Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday, is next year going to cost as much?

     In reviewing the calendar for last year, I started to realize just how much money we spent on non essentials.  Now I am not saying these were not worth while expenses, just that they will not occur or I hope they will not occur again this year.  We all have emergencies that we cannot avoid and we will all continue to have these.  But I just had a whopping amount of money go out of my budget that I wish I could have applied to debt.

January:     Christmas bills because I was bad in 2010.  I will not have that
                  problem this year. $2,412.00
                  Help daughter with school $500.00
February:   New grandbaby, cost of travel, gifts, time off work, subs, $1500.00
                  Purchase loops for daughter for school $600.00
March:       travel with the family to see grand baby blessed $700.00
April:         Mom has major heart attack, travel, time, work lost, $1500.00
May:         Graduation expenses and testing for daughter's license $3000.00
                 Purchase a new (used car) $2500.00 down payment
June:         Youngest graduates, party, gifts, pictures etc. $1000.00

July:         Vacation $700.00
                Purchase new (used car) for youngest daughter $2500.00 down
                Mom comes to visit and gets very sick, supplies $500.00
August:     Get daughter ready for school (College)  set up apartment and
                move her.  $2000.00
                 Daughters new (used car) needs a clutch $750.00
Sept:        Trip to sisters $1000.00 (I did not want to go and I will not go again this
October:   Mom has another attack (I did not go)
November:  Hubby has a medical emergency $700.00
                   New tires for truck $903.00

December: Bed room flooding has to be fixed, $2400.00

     Add these up folks and it is over $24,000.00.  See how hard it is to get out of debt?  Now some of these things are certainly not necessary expenses.  I did not have to go when the grandson was born.  But I did.  We did not need to take a vacation or go on the girls trip but we did.  My mother has had a bad health year, but is this going to get better? Probably not.  I do see several expenses that will not likely reoccur this year.  We will not need to put down payments on cars.  We will not need to set up a college apartment, the truck tires will last for at least 4 years.  Hopefully we will not have as many medical problems, but who knows?  The bedroom flood was an accident, but we all have those, right?

      This is why I started blogging.  I work so hard and I feel like I tread water!  But it is easy to see why when you list the things that go on here financially.  I can say that I have two daughters that are in very good careers and are on their own now.  Such a relief.  We have the other set up ready to stay for the long haul.  (Our oldest stayed in the same apartment all the way through Law School, 7 years)  it was pretty ratty when she was done.  We will expect the youngest to do this also if we feel it is a good situation. The medical emergencies we just can't avoid that is life.

     But here is to a new year without major expenses with cars and kids!  That is my one big goal!
Even if we can keep this list down by 1/2 it will be better.  But I think that this year will be the year I finally break out!  Because it is getting easier and I am getting tougher.

     Out My Window:  It rained here hard all day yesterday so it is much warmer!  But that means it is really snowing some where else.

     I have to do a mass mailing today for the studio with some tweaks on the schedule. I hate the time it takes, but that is life.  Also have sewing that has to be done and a bride coming over for a fitting.  I need to fill the truck with boxes from all the Christmas crap around here and take a run to the dump.  Also Judy has inspired me to clean out my closet and linen closet.  I think I need to start taking down Christmas.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. What an expensive year! Hopefully 2012 treats you better.

  2. Yep, I know the feeling of treading water. I figure at some point, something will have to give somewhere. Will it really stay on this track? Probably not. However, being conscious of it and working toward a goal is the best and really the best thing you can do.

    Girl, you make me exhausted reading about all you do - your efforts will be rewarded one day.

  3. This will be a better year. Crap always happens, but with a plan it is easier to deal with.
    Onwards and upwards! (my new theme for 2012)

    You have a great day too Kim! :)

  4. Yikes!!! But it will be better in 2012!

  5. Wow - that was a lot of money "out your window"!! But it is so good to keep track and know where it went - you certainly didn't do anything frivolous! Life happens when we're busy making other plans, darn it all!
    It's finally snowing here! Nothing but rain up until yesterday!

  6. You are braver than I am. I am too scared to add up all the costs. I just know where we stand right now.

  7. illness, emergency's and kids accounted for a lot of my debt too, so I can appreciate how easy it is for this to happen. 2012 will be better!

  8. I'm with Mysti on this one- I don't think I want to or can backtract to all the unplanned, additional costs I incurred this year that I wasn't supposed to. Especially since I had Murphy moved in with me for a large part of the year. But no more! So here's to a better 2012.

  9. Most of your expenses look like one-time things so hopefully next year will be better. Dave Ramsey points out that when you get serious about becoming debt free, Murphy usually moves in for a while (which happened to us a while back--it seemed like we had emergency after emergency for a while which continually zapped our emergency fund but we pulled through and havent had near as many emergencies as we did before). Good luck on 2012!!

  10. I'm with you. I'm always treading even though I work very hard and live very frugal. It hardly seems fair! Hope your holidays were happy :)

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  12. What ever happen with the bridesmaids that had not picked up there dresses the week before the wedding?

  13. Judy, the little shrews called me and told me they would pick them up after they suntanned late in the afternoon. I told them I would be at the theater and they had to pick them up in the next hour. I would not let them pick them up with me not here. I often let people do that and just leave a check. But young girls have been known to take the dress and run and the fact that they gave me 2 cell numbers that did not work, told me they were broke. I told them I needed cash. One of them came and she was nasty! But she had $100.00. See I am learning, but I had to do it the hard way!