Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday night, Who keeps eating the Christmas candy?

     Okay I still need to find a gift for the son-in-law, one for daughter #2 and my husband.  Hubby and I will go out and get something for our grandson.  I will send boxes to my mother and in-laws and to my secret blogger on Monday, then I just have stocking stuffers, but someone keeps eating the stocking candy.  Jane has not biked here yet so I know it isn't her. Hubby is on a diet....... I couldn't possibly have eaten 8 Russell Stover Santa's.  See what stress does to me? 



  1. I bought some Christmas candy and cookies today, definitely ate them all already.

  2. This is the reason I wait until the last possible minute to bake anything for the

    I think if you turn around you can find those Santas.....J/k...sorry I couldn't resist!

  3. Aaaaack!! by the time I get there all the candy will be GONE!! Hide some - quick!!

  4. I confess it was....sluggy..yeah she ate all the santas. It was all her so don't worry it was not you

  5. Kim,
    I pretty sure you were my secret Santa, and I just wanted to thank you very much for all the lovely jam and caddy holder. The parcel just arrived today and I will post a picture soon on my blog site. Everything arrived all in tack and the books are a very extra thoughtful gift. I really loved the material on top of the jar's.
    I was so happy all day about receiving this wonderful gift.
    Can hardly wait to try the jam.
    Thank-you again.