Things to accomplish in July of 2022

Things to accomplish in January

1. save $300.00 for house taxes

2. pay an extra $1000.00 on mortgage

3. pay off Talbots charge for Christmas

4. Payoff Dillards charge for Christmas

5. do all my regular savings challenges and apply them where agreed and report weekly

6. get taxes to accountant   DO this in March

7. pay extra on truck

8. pay all bills on time

9. complete a pantry/freezer challenge for the month and report

10. Make charts for savings goals, and personal goals to keep above computer and then do them and report

11. Be happy, count blessings, practice gratitude in all things I tried, but failed many times

 12. take down the rest of Christmas



1. go see daughter and grandsons over Valentines day weekend

2. save $300 for house taxes Catch up next month

3. send Auntie her birthday check to pay her taxes

4. do all regular savings challenges fell by wayside for last three weeks

5. repeat pantry and freezer challenge

6. pay an extra $1000 on mortgage

7. pay $500 on Hubs hearing aids by end of month

8. get niece's wedding dress altered

9. be happy, content and grateful for what I have  Getting better but not perfect



1. clean and gut shop

2. get taxes ready

3. go to SSI office and ask about missing tax forms

4. pay bills

5. catch up on savings goals as much as possible

6. pay $500.00 to hubs hearing aids

7. pay last months and this months sinking fund for taxes total $600.00

8. put $1000 back into hub's savings

9. get things done in shop that are personal (free up room)

a. B's bear

b. B's pillow

c. Hub's blue suit

d. Hub's grey suit

e. Hub's grey pants

f. Slugs coat sleeves

h.Carolyn's skirts

i. Lil sis's shirts

j. Lil sis's mother of the bride

k. dance outfit for Sig

l. put antique wedding dress back together

10.get seedlings started


1. pick up and mail taxes

2. pay bills hub's hearing aids

4. send Slugs money for the trip

5. go to Sarah's wedding

6. get mother of the bride sisters dress done

7. fulfill Native American order

8. finish planting garden  Too cold

9. start new garden spot  too cold

10. make cookies mock up for wedding.

11. make cake mock up for wedding

12. make Easter cookies 

13. celebrate Easter with family

14. see above things ( March) to be sewn in shop and try and complete some of them FAIL


Things to get done in May

1. survive!

2. pay Hub's hearing aid bill $500.00

3. repay hub's savings $800.00

4. plant flower boxes

5. plant garden

6. plant new garden bed and finish

7. save money for house taxes due in June $1600.00

8. try and help hubs with yard maintenance as in weeds and trimming and spraying.

9. sew like a demon 


Things to accomplish in June

1. pay off hearing aids

2. pay all bills

3. pay taxes for house

4. put 800 back in hubs account that I went to do last month and forgot to do it

5. save $1000 for my emergency fund

6. have a visit with Lil bro family

7. get all dresses for July done and out before we leave for the fourth

8. entertain grandsons last week of June

9. get in some good walks at least 5


1. Get all august dresses out before the end of the July

2. get in some good evenings of kayaking and maybe a few Saturdays!

3. make 8 piecrusts and get them in the freezer

4. Do a no spend on groceries for the month

5. get over to visit a friend who was put in a nursing home

6. clean out the freezer in the garage, put any older food on top to use up so no waste

7. Get chickweed sprayed before it takes over

8. replace flowers that are not doing well with things I find on sale.

9. make new straps for camp pads as the old ones are worn

10.  Make a new stuff sack for another camp pad.


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  1. I've already gotten your #18 done. go me! lolz
    As for #19, why put stuff in storage if you are downsizing the house you are selling? That will just mean more sh&t to find a place for in the new house.
    And be sure to leave room in your suitcase in Oct. to carry back your Xmas presents with you. ;-)