Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday, Crazy behind

      No my behind is not crazy although a little large maybe.  But I am crazy behind in the shop and it is all due to that baby.  Or should I say babies?  I just have spent too much time snuggling and not enough working.  In my defense, how long will they stay little?  Not long enough.

     We helped the kids move into their new place yesterday. They don't officially close until the end of the month(hopefully) but they got to get into the place last night. It was hard to see Schmills and Kelsa go, but this grandma needs to work without distractions.  

     Hubs and I really miss them especially the babies. Hubs is going up to help get another load from the storage unit as soon as he gets back from Home depot where I sent him to get me new shelving for my shop.  I cannot work in the shop as it is.  Well I can work, but I need to revamp a little to make it easier for me.  I will keep you posted.

     Our new California neighbor moved in and she is an elderly single lady.  Her younger brother from the Seattle area helped her move in and we warned them about the snakes coming in to get under porches, where they like to winter.  The brother asked what we did when we found one and I told him we killed them.  His reply was , "What kind of people are you?"  I told him, "The kind that kill rattlesnakes."  After he left his sister apologized and said he feels that all creatures have a right to life and I believe they do, just not snakes on my property.  That goes for hobo spiders and black widows as well.

     I think she is going to be a really nice neighbor. Although she has 6 cats..... Should I be worried? She does not seem to be in that great of health.  Anyway nice to have that box filled.  We have nice neighbors.

    The signs for my shop should be ready before the end of the week, I am hoping I don't get any crap from neighbors.  So far I have not had any signs and people find me, so we will see.

     Daughter will be down this evening with Schmills and baby.  She teaches tonight and Schmills has karate lessons.  So we will get our baby snuggles.  I need to throw together a large pan of chicken enchiladas.  Yesterday morning, I cleaned out the fridge and made a spinach quiche, and apple salad, a small stew( dinner last night) roasted a small chicken and made a large batch of cucumbers in vinegar. So I now have to use up the chicken and daughter will arrive hungry I am sure, plus I can send home food for Nathan.


1. finish wedding dress

2. missionary coats

3. the pile

a. a black thing

b. another black thing

c another black thing

d. another black thing

e. one hem and a waist

f. another wedding dress

g. a bridesmaid dress 

I still have not started on that wedding I have to do or the Indian skirts.  AGhhhh!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




  1. Exactly - rattle snakes get killed. And you won't walk up and try to pet bears and bison, either....

    1. Some people do....they end up on the news and not in a good way.

  2. What kind of person is the younger brother? I was in Lowe's and saw something for repelling snakes.

    When I bought a Butterick pattern cabinet, I was so organized that life was easier. Those long sections were perfect for all sorts of supplies. Of course, all patterns went into the cabinet, too. Those babies need snuggling right now while they are so tiny.

  3. That's a lot of black sewing projects. So descriptive. ;-)

    Good luck & sorry you are done snuggling babies. Hopefully you get a bit of balance back.

  4. That is quite the list.

    God bless.

    1. Well it will not be any smaller today I am afraid.

  5. Totally jealous about getting baby snuggles. It may be a bit before I can go out to see my babies.

  6. I am giggling over the black thing, and another black thing, and another black thing.
    Of course you have to snuggle babies when you get the chance__it's the law!
    We found a rather large copperhead in the yard the other day and TheHub let it go? What the Heck!

    1. It is now under your deck laying eggs. Learn to leap my friend and then send me a picture of said leap.

  7. I have no babies to snuggle and still vote snuggle babies or over dresses in the shop.

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