Things to accomplish in March

 Things to accomplish in  January 2021

1. set up the new budget             

2. start savings challenges

3. take down Christmas

4. clean and organize garage as much as the weather will let us.

5. sell one thing on face book market place a week

Things to accomplish in February 2021

1. go to daughters to celebrate her 40th birthday and eldest grandsons 10th birthday

2. check on Hubs folks while driving through Nampa stay a couple of days

3. sell a few ore things on face book market place.

4. work to get all financial goals completed. did not get $1000 extra on mortgage

5. make Valentine cookies with missionaries and take to shut ins.

6. get taxes done and turned in by the 28th Did not get done

Things to accomplish in March2021

1. get taxes done

2. go take care of grandsons at end of month and check on hubs folks

3. sell a few more things on Facebook market place

4. complete financial goals Did not get $1000 extra on Mortgage

5. start seedlings

1 comment:

  1. I've already gotten your #18 done. go me! lolz
    As for #19, why put stuff in storage if you are downsizing the house you are selling? That will just mean more sh&t to find a place for in the new house.
    And be sure to leave room in your suitcase in Oct. to carry back your Xmas presents with you. ;-)