Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday, trying to stay positive

     I am trying to stay up and positive, but it is hard. I sewed like a firestorm yesterday and I will take in no new sewing in the shop until next week.  I mean I will not do any more for customers until next week.  I also have $645.00 in the Christmas fund with $140.00 more to be picked up today or tomorrow.  I do have plenty of work for next week, but with the Jr. High show who knows when I will get to it.

     The piper costumes were brought in by a Mom last night and they are so cute.  I traced the blouses on UPS and they are due in late today. She has not finished the hats so they will come to the theater. Also picked up Nine ladie dresses not done yet from a mom and I will finish today.  (her husband needs a heart transplant and is going blind)  I just figured she had enough on her plate.  She was a big help in getting the 2 cow costumes done.  I will meet with a crew at 7:30 to move the floor and all props to theater and green room tonight. 
     Met with set man yesterday on moving tree platform for Partridge.  He will deliver on Friday afternoon.  I am so relieved to have the sewing caught up in the shop.  Now I can concentrate on the show.  I also will not meet with the Jr. High again until next Monday, so I don't feel so fractured.
     I was able to get foster sons Christmas gift purchased yesterday and it was over budget so I told him no stocking this year and I wasn't going to wrap it!  I wasted at least two hours yesterday trying to get a window replaced in the truck we had purchased him for his B-day.  It is a 1989 hi-lex?  Anyway finally found one at a wrecking yard.  Kids!  Like I needed to take care of that in the middle of all I have to do.   But where do these children/young adults go when they have no support group?  He is such a kind sweet young man, he just needs help.  Not financial help just life help.  Like who do you call?  How is that done?  Can he borrow a socket set? Can he borrow the battery charger?  Can he work on his truck in the garage where it is warm?  The sad thing is that there is a whole under currant of society out there that needs the same help.
     I have a list of things that have to be done today before three o'clock when I teach.

     Cow costume
     2 Nine ladie dresses
     One turtle dove skirt
     Alter a package costume (too big)
     sew the lead dancers new pointe shoe ribbons
     Finish pear costumes (2 are almost done, head pieces done just need elastic, finish cutting one out)
     Take everything to theater
     Pull floor, unroll at theater
     Set up platforms at theater and gaff the blacks onto stage
     Take all artificial trees to theater and set up

Fall into bed,  Hoorah!

     Out My Window:  Very cold here, like below freezing, everything covered in a heavy frost.  Brrr!

     I need to shower and hit the machines, I have my lists, please don't let me get to many interruptions today.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. You will get everything done. I am still amazed at your energy. And what a wonderful thing to do for that young man, I dont think there are alot of people who realize there are young people who are desperatly looking for someone to look up to and get a little bit of advice or help from.

    Dont overdue it

  2. Ditto what Judy said - keep plugging along - although in a different boat, I am right beside you.

  3. Try to take a 5 minute break every hour, mark things on your list as you go along, & drink a hot cup of tea (with a cookie, perhaps) as your reward for every your or so of work. ;-)

  4. I think you need to start another business, yes, you don't have enough to do - let's call it "Lifebusters"!! Soooo many kids are missing the "practical skills" because they haven't needed them, not to mention the ones that never had a chance to begin with. Perhaps it could be a course in highschool!

  5. Wow you sound so busy. It is really nice what you are doing for your foster son. Plus I love your "to do" list. Mine says stuff like mop floor, pick up mail and your says "cow costume" and "turtle dove skirt" which made me smile!