Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tuesday, I made some headway


Here is a picture of the completed bookcase, with plenty of room to add books! Our Alma Mater proudly displayed in the Montana sign.  I will put pictures of D#2's children in the coral frames as soon as they are ready.

Nathan hung my mirror.  There is too much glare here at night for the Jewish Madonna, so I swapped it out. You have to live with a house for a while.

I will eventually replace those burgundy rugs that I have from the old house, but not until I find a great deal.

Our loan funds today so I need to go and see how to pay back our covid investment loan and get my finances on even keel.  That is going to take a few hours of my day.

Swedish Madonna moved by the toy trunk that was made by my Father.  I am eventually going to tole paint this when I have time. HA!

Hubs helped the kids move yesterday and will again today.  He called me in the middle of my day to ask which baby he should hold, just to make me jealous.  It worked.

The kids came in last night to shower and eat.  They could not find shower curtains. Schmills and I played video games on my phone. Grandma bonding.

I was able to pick up a couple of these frames at second hand stores, one at Pier one's close out for 80% off and I had to order one full price from Amazon.  I want to do a picture collage of all 5 grand kids but still waiting on pictures from the girls. 

I do have one extra for......? Maybe a someday?

Pulled Italian sausage brats out for dinner as I need to use up some buns.  Also will make a broccoli salad.

It is rainy here and thank goodness as the air is finally clean.  We lived in and inversion of terrible smog and fire smoke for almost 10 days.

You can finally see the river. Yesterday I had a whole flock of turtle doves eating bird seed I throw out.  There must have been over 100 of them.  I love it!

Here is the new patio set and Huge umbrella.  All gifts.  The umbrella from my Lil sister. and the patio set from my two girlfriends and my sisters.  I love it. It is big enough for three couples and the grand kids can eat on the other deck pieces. I am so grateful for my friends and family.  They are very generous.

I was really able to kick trough the piles yesterday and hope upon completion of :

1. wedding dress

2. bridesmaid hem

3. bridesmaid hem and darts

4. hem jeans

5.replace zipper

6. Indian skirt

7. bills and budget

I would love to be able to drive up to Daughters house this evening and see and help.  But so much depends on how the day goes. Wish me luck my friends.

Have a great and productive day staying positive  while you are in the negative.



  1. Love the frame choices, I love blue/navy blue! Patio set is beautiful, what it really shows is how people who help and give to others have those things come back to you! Yeah for babies. I have 12 grandkids and the baby just turned three. (Older two children have 6 each, younger two just getting married starting families in a couple of years). And oh your Swedish Madonna wow.

    1. I do truly feel blessed. I have had so many nice things happen since the move.

  2. Your house is getting put together at an incredibly fast rate considering the babies and the houseguests! I am seriously impressed as I walk through my house that we have lived in for over 20 years that I still call a work in progress.

    1. Well I am a finisher, which is a great gift if you are producing a musical, but not so good for life in general.

  3. Your are getting lots of sewing done and decorating! Love the patio!

  4. Your new home looks so nice and the view from your patio is awesome.
    I have a hard time imaging you sitting still and reading many books as you accomplish so much everyday.
    Happy for you having sweet babies, a beautiful home and busy business ❤️

    1. Well That is my goal, but right now it seems so far away. It will happen.

  5. What a beautiful view! Absolutely gorgeous, and I'm glad the smoke and fires are less.
    Love the bookcase! Your husband did a great job.
    The patio is lovely too. How sweet of friends and family.