Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, still saving but frustrated!

  Well I have $406.00 in the Christmas account not counting my change jar that I have not touched since Sept 5th.  I also received a phone call from the older couple that had Thanksgiving dinner with us.  She wants the family to come to her house Christmas day for dinner.  We always have a big Christmas eve meal and I make orange rolls Christmas morning.  This is great, it makes her happy and I do not have to spend the money.  I am looking for ways to save right now as Murphy is here and staying.
     I received a $467.00 water bill, that is due December 20th!  Yes,our lovely flood and our renter and his 45 minute showers to cover up the fact that he was smoking and not always cigarettes caused the bill for November to be about 2x as high as usual.  Oh well he is gone, at least I have not seen him for 2 weeks.  We think he comes back when he knows we are not home.  Nice kid but what a dunce.

   Anyway about the room.  I do want to get it done before Christmas as my oldest daughter and husband and her baby will stay in there.  The flood did major damage to the sheet rock.   Because the student did not tell us for 4 days that the room had flooded (I think he was in a stupor and thought he had caused it.)  We did not get to clean up right away.  This basement has flooded before and we have gone right in and sucked out the water, dried the carpets and it is fine, but 4 days was too long we have major mold issues now.
     The room smells musty and old.  Tore off the molding around the room and closet yesterday and all of the wallpaper is off thanks to the housekeeper!  There is black looking mold up at least two inches all around the room.  We went in and cleaned with bleach and vinegar and it certainly does not smell as bad to day, but a man will come over to see about cutting the bottom off the sheet rock, at least 4 inches.  I told my husband that I was not going to let the sheet rock touch the floor and put 4 inch rubber molding around  that was if it floods again I can be sure it does not wick up.  What a pain and an expense.  Like I need this right now.  But I also cannot have black mold in the house with the medication that I take.  It is one of the big no,nos.  Now that the mold has been disturbed we have to take care of it.
    Why does everything have to be a huge project?!
     Was able to sew some yesterday and pass out some costumes.  I have a finalized list and it is long, but doable.  Have parents crapping out on me right and left, but I am used to that.  Then I have lovely parents that do too much, love them!  I am taking a woman out to lunch today from our church.  She needs friends.  I really like her, very talented musically, but some what caustic, I understand her, but most people are put off by her, she just marches to the beat of her own drummer.  I then have to teach and have a sub going in tonight as I have a meeting with the CU board of directors( I serve as the trust control liaison)  It is a biyearly meeting I cannot miss. Blah!  Like I have time for this right now.

      Out My Window:  COLD!  I mean 31 degrees which is cold for our part of the country!

     We have already had over $1600.00 come into the studio for December's tuition.  I think the parents have got it now.  Maybe I should not say too much this could all be for naught.  But at least I can pay the $500.00 CU bill and do payroll tomorrow. 

     Well I am going to take a bath, the I will sew until noon, go have lunch, go teach, go to the meeting, I also have to get to Joann's for fabric, we are short a pair of drummer pants! Does it ever end.  NO!

     Sending love to Mark in his time of sorrow, I wish everyone had a brother as great as you!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow that's a big water bill! Is that per month? Ours is around $20 per month.

  2. I'm so sorry about your ongoing flooding/mold challenges. What a hassle! Hope that the paying schedule remains on track with the parents & that they have permanently "gotten" the importance of paying bills on time.

  3. 467 for water??? YIKES. I thought my 338 was bad.

    I am so sorry about the mold...but I agree with you. If you have started, you need to take care of it. Piss poor timing though!

  4. I wish Mark were my brother too!

    I had the same thing happen to me last year with my basement flood. Mold grew quickly and I had to replace walls and carpet. What.a.mess. Will insurance pay for any of it?

  5. You've gotta lot of balls up in the air these days - I just about jumped for joy when you said you don't have to make Christmas dinner - what goes around comes around and now it's your turn to relax and let someone else cook! Yay!
    Whoa - sorry to hear about your water problems and mold - now I understand why you're busy with fixing up the room for your oldest daughter and her family. Keep breathing Kim!