Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday night, why did I want the kids back home?

       My house is a wreck,  There is not a bedroom with a bed made, the family room is a disaster, the kitchen is disgusting.  Curling irons, bobby pins, hair bands, dirty clothes.  Every cupboard and drawer left open.  Just a pig sty. I am used to a very clean house.  No clutter.  My shop gets trashed but I can handle that, I am working in there and I clean out constantly, but this is just inconsiderate.  I took daughter #2's stuff and put it in a cardboard box in the garage and next week when she comes home she can just look  for it.  I also hid the straightener and the i-pod player in my closet, I am sure it will be needed tomorrow and it will not be returned until I get a guarantee that it will not be left out.  How many cell phone cords can 2 kids have?  I swear there are 20 plugged in right now!  Okay enough I love my children but they are pigs!

   I just found out that my expensive medication will go generic in  August of next year!  Yes that $2000.00 a month will probably drop to $1000.00 and then 6 months from that date down below $300.00.  Yahoo!  I can afford that.  We also received the rest of hubbies doctor bills for his choking episode and it will be about $350.00 more dollars, so that isn't too bad.

     I am anxious for the grocery store sale adds to come out tomorrow as we always do a big seafood dinner and prices are so high I am wondering what I am going to cut out?  We can afford it but for me it is the principle of the thing.

    Macy's is at it again.  Flier came out last week with cashmere sweaters at $39.00 regular $109.00 but when I went to get one they were marked $59.00, I asked the clerk about it and she said they were not offering everything at this store.  So I bought what they had.  Well tomorrow that same sweater is $39.00 and you can get $10.00 off a $29.00 or more purchase.  So guess what is going back?  I will then repurchase it for $19.00.  I guess it pays to do your shopping late.  If there was any place else to go, I would so be there.

     I think I am done shopping, except for the sweater exchange and a few stocking items.  I do have to plan a menu and shop for dinner, that is it!

     I returned many items today, and I turned in all Jr. High bills, have most of the laundry done from the show, I also mailed three packages today for Christmas.  I so love the fact that I have to shop for my in-laws and make sure their package is mailed on time. Spent over 3 hours doing this today with my 1.5 hour wait at the post office.  It cost $57.00 to mail three packages!

      I got hubby a real nice gift for his Birthday.  He came home today with my cold!

Have a restful night.



  1. I so understand. Right now in my closet is a straightener, 2 cans of hairspray, a phone charger, a laptop charger, an I think three pairs of shoes. I cant freaking stand it and they left it all in the bathroom.

    Like the saying goes "love to see them come, love to see them go"

    Good luck at Macys tomorrow. I didnt really shop there this year since they always annoy me somehow

  2. I still have shopping to do. My mom needs me to get a few things on her list.