Things to accomplish in Jan of 2022

Things to accomplish in January

1. save $300.00 for house taxes

2. pay an extra $1000.00 on mortgage

3. pay off Talbots charge for Christmas

4. Payoff Dillards charge for Christmas

5. do all my regular savings challenges and apply them where agreed and report weekly

6. get taxes to accountant   DO this in March

7. pay extra on truck

8. pay all bills on time

9. complete a pantry/freezer challenge for the month and report

10. Make charts for savings goals, and personal goals to keep above computer and then do them and report

11. Be happy, count blessings, practice gratitude in all things

 12. take down the rest of Christmas

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  1. I've already gotten your #18 done. go me! lolz
    As for #19, why put stuff in storage if you are downsizing the house you are selling? That will just mean more sh&t to find a place for in the new house.
    And be sure to leave room in your suitcase in Oct. to carry back your Xmas presents with you. ;-)