Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, so free!

     I feel so free, but this also makes me unmotivated.  I really have to go in and sew for a few hours.  I need to clean the kitchen.  I have to wrap presents.  But here I sit and blog.  I just really don't care.
     I did get to Macy's today and exchanged that sweater, no problems.  Bought a pair of black pants that don't fit.  No I did not try them on, I hate trying things on. Now I will need to go back.  I did find Grandson a pair of elf pj's for $2.49.  What a bargain.
     I am going to make caramels, toffee, and fudge tonight.  I will also make all the cookie doughs that have to be refrigerated before they can be rolled out.  This will make things go faster tomorrow.  Hubby picked up walnuts and heavy cream at Winco, while he was out of town yesterday.  He is so miserable with his cold but he has to go up for a very expensive map-training course. So he took off this morning sniffing and dripping.  I went to the pharmacy last night and bought him, dayquil tablets and packages of kleenex.
     B is going back to Moscow to work for the next 2 days.  So I will clean the house and hopefully I can stay on top of her until the other come home!  I will have the house keeper change all the sheets tomorrow and help me bake.  She loves it.  She says it is the best bonus ever.  She gets paid 4 extra hours, has a blast and gets all her baking done!  I send her home with 13 different kinds of treats.  If I did not have her help I could not do this so it is worth it besides I love her.
     So now you can see what a lazy procrastinator I can be when I am not behind the 8 ball!    I really just want to go out a shop some more and read books and watch movies and eat crap.  But I will not!

   Out My Window:  I need to go check on the chickens!  See I am even neglecting the chickens.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. With all you do....I think you can put your feet up for a few hours. Your treats sound YUMMY!

  2. I absolutely thing you deserve the time blog and not care... if even for a little bit.

    So happy to read you will be able to get the generic version of your meds and drastically reduce that expense!!!

    What a great deal on the pj's and glad you were able to get the sweaters at the way cheaper price too! You are doing great Kim!

  3. Procrastinator? You are amking 13 different kinds of treats!!! Holy cow! I will be happy to get a few dozen cookies made! Glad you are getting a bit of time to relax though--you deserve it!