Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday, Things I achieved in 2011

     It was a great year for expensive trials but also expensive blessings.  When I listed all the things I had spent money on I began to understand how hard it was for me to get debt paid off, but I also need to realize that many of these same negative monetary experiences were also things that will lead to positives in the future.

1. I paid off our truck in 18 months down from a 5 year note (Original loan 19,300.00)
2.  I paid off my mother early (original loan $12,000)
3. I  paid off another consumer loan
4.  I refinanced the house and home equity line down to 3.36% making a possible pay of in 3years 5 months
5.  I took two large high interest studio notes and refinanced them into the truck equity at 3.99%
6. I bought a new(used car) and put $2500.00 down on it, to keep payments down under $350.00 and guarantee a pay off in less that 4 years.
7.  I had my first grandchild
8. I was able to help daughter #2 with her exams to finish her licensing.
9.  My youngest graduated from High School with a 3.79 GPA and a 4.00 her final semester enabling her to go to our State University with over 1/2 her fees paid with Governors Scholarships.
10.  Our middle daughter graduated from Dental Hygiene school and passed all her exams and now has a very good job.
11. I helped youngest daughter get a car that will last her hopefully through college.
12.  I had three very successful Dance productions
13.  The studio came in at maximum enrollment this fall, we had to put students on waiting lists.
14.  We finally made the parents get on the right page to pay tuition in a timely manner.
15. My mother survived 2 very bad heart attacks.
16.  My husband survived a very bad choking episode followed by surgery to help correct a problem.
17.  I created a blog that helps me set goals and get out of debt
18.  I have made many new friends that I can't imagine not having in my life right now.
19.  I paid off $28,000 worth of debt
20. I was able to survive many financial set backs without going further into debt!

     It was a great year.  See the glass is half full!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I wiuld have to say it was an excellent year! And 2012 is going to be great

  2. You need to bookmark this page. And everytime you are feeling negative....pull it up. And see how amazing you are!!!

  3. I'd say the glass is MORE than half full! Those are some pretty fantastic accomplishments. I especially like #7. And Mysti is right - bookmark this page!


  4. The glass is more than half full! :) Congrats!!

  5. are way too hard on yourself, that's an amazing year!

  6. Those are great achievements! I'm sure there are more to come in 2012 :-)

  7. I went back to your other post with the list of expensive expenses of which there were only EIGHTEEN compared to your list of TWENTY REALLY TERRIFIC things that you achieved. God is good.

  8. When you tallied up all the fantastic accomplishments for 2011, could you believe it? 2011 was an incredibly productive year for you in many ways (with a grandbaby as a bonus!). What an encouraging post.

    Best wishes for an even better 2012... somehow!


  9. I just hope I SUCK AT FAILING as well as you did in 2011!
    How's that for a brain twister?lolol

    Great movement in the RIGHT direction...bravo!!

  10. Seems to me it was an AMAZING year for you!! Keep the good karma coming in 2012! Happy New Year!!

  11. wow thats a lot of very impressive achievements, despite the difficult times! well done!

  12. You had a great year!! Here is to a wonderful 2012!

  13. Congrats on a fabulous 2011! Best wishes for an even better 2012!

  14. That is an AMAZING amount of debt to pay off! You should feel very proud of yourself.