Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday, I am close to done!

     I have been dashing in to shop between rehearsals and I am almost done.  Now I have to sit down and account for the money I have spent.  But I can do that this weekend.  I feel like I am wrapping up such a busy schedule.  The play will soon be over, the bedroom is done and the furniture will be delivered today,  Christmas shopping is almost done.  Still have to figure out stockings. Shop for food, but I have all next week.  No lessons, no school, just the shop it will be great.
     I also added $119.00 to the Christmas fund yesterday.  I have 3 bridesmaid dresses that have to be picked up for a Wedding on Saturday.  I keep wondering when they will do this, it is getting close.  I am not here a lot.  I will not be here at all on Friday as I will be at the theater.  The # they gave me is a cell phone and it is not working.
     The young man who was renting from us came and picked up his bed yesterday.  But there is still more to come and get, but that is good, it was the largest object and I can move the rest of the stuff into the shop.  I want my shop bathroom back!  It has been full of boxes for 2 weeks.  Just nice to get my house back.  You know what I mean don't you Sharon?

     Out My Window:  Still cloudy and cold, drab I hope this doesn't continue through January.  I will have to leave  the valley to see the sun.

     I will go pull props this afternoon, and I will pull set pieces (very few) tonight.  I have been very lax with this show because I just don't care.  Also so we don't get our stage until Friday afternoon so what is the use?  Jr. High kids are visual learners you cannot tell them in theory they have to do it and experience it and I am not going to waste my time.  I do have a nice group of kids.  A few I would like to throw out but you always have a few of those.  Sometimes years down the road they turn out to be your best.  I am always reminding myself how miserable I was to work with as a kid.  Kind of humbling when I think of it.

     I have developed a bad cold.  I am on a Day Quil high right now.  It has been coming on for 3 days and now I am on the first day of the three days there.  Yippee! Drip, sneeze, headache, can't hear, cough, wet pants (oops too personal).
     I am really tired of being so busy.  I hope in the new year to try and scale back.  I know I have to do the three dance shows a year, but I would like to get rid of all the others.  Just too much, it makes me cranky.

     I need to go clean up, run through the house, do a pile of sewing, make a prop list and hit the theater.
Cold medicine is making me goofy, like I need help with that!
 Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wowzers. I don't do 1/4 of what you do in a day and some days I feel busy. I have no idea how you do what you do and remain sane.

  2. Wait its been the cough meds making you goofy all this time. Hope all went well