Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday, Still saving, not spending

     I will have the biggest Christmas fund ever because I don't have time to shop and when I do I return the gifts! Ha!  Added $22.00 yesterday and much more will come in today and tomorrow.  I hope to top out at $1000.00 this will include the groceries also.  It is so nice to realize that I am not going into debt for Christmas.
     I have to pull all the costumes for Jr. High show today and I am dreading it.  I am sure I am making it a much bigger job in my mind than it will be.  But it will get done. I have a dance mom with Theater experience coming down today to help me. The cast only has 16 kids but some have up to 4 costume changes so that is a lot of work.  Hubby is busy making me a frame for Scrooge's bed so I can hang bed curtains.  What a nice guy.  I also need a tomb stone on wheels and a crutch.
     After my rehearsal tonight I will be able to do a little shopping.  I plan to return to Macy's.  Yes I think I will get a red wallet (gasp) and a couple of sweaters.  Hmmmmm? I think I will have to get online for the rest of my purchases, or drive to Spokane.  Both girls need and want boots and you will not be able to get those here.
  Great news! Youngest daughter got a new roommate yesterday for next semester.  I was worried as she had no one this last month and we had to come up with the extra $300.00.  I could just see my budget blown to pieces next semester.  She can borrow more money, but I would prefer that she did not. The new roomy was excited as she only has to bring down personal items and a bed.  How easy is that for a move?
     I took a few things down to the studio yesterday that belong to the old roomy here.  I still have a nice bed and a desk.  But I will move those to the studio also.  We just don't have the room here.  I can't beleive this kid just walked away from all of these possessions.  I mean a ton of very nice clothes.  Weird.  I am sure his parents will come and get them.
   Out My Window:  Still very cold and miserable.  I long for the sun.  Maybe it will peek out today!

     I see that many of us are already blogging about our goals for the new year, but I am going to wait until after Christmas.   I really don't know where I will stand and I want to get one thing done at a time.  I feel like I have made really good progress this year.  My daughter (and attorney) will look at my books and pay off strategy when she comes in a week.  She always has a plan which usually differs from mine.  But this is a child that has yet to buy a house and has thousands in the bank.  She is very good with money.  Much better than me.
     I think this will be a good Christmas, mostly because two of the girls have good jobs and are not expecting me to deliver.  I can handle the youngest.  She is also growing up.  I think it is an eye opener when you have to call your mother for $3.00 because you are out of milk.  She really sees that she has to budget and she can't just have anything she wants.  I am looking on line for a used Ipod.  Has anyone ever bought a used item like this?  I know I will not get her a new one as she needs to learn to listen when I tell her to not take her expensive stuff to parties.  But I am some what at a loss on what to get her.  I also wonder if these will go way down after Christmas?
     I feel so bad for Mysti with her i pad dilemma.  What a mess.  But she is in the same boat I am in.  New car (Cars with the girls) and two to buy for without a lot of cash laying around.

     Well I have a pile of sewing that will not do itself and then off to pull costumes!  Hooray my favorite thing to do! Not):  But maybe, just maybe I will get somewhere on my Christmas list.

     Have a great and productive day!



  1. I purchased all of the ipods we have through apple. They have a refurbish department and you get a one year warranty with them.

    Good luck getting through all those cosutmes.

  2. I still have barely done any Christmas shopping, but the budget keeps increasing!

  3. I would suggest apple website too. I've never bought a refurbished one but if it has a warranty it sounds good.

    I linked up to you on my site Kim.
    Have a great day too!

  4. See? Told ya...I say hang on to your Christmas fund and take a trip to Hawaii next year!! I've never bought a used iPod and would hesitate. They really have come down in price with the iPod Nano starting at only $129. I went through that with my daughter but with her it was cell phones - thankfully she buys them herself now though she still loses them just as often!