I sent him to get me new shelving for my shop.  I cannot work in the shop as it is.  Well I can work, but I need to revamp a little to make it easier for me.  I will keep you posted.

     Our new California neighbor moved in and she is an elderly single lady.  Her younger brother from the Seattle area helped her move in and we warned them about the snakes coming in to get under porches, where they like to winter.  The brother asked what we did when we found one and I told him we killed them.  His reply was , "What kind of people are you?"  I told him, "The kind that kill rattlesnakes."  After he left his sister apologized and said he feels that all creatures have a right to life and I believe they do, just not snakes on my property.  That goes for hobo spiders and black widows as well.

     I think she is going to be a really nice neighbor. Although she has 6 cats..... Should I be worried? She does not seem to be in that great of health.  Anyway nice to have that box filled.  We have nice neighbors.

    The signs for my shop should be ready before the end of the week, I am hoping I don't get any crap from neighbors.  So far I have not had any signs and people find me, so we will see.

     Daughter will be down this evening with Schmills and baby.  She teaches tonight and Schmills has karate lessons.  So we will get our baby snuggles.  I need to throw together a large pan of chicken enchiladas.  Yesterday morning, I cleaned out the fridge and made a spinach quiche, and apple salad, a small stew( dinner last night) roasted a small chicken and made a large batch of cucumbers in vinegar. So I now have to use up the chicken and daughter will arrive hungry I am sure, plus I can send home food for Nathan.


1. finish wedding dress

2. missionary coats

3. the pile

a. a black thing

b. another black thing

c another black thing

d. another black thing

e. one hem and a waist

f. another wedding dress

g. a bridesmaid dress 

I still have not started on that wedding I have to do or the Indian skirts.  AGhhhh!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday,My book shelf is done!


Hubs is like this for a couple hours a day. Kelsa loves how warm he is a listens to his heart.  I think it is her favorite time.  As you can see hubs is miserable.

Schmills had me up early with his antics about not going to school.  But alas they did not work.  His mom took him to school and is coming back with her little sister and baby Oliver.  Yeah! Can't wait to see him and see how much he has grown.

 I labeled these bins above the wash/dryer cabinets.  They hold all my cupcake wrappers, frosting stuff, cookie cutters,sprinkles, napkins, and misc. items I use once in a while. This freed up an entire cupboard in my kitchen for food I do use on a regular basis.  All part of making the house more functional as I live in it.  More changes will take place after I have cooked and gone through a few holidays.

I got Nathan to hang my drying rack.  This was my dads and came from Sweden.  I love it although this laundry room was not a perfect fit as it is too small.  But all I have in those cupboards behind it is the Christmas china so I won't be opening it often. 

Here is my new bookshelf , I am so excited to get it filled with the books that are all over our master bedroom floor right now.  One more step into the moving in process.  I won't let myself get started on this until I get my work list done for the day.

Roscoe had his first rattlesnake vaccine last night and is sticking close to me as he does not feel too chipper.  He has to go in for another booster in a month. Poor baby.

I have no idea what I am going to cook for dinner tonight so I need to put that on my list.

Things I need to do today:

1. bustle a wedding dress

2. clean shop

3. find something for dinner

4. sweep and mop all floors (even hubs is complaining)

5. snuggle babies

6. snuggle babies some more

7. run pick up ribbon from store.

8. load book shelf and arrange family room

Blah I need to get to work.  Our money will not be available until the 22 to return to our investment account, and I have to sit down this weekend and do a budget. Also the shop was very busy yesterday and the sign man will be here today, Hurray!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you  re in the negative.


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday, Finally we are getting our loan!

      The bank called today and we are finally going to close on our loan.  I will be so glad when this is done.  You should see my desk piled high with bills and things I want to take care of.  I just need to know where I stand and get things paid back.  It will be such a relief to me.

     I attacked that pile of crappy alterations and it really did not take that long and was not that hard.  Why do I build things up in my mind to be so difficult when they are not?  Do any of you do that?  Make something bigger and worse than it is in your mind and put it off only allowing it to become and even bigger vice in your mind?  I used to do that all the time, but have gotten better over the years.  The habit seems to be creeping back in, probably due to just the circumstances of my life right now.

     Today it is a wedding dress and a few other things that I will get done, then onto my projects.  I think I will due one Nezperce skirt first and then get all my vests cut out for that wedding.

     Schmills was really tired after school and did not like it or want to go back. But too bad we all have a job and his job is school.  I am not worried he will adjust.  Most of it was just the baby keeping him up at night and then going hard all day too much for his little mind. We put him to bed earlier and I think that will help.

     Nathan is out gutting the poly coat on my new book shelf that he and Hubs built.  I am so excited to get this and it will be ready to put in it's spot tomorrow.  One more thing off the list.  The house is coming together. It is slow, but every day I try to get some little thing done. Yesterday Nathan got many things hung for me which was nice.  Love having a live in slave

     I need to call my Sissie and get to work.

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wednesday, Schmills starts school!

      Daughter brought baby into our room at about 7:15 so she could take Schmills up to his new school.  Of course the little scamp woke up immediately and did not go back to sleep until after Hubs was up and showered.  So it was grandma on board.  I just hated it.

     Schmills will be picked up at 2:45 and we are anxious to hear about his first day.  Daughter will be teaching advanced classes at my old studio starting tonight. I am so happy that she is doing this.  She spent so many years in training and then dancing and to just give it up breaks my heart.  I never understood that being able to dance and teach and choreograph was such a gift.  It is unusual to be able to do all three well.  I just figured if you could dance you could do the other two and that is definitely not the case. All the years I taught at the University, I would see these incredible professionals come to get their masters after leaving the circuit and they could not teach and were down right bad at choreography.  When I hear music, I see dancing, I just thought everyone had this ability. So I am happy she is back to teaching.  Our oldest teaches 4 hours a week also when she is not held up in court.

     I have to sew a big bunch of alterations, I do not want to do.  They are aggravating alterations, but I am going to make myself go in and do them.  Then I had a couple of big projects to get started on.

     Because business is slow due to covid, I am taking on a wedding where I have to make 8 vests from scratch and a myriad of other alterations.  I don't normally do custom work.  Then I am also making some ribbon skirts for an Indian store owner.  We are going to see how much time it takes me as I will not cut back on my hourly wage.  I will do a mock up and decide whether this will be worth my time and her money.

     Nathan is busy hanging things i the house for me here and there.  Daughter is taking a nap and Hubs has the baby.  I need to get to work.

 Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday, Staying focused.

      Yesterday was so busy.  I felt like I was on a dead run.  I was able to get my wedding dress done about 7 last night.  But I also completed the bridesmaid dress and hemmed a pair of trousers.  I think my bride will be here any moment to pick up dress,then I have three more to get done before the end of the week.

     Hubs and Nathan started on my book shelf yesterday.  The boards are cut sanded and stained and just waiting to be put together.Even Schmills helped stain.  I had to laugh as he was bare foot and when he came into take a bath his little footprints stained the bathroom tile.  It was easy to remove, but so cute.

     About 5 yesterday I was hand sewing lace around the bottom of a wedding dress, trying to put together a lasagna, (I had the noodles boiling) daughter was napping, and the baby was stinky and wanted to be fed.  I had to call for help.  The men were in the garage working on the bookcase. I did not want to wake my daughter as the baby had kept her up much of the night. Hubs came into feed the baby and Nathan changed her while I put together a lasagna, and a pan of stuffed shells which I froze. 

     There is always enough lasagna noodles to make about 1/3 of a pan.  I found this long narrow covered glass container that was just the width of a noodle.  I was able to layer two helpings in that pan and froze it for Hubs and I later. I was happy to use up two large bags of homemade spag sauce I had frozen this spring.  I also had two large bags of shredded mozzarella cheese that I bought on special for 2.00 a pound that needed to be used. I didn't use all the cheese but got a good start on it.

     I have been perusing the second hand shops when I have a few moments and today I stopped by St. Vinnies.  Costco was unloading a truck full of produce to give away.  I was encouraged to take some as it goes bad if not picked up immediate.  It is still hot here. So I got a salad kit, green beans, and large bag of spinach and two bags of minnie cucumbers.  I love those little cucumbers but won't buy them because of the price.  I guess they have this happen at lest once a week and they said to check their face book page.  I don't see myself as low income but if the food is going to go bad I would rather eat it and just give them a cash donation. So I will be checking their site more often.

     I was able to take the last document to the bank yesterday and our loan should be out before the end of the week.  I am anxiuos to see where the budget stands and get a plan ready for pay off. There are many things waiting here to be done as in fixing both vehicles body damage.  I will just pay for my car and turn the truck into insurance.But I want to cash flow through my shop.

     Well I need to get into the shop and get a large bag of alterations done plus a few piles and then start another wedding dress.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday, Back on track Hopefully...

      I really need to get back on track or on a schedule as I have so much sewing to do and the next two weeks will be busy, so I need to pay attention.  I am not good at paying attention.  My ADD goes wild. But I am going to be strict with myself. I think.

     We actually got to go to church yesterday for the first time in 6 months.  It was so nice. The bishop called Saturday night and said we could come.  As Hubs is over 65 they are very strict.  We can only go once a month and only when invited. I loved the spirit I felt there.  It was great to be able to go.

     Nathan (son in law) hung some things for me and I took them off my list.

 I put baskets for more storage above the wash/dryer cabinets.  I am going to but tags on these.  The small pantry in the hall that should hold food and some small appliances is full of things we don't use much.  So I will label these and fill them with things I don't want on the pantry.  It is a work in progress.

I finally got the sconces hung on either side of the plate shelf.  You will notice that Bat man has collapsed on the sofa.  These sconces came from a house we owned 33 years ago and I painted and distressed them to match the plate shelf that my dad made years ago.

I bought this reading lamp for Hubs as the room is too dark with the overhead light at night for him to read.  We can lower it and raise it.  Hubs and Nathan are going to build a tall bookshelf for this corner. I think I am going to have to nag to get it done.  We have the wood and the plans.

I had down sized all of our fall things into one tub and they fit perfectly in the house. Which was nice.

Schmills school supplies are all ready for him by is rocking chair.  He starts preschool on Wednesday.

Our house is full of baby paraphernalia, but this grandma thinks it is a privilege.

The weather here is terrible due to fires burning all around us.  IT has been worse but we are not to go outside unless masked.  My asthma is bad and the headaches are not fun.  I don't know how long this will last.  We have lost 4 small towns within 50 miles of us due to raging fires.  It is so sad and I feel so bad for the people who lose everything.  It is tragic.  It looks like there is no end in site for this smoke.  We will need wind (which is a disaster for fires) or rain which would help to clean up the air.

Schools are closed here again due to smoke.  This is the time of year that Hubs and I usually take off and fly out to get away from the smoke.  But that isn't going to happen this year.

Kelsa has officially grown out of her preemie clothes.  Daughter made a nice basket of the sleepers and two packages of preemie diapers to take to the hospital for someone else who has a preemie.  I think most of the outfits were worn once or twice.  I know that nurses love these items to give to parents.

Today I have things out to make lasagna and stuffed shells, but first I have to get into the shop.I have a bridesmaid dress to hem, a wedding dress to hem, some dress pants to hem and a bag of alterations that all have to go out late this afternoon.  I need to get busy.

I also have to call the bank to see when we close on our loan.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday, Home at last!

      We sure enjoyed our time with Hubs sisters and brother in laws, but I am happy to be home.  Hubs mom looked so much better after having family stay with her a week, and Hubs dad was much more alert although he is failing rapidly.

     It looks like the kids may close on their house on the 30th of this month.  We came home to them leaving for Lil sis's to watch her dog.  I almost did not let them take the baby.  How dare they leave with my baby.

Segue: I just looked up and above my desk is a star fighter flag ship made out of legos.  This is what happens when you live with a 4 yer old boy, legos every where.

     I just want to stay home for a while, really.  I feel like I have been on a dead run since May and I have.  I love how Anne in the kitchen puts my life.  It is fluid (her term).  I have been holding on to that when ever I feel over whelmed.  I just tell myself that I have a fluid life.  Makes me feel better any how....

     This will be a heavy sewing week and we will close on our loan this week so I can finally set a budget.  I have been flying by the seat of my pants for two months actually going on three and it is unnerving. I want to know where we stand and I want a payment schedule and to see how I can pay things back the fastest.  I love a challenge.

     I am going to make a new list of things I would like to get done before the kids leave.  I need to take advantage of this son in law and his help in hanging and building. But today other than getting dressed and laundry and house work I am going to thoroughly clean the fridge.  It is scary. Also figure out meals for the coming week maybe?

     Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, September 7, 2020

Monday, Family, friends,fun

 Lil sis at her 60th birthday with Kelsa her name sake.  We had a good time and the kids ran and played and swam in a kiddy pool.  There was too much food so we are trying to eat it down over here and we may just make it.  Kinda nice that I don't have to cook for my hoard.

     Sad that Sissie left today for Missoula with my girlfriends.  We did not get any alone time together at all.  Just too busy with new babies and my kids.  But that is okay we will get together again. As soon as their is a vaccine  and I feel that it is safe to fly.

Here is super chunk Oliver he is 4 weeks old and Kelsa in her too big preemies clothes at one week old. We are loving these babies. But babies sure keep you busy.

I managed to get my sisters outdoor cushions done for her birthday and I am glad that project is out of the way. It was chaos trying to sew with a house full of boys, but I managed.

Tomorrow we are taking off for Nampa as Hubs youngest sister is there for the next few days and she wants to see us.  We also need to do the missionary apartments that are out of town so we will combine the trip.

I really just want to stay home and try to reach some kind of new normal, but also want to see family.  Just so much has gone on and I am burned out a little, I think?

I can handle what I have but adding another trip just seems overwhelming right now. Hubs just took the boys to the park and they are back already...

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday, Crazy list of to do's

      I am happy to say I did get a lot of sewing done yesterday, but not much else.  I found myself cleaning up the kitchen late last night waiting for Hubs to get home from helping the kids move.

     I was able to knock out 3 bridesmaid dresses and a pile of pants and get many things organized. I took out a large chicken ,2 lbs of bacon and a couple pounds of burger out of the freezer in anticipation of the kids coming.

     Just found out the dog got sick under the bed in the spare room while I was gone.  Of course the stain will not come out.  Can I tell you how much I hate carpet?  Can't wait to get these two bedrooms done up in a laminate of some kind.  But that is for later.


go meet with Native American store owner

clean out drawers in spare room

work on cushions  

meet with clients

clean kitchen appliances (stainless steel ugh!)

clean kitchen floor (hubs is a slob) Hubs did this yeah!

     My Sissie and my friends are all at breakfast with another grade school friend from our neighborhood who just moved across the river.  Can I go and have fun?  NO!  But I am happy she moved here and I will meet up with her later.

Well I am off.  Pray for me, my life is about to get crazier than it already is.....Is that possible?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thursday, Will status quote ever return?

      Well I got back late last night with my daughters car and it is full of Schmill's things and baby stuff.  We will be taken over by baby.  Which is okay with me.  Let me tell you that little princess is a lot of work. She came home after 1.5 days in the hospital.  I could not believe they let them out that early.  The only instructions were to keep her warm and feed her every two hours.  Daughter was very sore but was able to get more rest at home.

     The first couple of nights were rough.  Baby was up constantly and daughter in pain.  I did not get much sleep but was able to nap during the day.  This allowed son-in-law to get some good rest and be ready for their move.  My daughter on the third night told me how grateful she was that I was there with her.  It was constant lift and bring her the baby.  That little squeaker poops more than any baby I have seen.  I loved every minute of it, although I was very tired.

     I just cleaned and cooked and packed, and packed and changed nappies.  Schmills did his best to keep my heart pumping. He loves to tease me. He gets that from his dad, who loved nothing better than to give me a bad time. 

     The kids are due here tomorrow to stay with us until their house closes.  It will be a tight squeeze but we will manage.  Hubs has to run back up to Spokane today to help son in law with the final loads. All three of them (not hubs, baby, daughter, son-in-law) have doctor appointments Friday morning. So after they get the all clear they are with us.

     Sissie came over while I was gone and did all my ironing.  Bless her little soul. I am going to empty out all the drawers in the spare room so daughters family has some storage.  Then we will put up a clothing rack in the garage.

     I need to really sew today and I have not even looked in the shop and tried to see what is what.  I just know there is a lot to do. On top of everything I want to see my Sissie and friends. I need to go grocery shopping.

     Lots to tell you and I left my phone cord at daughters so can't even give you more pictures of baby.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.