Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thursday, Sissie made an offer!

 This is my motto with Sissie Kay. Sissie and her Hubby made an offer on a house, and we will know on Friday afternoon if it was accepted. I just love the house but have to be careful as you never know with real estate.

Things are going well here, as can be expected. I just have to be really careful how I move. No sudden ups and downs.  Getting out of bed carefully as I have been laying down. 

Yesterday, I called a June bride to get some info and she said she was no longer getting married and would come and pick up the dress.  WOOT! WOOT!  One less for me to do. SO now there is only one lonely dress left and I have done as much as I can without another fitting.  So, let's consider June dresses done.

Today it is piles. I think we have about 20 shirts to hem and a couple of bridesmaid dresses. In the meantime, Dan is working on the rock and may finish it today! Then I can turn on the sprinklers and I can figure out how to attack the weeds. 

I am hoping to take tomorrow off to work on the yard.  I think we will be caught up enough to do that. I also need to go through the mail and do the bills for June.  I cannot believe it will be June. Kelsa comes tonight and that will slow things down a little. Say a prayer that Sissie gets this house!

Sissie here!  Trying to adjust my sleep pattern and it is difficult as my eyes keep popping open at 4 a.m.

I worked in Construction for so long that my body adjusts to the Sun no matter where I is strange.

So, I stayed up until almost 10 last night and am booking on 6 hours of sleep...I am an 8 to 9 hour a night Gal.

Up at 4:00, coffee and trash detail.  I went into town and got diet coke for Sissy as it was on sale, home to work on cupboards, and one more to go!

Husband is working in backyard and I am in the process of cooking potatoes and boiling eggs for potato salad.  New York strips for dinner!

I am anxious to see if our offer was accepted, we low balled but will pay the asking price if challenged.

It was the purple carpet (for Sluggy) and the Holy medal that did it.  So say prayers!

Now I am off to press a Bridesmaid dress...

Kim and Kay

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Wednesday, Getting back to normal

 This is Sissies motto. (Kay not Kim) She also dresses this way....So flamboyant.

Anyway, vertigo is bad today, so I have to be really careful how I move. If you have ever met me, I do not move slowly. I am a goer. This is very aggravating.

Sissie (Kay) has been on a dead run since we arrived.  I have been on a dead try not to fall down. But trying hard to get caught up in the shop.  I have three more wedding dresses for June to get done and hope to finish one today and get started on the other two.

But oh, there are piles and Sissie Kay needs to help, and she is not!!!!!! 

So, the plans for today are to finish a wedding dress, call brides for more info and start two others.  When that is done, I will hit the piles.  I do have one pile that must be done by tomorrow and a bridesmaid dress that needs hemmed.

Yesterday I was able to finish three wedding dresses, so it was a good day. Dan (Kay's husband) has been helping me in the yard.  He helped me work on rock work and it is almost done.  Today he is planting my flowerpots.  HE also helped me plant the garden and has been watering for me.  Such a blessing.  I am so behind, and the weeds are just out of control.  But I just remind myself to shut my eyes to it and I will get to it one day at a time.

Sissie Kay has been cleaning my cupboards, which were a mess, and she caught up my ironing, all 67 pieces.  I know, I know who has that much ironing?

Talked to Slugs yesterday, they are coming in September, and I can hardly wait. i will be driving them to Seattle with Sissie and we will have so much fun.  I got to get to work now as the Witch (Sissie Kay) is standing behind me.

Witch Sissy here...Sissy is listing down the hallway again and I must go catch her...done and she is planted.  Vertigo is a bitch!

Up at 4:30 too early but could not sleep in so up three cups of coffee, put away last night's dinner dishes, cleaned the cat box made two beds and helped the Husband plant some.  Woke Sissy and forced a diet coke on her and she complained loudly!

Dan and I are going to look at another house in less than an hour and then I think we are going to make a decision. Saw an older Craftsman House yesterday in our budget and I think this is going to be the one barring inspection.  We both just homed and there is a bedroom with purple carpet just for Sluggy! Hmmm?  Also, a St Christopher medal hanging in the basement which thrilled my Husband, so I think the Big Guy upstairs is trying to tell us something.  Will keep you posted!

Love, Kim and Kay  ( See Kim is first) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Monday Memorial Day and we are Home!


Sissy here as Kim is working in the backyard with my Husband.  It was an adventure, and this will be a long post!

As you all know from Kim's last blog on the 8th of May. she had a serious case of vertigo but flew out on the 9th to DC with my Husbands Brother.

The flights were horrible, and this did not help, but they arrived at midnight on the 9th.  Sissy was sick and I put Her right to bed, with a cold diet coke!

Now the whole point of bringing Her out was to help with the final packing, etc.  She was no help and listed from room to room like a drunken Sailor.  I felt so bad for Her as I too had a serious bout of Vertigo about six years ago and it is awful.  So, we just laughed at Her (a lot!) and I served many diet cokes.

We had rented an extended stay Hotel for the last three days we were in the House as we did not want the Cats anywhere where during the final stages.  Sissy had her own bedroom, and the Cats took care of Her.

The morning of the great packing was May 15th, and my husband and I had rented a 26-foot U-Haul.  We were at the U-Haul Store and Dan and BIL were in the truck and I was finishing the final paperwork. The Manager and I walked out to the parking lot to greet the Giant truck, only to have my Husband jump out and declare that He had hit a car in the parking lot.  It was the managers car and it was of course a BMW!

What a way to start a move!  But we are well insured, the BMW was drivable, and no one was hurt.  Just a PIA.  So, I spent the next two hours on my cell phone explaining to my Insurance Company, but all is resolved.  We hired professional movers to load the Truck and it was full, full, full.  We ended up sacrificing two wing back chairs (yes, Sluggy your chair is gone!) an ottoman, a bookcase, and a large, overstuffed chair with Ottoman in the Family Room.  Friends came and took all to the dump.  Then we cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned.  Moving is so dirty.  AS the Movers were leaving, here comes Sissy listing down the drive as She had walked from the Hotel to help!  I put Her in the Car and took Her back to the Hotel.  What a goof ball! I am surprised She did not fall into traffic!

The start of the great adventure!

May 16th

We left early in the morning and getting the Cats in the Kennel was no easy task.  Our Cat Lucy is Ferrell and only likes my Husband, well my Husband was in the truck, and I was trying to get Kim up and out.  I chased Lucy around the Hotel living room, cornered Her, threw a bath towel on her and got her in a death grip.  Sissy was on the floor ready to do zipper duty and she succeeded, and then I had to get Her off the floor.  WE were on the Road and drove for 10 hours, Sissy laying back and sleeping most of the way except for potty stops.  Our first night was in Danville Ilinois.  Sissy was feeling a little better, got the Cats into the Hotel and I had hoped for a bed that was all the way to the floor but no.  So, I knew that getting Lucy out from under the bed the next morning was going to be difficult.

Our Vet recommended expensive Halters with leads that and we had purchased them. With dizzy Sissy's help I managed to halter up Lucy and she rambled around the Hotel room knocking things over, but I could get to her with the lead.  Had some dinner and went to bed, exhausted. 

May 17th

Up at two AM to use the ladies and on the bathroom, floor was the halter, the lead and no Lucy!  I went back to bed and prayed as the bed and nightstands were tied into the wall and Lucy was in the deepest darkest corner under the bed.  I managed to sleep till six which is late for me and then went down to the lobby and asked for a broom. Yes, we broomed Her out and I am a cruel Mother.  Bath towel death grip, lots of hissing and Sissy doing locking duty. Lucy yowling.

We then packed up and hit the road.  About an hour outside of Danville, (Farm Country) we hear a ruckus and I look through my rear-view mirror and Lucy is out of the Kennel!  Now this is dangerous as Cats if upset will crawl under the gas pedal.  Again, the power of prayer...looking for a place to pull over and no shoulder to speak of...Lucy climbing all over and finally up to my seat where I pinned her to my side and the door and drove one handed.  A pull off appeared and we took it.  Farmland and fields as far as you could see.  Popped the trunk and said to Siss, work your way around the Car and get the bath towel and come to the driver's window.  Sissy lists out of the Car, and I thought she was going to fall over.  She gets to the window, I roll down enough to get towel and put Lucy in a strangle the meantime Sissy opens the back door and Lucy had managed to open the side of the Kitty Condo.  She says Kay if you let go of the Cat you will never find Her, but we get her in the Condo and closed the door.  Back in the Car we hear a ruckus and Lucy is opening the zipper again with Her teeth.  Out of the car and what to do?  Well ingenuity did play a part in this.  On those expensive halters were carabiners and I closed the two zippers and Lucy was trapped.  On the road again and Sissy is major dizzy and sick.  9 hours later with a few stops for gas and potty, we arrived in Sioux Falls South Dakota, exhausted.  Unload Sissy, unload Cats, grab a quick lousy dinner and in bed.  I got a broom from the desk clerk as I know what was in store for the next morning.  Slept well!

May 18th

Third day on the Road, Sissy feeling a little better (yeah!)  ninety miles an hour for the first four hours and then highway 212 going 45 to 50 on a two-lane road took us another six hours.  The only highlight of the day was Sluggy called and we got to kibbitz.  Landed in Billings Montana, unloaded with Sissy's help, ate dinner and to bed.  This was the longest day on the road, the Cats were not happy, and chorused each another all day long.

May 19th

Woke up early with a taste of anticipation as this was the last day.  I did not even have to threaten Sissy, and we were on the road by six after brooming Lucy out from under the bed and She seemed almost resigned and did not fight as much. We stopped in Missoula (our Hometown) for a late breakfast and then Sissy took over the drive and four hours later we were in Lewiston!  Unloaded and collapsed.

So, we made it safely. WE wished we had the energy to do some sightseeing, but with the Cats and the Dizzy Sissy, this was not possible. WE did have a lot of laughs.

Lucy's name has now been changed to Loudini and she loves zippers.  Out makeup cases are not safe!

Now it is the 25th of May and we have been on a dead run, so much to do here and I must get Sissy caught up as she has nine dresses that are due out for June. Going to a barbecue at little Sis's today and it will be fun!

Dan and I will start looking at properties tomorrow, and I am cleaning Sissy's cupboards, I see a dump run tomorrow also.  Sissie's vertigo comes and goes, and it is going to take time.  It took me about six weeks before I felt even close to normal, wicked stuff.

Now all of you pray for us as we do for you and Sissy will be back.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Wednesday, Vertigo SPLAT*

 So Kim has been down with Vertigo for some days now!!!!!

It hit Thursday morning as I got out of bed and face planted.  Scared Kelsa to death.  I was able to get up and shake it off. I sewed the whole day and felt fine.

Friday morning not so much.  Flat on my back, vomiting and dry heaving most of day.  It was and is awful.  You have no control.

I was so pissed as I had gotten all sewing done and I had two days to work in the yard.  Ha Ha. Daughter had to take her days off to care for me as I could not be alone. 

Daughter called my girlfriend and her daughter that are both nurses and they came over to help get me off the floor. My vitals were all normal except the abnormally low blood pressure which is normal for me.  But this condition does not help vertigo, as I can get loopy every time I stand up. I have a really low resting heartrate also.  I am sure this is from being so active all my life, but that did not help either.

I had to creep all weekend, and I am extra careful how I move. I even had to keep my eyes closed for almost 48 hours to keep from getting sick.

Signe' and I tried the Epley maneuver on Friday and 24 hours later on Saturday and it did seem to help. But it has not been a good adventure.  Do any of you or have any of you ever had this condition?  If so what did you do?

I leave tomorrow for Sissie's.  I am excited but not excited about the plane as I am afraid it will affect my inner ear.  I am stocking up on Dramamine. 

All work is done except one wedding dress, and I have called her to explain, and she was very nice about it.  Will do her dress as soon as I get home. Plus, it is a complicated alteration, and you sure don't want me doing it now!!!!

I have a few things I want to get done today and I have a wedding dress that is to be picked up today and then I need to pack.

Please say prayers for me with my health and Sissie and my trip across country, with two cats! I am actually looking forward to this adventure, such tails to tell.  Pardon the pun:)

I am so excited as Slugs and Dan will be here in September I can hardly wait. But time flies.

Miss all of you but when I get back, I will be able to stay closer in touch as I will have my drill sergeant here, to keep me on track.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Wednesday, Plowing through

 I am proud of me. Just plowing through wedding dresses as fast as I can make myself.  The key here is make.....

Four more to go and I think I can do it. We will see.

Having a hard time with motivation, but I am working on it. The motivation that is.

I also have to pay bills today and I don't want to.  Oh, Kim you need a nap.

Not really, I need to go cut the under skirt on a wedding dress and hem it and then place the horsehair braid. And we all know how much I love horsehair braid. 

Then you need to call client and start on the next dress.  You can do this.  

I bet you can.  (This is my inner cheerleader voice)

Anyway, I do believe there are 4 more wedding dresses to get done before I leave next week.   

Then I will come back with Sissie and all my problems will be over.  *Snort*

Okay I am alive, I am sewing. I am not having as much fun as I would like.