Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday, Staying focused.

      Yesterday was so busy.  I felt like I was on a dead run.  I was able to get my wedding dress done about 7 last night.  But I also completed the bridesmaid dress and hemmed a pair of trousers.  I think my bride will be here any moment to pick up dress,then I have three more to get done before the end of the week.

     Hubs and Nathan started on my book shelf yesterday.  The boards are cut sanded and stained and just waiting to be put together.Even Schmills helped stain.  I had to laugh as he was bare foot and when he came into take a bath his little footprints stained the bathroom tile.  It was easy to remove, but so cute.

     About 5 yesterday I was hand sewing lace around the bottom of a wedding dress, trying to put together a lasagna, (I had the noodles boiling) daughter was napping, and the baby was stinky and wanted to be fed.  I had to call for help.  The men were in the garage working on the bookcase. I did not want to wake my daughter as the baby had kept her up much of the night. Hubs came into feed the baby and Nathan changed her while I put together a lasagna, and a pan of stuffed shells which I froze. 

     There is always enough lasagna noodles to make about 1/3 of a pan.  I found this long narrow covered glass container that was just the width of a noodle.  I was able to layer two helpings in that pan and froze it for Hubs and I later. I was happy to use up two large bags of homemade spag sauce I had frozen this spring.  I also had two large bags of shredded mozzarella cheese that I bought on special for 2.00 a pound that needed to be used. I didn't use all the cheese but got a good start on it.

     I have been perusing the second hand shops when I have a few moments and today I stopped by St. Vinnies.  Costco was unloading a truck full of produce to give away.  I was encouraged to take some as it goes bad if not picked up immediate.  It is still hot here. So I got a salad kit, green beans, and large bag of spinach and two bags of minnie cucumbers.  I love those little cucumbers but won't buy them because of the price.  I guess they have this happen at lest once a week and they said to check their face book page.  I don't see myself as low income but if the food is going to go bad I would rather eat it and just give them a cash donation. So I will be checking their site more often.

     I was able to take the last document to the bank yesterday and our loan should be out before the end of the week.  I am anxiuos to see where the budget stands and get a plan ready for pay off. There are many things waiting here to be done as in fixing both vehicles body damage.  I will just pay for my car and turn the truck into insurance.But I want to cash flow through my shop.

     Well I need to get into the shop and get a large bag of alterations done plus a few piles and then start another wedding dress.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. It is a good thing to have a crew when taking care of a baby lol. I cannot imagine the pan you used to make the two helpings of lasagna unless it is like my Snaplock glass pan to cook, serve, and store food. So, that gives me an idea for freezing food.

  2. I want a picture of the pan. It's just the two of us and I would love to make just enough for 2.

    1. Will do, but it will not store a left over and we all want leftover lasagna right?

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