Things to accomplish in October


1. Clean the shop and get things that were left before cruise done.

2. get bedding from vacation done and put away

3. deep clean the fridge

4. deep clean the inside freezer

5. get the canning shelf up in the garage

6. make applesauce with apples given to us

7. go through finance and reorganize to the end of the year

8. pay bills for the month

9. get fall decorations up

10. Figure out Holidays as in where and who and when?

11. do a  declutter challenge where you get rid of the number of things for the day in the month.  Starting with 1 and going to 30 for the last day.  Yes the house needs a thorough going over. 


1. clean out pantry and reorganize

2.clean out spice cabinet reorrganize

3. clean out garage food storage and reorganize

4. get Thanksgiving and Christmas plans solidified at least Thanksgiving

5. attend at least 3 tanning sessions the last two weeks of Oct in prep for Hawaii.

1 comment:

  1. I've already gotten your #18 done. go me! lolz
    As for #19, why put stuff in storage if you are downsizing the house you are selling? That will just mean more sh&t to find a place for in the new house.
    And be sure to leave room in your suitcase in Oct. to carry back your Xmas presents with you. ;-)