Friday, December 2, 2011


     I had a contractor come in yesterday and he said the sheet rock is fine.  It is not mushy or molded through.  We are to pull up carpet and then continue to wash with bleach and vinegar let it dry and replace the carpet.  So that is a big load off.  I tried to get out yesterday to look at paint and carpet but it never happened.
     Frantically working on costumes, and I do beleive we have everything purchased for the show as far as costumes are concerned.  I made a list, I have checked it twice, and I have started to eliminate things on the list.  We will still have our share of aggravation.  Daughter is home today at sometime and that will be a relief to turn some things over to her. Even if it is only for 2 days.  We have to get the program hashed out tonight and that is always fun, oh and also the music cut and ready, yeah!  Got to love show time, the world speeds up and I feel like I slow down.
     Went to the CU board meeting last night and felt like all they do is disagree.  There are some real strong people there.  I feel sorry to have been put in with them.  Not that they are not all nice great people, but I feel that the situation is antiquated and no one wants to change, if they don't change they will fail.  I will not run for the board as I will not be there when it goes down.  I just have to supervise and that is fine with me.  I can count cash drawers, and check records and stay out of the fray!

     Out My Window:  It is cold, foggy,the deck is covered with a fine frost.  Truly winter.  I received my first power bill and it was for $246.00 last month and it wasn't even cold.  We really need to replace windows and doors like Judy, but no money right now.

     I was not able to sew at all yesterday or add to my Christmas money.  So today before my rehearsal (at 3:00) I will get busy and get some work done.  Shame on me.  Laying around yesterday reading dime store novels.  I had a mother come help me yesterday and she will help again today, so that is nice!

     There are several blogs out there that are just starting with debt repayment and they are so discouraged.  One blogger was upset as she had not made any progress the whole year.  She had not paid down her debt at all.  She felt like a failure.  But I told her I went like this for years, pay off ,charge up, progress, no progress, but I was learning.  I was not going deeper in debt.  I was developing skills and eventually it worked.  Christmas is a bad time to self reflect sometimes as money flies out the window, (yes ,Jane here also) but we must not forget what we have learned from each other and the great support network we have made.  We all learn from our trials and errors.  We will master this, we will also backslide (some of us) but we will also conquer this problem.

  If I played the lottery (which I don't) and I won (which I won't) I would pay off all of our bills and we would have a big old party. Because I cannot do this alone (I feel a Broadway tune coming on)  Mark will you back me up on this one?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow your power bill is expensive! Ours was around $40 last month.

  2. My parents' electric bill is almost never below $260, and usually hoovering at the $300-340 record.

  3. the new windows and the thermal curtains have made a big difference. I have the thermals on every window in the house, they werent cheap but I got them on clearance. You could probably make them. I even have them on a tension rod at the bottom of the basement steps and the run way. It helps.

    I think last year was a rough year for everyone but I think we will ALL be ok this year..fingers crossed

  4. How about this tune?
    "I did it myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy!!