Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday night, All day rehearsal,

     Oh my soooooooo tired, rehearsal from 8 until 3.  Then home to make a tossed salad for 30 to take to church Christmas party.  Just got back from party that I had to force myself to sit through.  I realize I have and I mean have to go to the grocery store. 
      Rehearsal went well, but so many costume glitches.  I thought I was almost done and almost every number has a problem. I also need to go to Joann fabrics as I ran out of under lining for pear costumes.  The mock-up is darling but the design needs to be tweaked.
     The shop was so busy yesterday afternoon and I am very behind.  I mean with clothes that cannot be put off, like dress blues, inspection blues, police uniforms and bridesmaid dresses.  I need Christmas money so it is good, but I also have to find time to do all of this.  I will, I always do I just need to whine.

     Out My Window: What window?  I left in the dark for the studio and came home in the dark.

     I am gong to the store and then I am going to bed!

Have a great Saturday night!



  1. Get some rest and we will see you around!

  2. Hope you have a great sleep. You deserve it!

  3. I had TOO much fun last night and paying for it today:) The Christmas festivities with friends has begun!
    You are a perfectionist aren't you? I hope you can get all of your glitches worked out (I know you will) and that all of your shows go off without too many hitches. Glitches and hitches, oh my!

  4. Get some rest. And next time "just say no" to parties you dont want to go to. Now get..go on..get some rest