Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday, I did get the bills paid, Now.....

      I finally made myself clean up my desk and get the bills paid.  I called on the Covid,, loan pay back and of course was put off until Monday. But I am some what worried about how long it is going to take with my shop revenue down to pay this money back.  All I can do is try the best I can. We are after all paying ourselves back.

     Since neither hubs not I have any life insurance any more, I found out we can get a term policy very cheaply at a our credit union. So I plan on getting $25,000 on each of us until this loan is paid back. It will just make me feel better.

     Still have no idea of a budget yet as I have not received all the bills for a whole month yet.  But I have to say that both the water and power bills are much less and we got to use a good air conditioner something we have not had for over 20 years. I did receive our first water bill and the water portion was $37.41 which is about $150.00 less than the old place during the summer month. I was thrilled with that news.

I will take pictures of the Indian skirts I make and the camo wedding.  Today we went to the grocer for more fresh veggies, boy is salad and lettuce high in price.  Drives me nuts.  I don't like to get bagged salad as it has all those preservatives in it and I can taste them.  Of course it is cheaper to buy them that way.  But that kind of cheap I can skip.

We are driving up to daughter #2's later this afternoon to help with the house.  I haven't sen the baby for two days and I know she is missing her grandma.

We drove the 4 miles out to the reservation for gas as it is .20 less a gallon and worth it. October is right around the corner and I am looking forward to setting up the new budget in this house.  I have many smaller bills that need to be paid and I want to get going on those and tick them off. Because every extra penny after they are paid will go to the house and the car.  Once the car is paid off we will replace Hubs truck.  Future plans for sure.

Have a great and productive day straying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. That is so great that the water bill is so much lower, Kim. Good idea to take out the life insurance too while the loan is being paid off.

    1. I think living here will b about $300.00 a month less than the old house just between the utilities.

  2. You definitely want the baby to be able to remember you and look forward to all the snuggling.

    1. She is so cuddly and my new grandson is all about trying to hold his back straight and his head up.

  3. Glad that you are seeing some lower costs.

    Snuggle that baby.

    God bless.

  4. Go girl! the U.K.