Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday, scary financials!

Personal -59.13
Studio - 412.00

     I am going to have to take money out of savings to meet my goal of no added credit card debt this month.  That is okay as I realized that I am just not giving myself enough money to pay bills and live on.  I need to adjust my pay off strategy to enable me to pay our living expenses in addition to debt pay off.  As you all know I am big about paying large sums of money to debt.  I mean unrealistic sums.  This year my goal was to pay the agreed upon minimums and not go further into debt. So far I have been able to do this.  But this month was an expensive one and I have not been reimbursed by the Firefighters for the last show, so in order to meet my goals I will have to borrow from savings.

     I was able to pay the one $1950.00 credit card payment, but the other $1242.00 I will take from savings.  I just thought by this time I would have all this extra money but that is not happening.  I did get hubby to understand that he is not to write any checks for gas or anything.  He is to come to me for cash.  This way I can control what is going out.  He is not a big spender, but his gas adds up to about $350.00 a month.  He has not been commuting for over a month and it has taken its tole. He did start commuting again today thank goodness.  Plus the trip to Boise  for Hubby's folks and my trips to Spokane for medical have all cost money.  On top of that all the doctor co-pays and medications I have been on and continue to be on are expensive.  Life just has a way of costing money even when you are trying to be really careful.

     I get anxious because I want to see one of my debts gone and they just go down slowly, so slowly.  I have to be happy with the fact that I am not going backwards.  Putting things on the credit card and then not paying for it that month is going backwards and I will not break that goal unless I am forced to.  Right now I have over $3500.00 on different savings accounts and I can do this.

     I was able to get the dwarf hats done yesterday and costume the dwarfs out of the costume closet.  Snow Whites dress is done.  I still have to put hooks up the back and hem it do a little work on the cape but it was fine for pictures.

     I did not get any sewing done for the shop yesterday so I really need to get busy today, but I am going to pay the rest of Aprils bills and set up a budget for May before I hit my machine.  I can't believe it is May already.  I love May although it is a very stressful month.

     Still not 100%.  I am medicating and taking a lot of drugs for pain.  I will be so glad to get through this mess.   If I every truly get through it.  I feel like I get one problem resolved and another uglier one pops up.  It is discouraging.  Especially when pain is involved as it saps your mental ability to stay positive.

     Out My Window:  Wind has blown hard now for 2 days and is making everything a mess.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, too much to do....

     I am so behind because of my behind:)  Maybe a little better but it was a hell of a weekend.  I have been in pretty terrible pain.  But I have so much to do.  I really feel very blessed that I don't have any children at home to take care of when I have been so sick.  I can just really lay around and do what I absolutely have to, which is deal with the pain.  

     I really need to pay the rest of Aprils bills and see where I stand in the checking accounts.  But also have to get a snow white costume done today, so I had better get busy.  Photo shoot at 5:30.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, a more personal, burning question...

     I received a comment from Lena, that I have my hubby mate his own socks.  Good idea, but I have this thing about socks matching.  Even when he is in the woods with the deer and the grizzlies, what would they think of Elmer Fudd's socks not matching?  I have refused to sit by hubby at church because he had work socks on with his suit.  I press the slip that matches my outfit and goes under my dress.  The rest of the week I am in sweats or bib overalls, I have to be a lady sometime:)

     On a more personal note, I am having um a problem with side affects of my medications, um, um.  Yes I am eating a raw yogurt twice a day and that has helped the one problem, but I have developed um, do I dare say?  HEMORRHOIDS!!!!!!!!  I think I might have had these after the birth of my first 9 lb child but I have never experienced such pain.  I mean really this is ridiculous.  Just how many times does one have to go to the bathroom?   I mean really, I hardly have eaten anything.  I am sitting on fire.  I think my bottom has it's own heart beat, I am sure I felt it for several hours last night.  Or maybe I have one of those twin tumors, that the doctors find on people, but I already have a live twin so it must be a triplet.  This would explain the unusual heartbeat coming from my nether parts.  Anyone have any suggestions, or cures?

     We did our second story board last night for the Spring show.  Just a few changes and figuring out set pieces.  I love my professional ballet instructor, she is so talented and easy to work with, she is also patient with me.  But I have a big long list of things hubby will have to build and take care of, oh he will be so excited (not).  I just hope he dos not agree to do another show the weekend of mine.  We usually try to not do shows back to back so we can support the other person, but for some reason lately he gets called at the last minute to fill in at another theater, and it puts me off for stage help.  Oh well don't borrow trouble.

     I sewed hard all day yesterday and did not make a dent in my work.  I had two more suits come in and a Wedding dress, and 8 more prom dresses.  Yikes!  I really must pump out the work today.  I was able to finish 5 dresses yesterday and I hope to get at least 5 more done today, before I have to go teach.  At least I don't have to clean the bank tonight, I can come home and collapse.

     I need to do a bank deposit and pay the rest of April bills in the next two days.  Hubby gets paid tonight.  Don't know where my money is coming from, may have to take it from savings and pay it back with all the dresses I am doing.  We will see.

     Out My Window:  It reached 72 here yesterday, but I did not notice as it is still so cold at night (33) that it takes forever to warm up the house and I was stuck in the shop all day.  Home Depot has not had any dead plants the last several days, I wonder if they are on to me?!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday, must get something done...

     I have an attack of the lazies.  Just can't seem to get things done.  So tired.  The shop is full, full, full and much more coming in today.  Must work. Need money.  Must work.

     Hubby called downstairs last night and he was out of socks.  Yes I have not mated socks for 2 weeks.  So laundry is on the for front today.  I also have chicken breasts upstairs that I must cook up.  I will throw them in the crockpot and then figure out what I will do with them.  Kitchen is a mess.  What is wrong with me?

     I did make myself get up and get ready this morning.  So I have my clothes and make-up on and am ready to face the day.  I have taken care of the chickens and I have started the laundry.  Now I have to get into the shop and sew like a demon.  Do demons sew?  Maybe that is my problem.  I am trying to be the wrong mythological creature.

     Police officer was already here to pick up his uniforms, and I have to get other military things done today along with several prom dresses.  I think 5 suits came in yesterday and at least 7 pairs of pants.

     Well I am off to Home Depot to check the plants and then I am going to get to work.  I plan on sewing all day and into the night.  I only teach 1 hour today so I have no excuse.  Plus people are coming to pick up and it would be nice if their stuff was done.

     Out My Window:  It is beautiful but cold, all the dogwoods are in full bloom and the lilacs are getting ready.  I love lilacs.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, so much for getting anything done

     I planned on going great guns yesterday, but at about 1:30 I had to lay down for an hour and I slept hard.  Then I went to the studio and came home at 4:30 and slept until 6:15 then back to studio.  So I don't think I am up to snuff yet.  Just so tired.

     We have had some unexpected dental expenses crop up and I have to find the money, so that will be my next adventure.  I will have to figure out a plan.

     Right now the shop is going to explode and I need to get my sorry rear in front of that sewing machine.  I did get all the missionary stuff done yesterday.  We have two young people leaving on missions from our church this week.  There was an open house last night and hubby and I dropped by between the studio and cleaning the bank.  I needed to drop off several dresses and blouses that I had adjusted as one of the girls is quite busty.  It was all very easy stuff just a lot of items. I don't charge for missionary alterations, I figure I need the blessings.

     Out My Window:  The chicks have figured out how to get out of the upper coop but not back into it.  So we go out at night and put them back up by the warming light.  Bird brains they are.

I need to get busy, but I want a nap.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday, really need to see where I stand

     I feel like I have been under the weather for so long I don't know if I am coming or going.  I had a very lazy weekend.  Hubby and I worked a little in the yard.  I bought a ton of 1 gallon plants in the dead and dieing bin at Home depot.  We planted them in the front rock bed.  I was also able to pick up 12 huge zonal geraniums for $1.00 a piece for flower boxes.  We have the scout fund raiser this weekend where the boy scouts from the church come and work in the yard.  I will have a whole list of things for them to do.  We are going to re-bark the beds this year and they will do the labor.  It was just nice to get outside and do something even though my hands and wrists are very bad right now.

     Took long naps on Saturday and Sunday, slept late and went to bed early.  It was great.  I think I am feeling better, but feel like a weak kitten when it comes to life.  Like I am shaking across the floor.  I have no idea where I stand financially and I need to get with the program.  Although I have not been writing any checks, just using cash from the shop so that will make things better over all.

     The shop is very full, right now I have 8 prom dresses to alter among other things.  I am blessed with work.  So I plan to spend about 4 hours sewing today before I go to the studio.  I also need to get fabric for Snow white costume and get it made as we have a poster photo shoot Friday.  But that is good as it will make sure the main character is done and the dwarfs will be done, then I only have about 20 costumes that must be built.  I think I will go get fabric between classes tonight.

     Out My Window:  The dogwoods are all blooming in the valley and it is so pretty.  I mean spring is here!  Everywhere you look there is a tree in full bloom.  So beautiful, I wish it would last forever, but then we would not appreciate it.

     I need to get busy, but I am yawning right now and it is only 10:00 in the morning!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, thank goodness!

     It has been a long week for me and the world in general.  My pitiful complaints are nothing to what others are enduring right now.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the suffering of those in Boston.  It is just so sad.

     Went back to the doctor yesterday as I had been running a low grade temperature and getting the chills.  The antibiotic I was on was not working.  I had suspected as much.  So the week I have suffered with (let's put it delicately) butt coffee and diaper rash was of no use.  Oh not so true, as the bacteria in my stomach and intestines is gone but not in my sinuses.  I have been eating a high culture yogurt 2 times a day but at the wrong times for it to do any good.  I stand corrected and am now on a different antibiotic.  Hope to feel better soon.  Also back on a slow release pain killer that I took myself off of because of the ummmm..... back door problems.  Doctor says, you get back on that immediately, going off that medication will make you feel just awful.  He started to describe symptoms to me and yes I had every one of them, but how was I to know?  I am really not a very good sick person.

     The Wedding dress from hell was picked up yesterday.  She paid cash.  She cannot complain the dress is stunning and fits like a glove, but what a nightmare.  I have another Wedding dress that will go out today, so I have to get my butt into the shop.

     Out My Window:  It rained really hard here last night. We are really behind on rain here. Good because I finally planted the 9 perennials Hubby's folks bought me for my birthday and they are so happy to be out of those little pots and in the ground.   I would love to work in the yard tomorrow if I feel better and I hope it is warm.

     Well I have so much work to do, so I had better start to ramp up.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, bad day in the shop

     I had crazy's in the shop yesterday.  The bride from hell that I knew was going to be difficult.  I almost told her on her first hour long fitting in my shop that she needed to go else where, not that I could not do her dress, but that she was not one to be pleased.

     Finally after 3 fittings and numerous changes her dress is done, it is perfect and she is happy.  Now she starts going inch by inch around the huge train.  I have cut 5 inches off the entire length of this dress and she is carefully looking for something.  She finds a liver spot about 2inches above the hem the size of my little finger nail and complains that I got the dress dirty.  Obviously she knew the spot was there before she entered my shop.  I am charging her $190.00  for 3 fittings, a bustle, taking the heavily boned and lined dress in, and hemming 5 layers one of which was organza.  I also altered her slip and lined the sleeves of her flower girls dress because they were itchy.  I steam pressed the dress saving her from having to take it to the cleaners.  I think $190.00 is a steal.  She wants to pay me $75.00 so the dress stays here.

     I had a miser come in with several items of mending that were as far as I was concerned unreasonable.  I can hem a pair of jeans in 5 minutes and charge 10.00.  I cannot patch a pair of old jeans in 5 minutes and charge 10.00.  So I patch and work on his 4 items of clothing for 1.5 hours and charge him $15.00.  The knees of his old long Johns were shredded and I had to darn and embroider many holes  and runs.  He came to pick up these items and I asked for the $15.00.  He carefully examines all my work and then complains that I told him it would be 3.00 a piece and I charged him $15.00.  It was three dollars a patch and he more that owes me.  Well I did not see a small hole in the crotch seam of his very shredded long johns.  I took his money and actually threw it at him and hit him in the chest with it and told him off.  He was then embarrassed and asked me to fix that one little hole.  I did and then I told him not to come back.  (He is probably a serial killer)

     Completed another wedding dress and the bride was lovely.  The dress is a huge frosting dress and they must be pressed and hung open to keep from crushing.  Well I do not have the room to keep large dresses like this in storage.  I called and asked them to pick it up.  The grandmother did, but she asked me to send the mother the bill.  So again I don't have my $190.00 now I don't have my $120.00.  I have spent my hours sewing on things I am not getting paid for.  I need the money now, I did the work.  I have no doubt I will get paid but I am aggravated.

     I also have a doctor appointment at 1:30 today.  Blood work, and I keep having my left hand go numb at night due to swelling in the joints.  The pain is unbearable and it is going to get worse.  He will have to give me something for pain if I am to sleep and rest without drugs to control my arthritis.  I will not take steroids!!!!!!!!!!

     Don't you just love these negative cranky posts?  I did not get any money into the dance studio last night and I have $3000.00 worth of bills left to pay.......  but that is okay because my sewing shop doesn't seem to be generating a lot of money right now either.  Does anyone want anything done for free because I can send you my address?  I am very good at what I do and generous:)


                           Sorry I had to stop in the middle of my post and go outside as I can't stand myself right now!  These sights made me smile.  Also someone was asking about landscaping on the cheap and honey I have done that.  Every brick and pathway and rock in my 3/4 acre yard has been scavenged.  I also buy many plants left for dead.  Sometimes nursery's will give plants away.

Isn't This a beautiful crab tree over the pond?  It smells heavenly!

These perennials were purchased from the dead and dieing bin at home depot.  Most were .50 up to $2.50.  I planted them last spring and they will continue spreading.  We will bark these beds in a few weeks.

Just an idea of what I want to fill with perennials eventually these rock walls are 100 feet long.  They are a work in progress.
 Out My Window:  Wish I could spend more time outside.  My chicks are getting huge!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, hanging on.....with a light grip

Studio  $27.12
Personal -$669.00

See this poor flat of perennials that need to go into the ground, but hands too sore to dig.

Don't you love a purple pansy?

 Garden is ready to plant, Is there anything greener than new spring?

     Paid all the studio bills except the CC's yesterday and put $500.00 into studio savings.  So now anything that comes in goes to the CC balances.  Hubby and I will not hit a grocery store until this weekend and then it will be under $50.00.  It is the gas that eats
us alive and drugs.

     My hands and shoulders are getting progressively worse without medication.  I am in a great deal of pain and I am not sure if the antibiotic is working any more.  So today if I don't see changes I will go to the doctor again.

     It is so beautiful outside and I cannot get out to plant or weed.  I hate that. Okay something positive.....hmmm...... I ate an orange last night that was really sweet and good.  I really had to search for that.

     I think it really froze last night some of my plants on the back deck look a little burned.  But the sun is shining and I hope it warms up.

     I need to fold and put away a lot of laundry and clean my kitchen.  I will do this slowly as the day progresses. Loosens up my hands and shoulders.

     Need to get into the shop 3 wedding dresses and several prom dresses are due out.  Okay I will quit feeling sorry for myself and get to work.

Have a great and productive day.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, don't expect much....

 I have and am very ill.  On the mend I think.  Cannot take arthritis meds for many future weeks so I do not know how my life will be for the next little while.  Losing too much weight!  I know some of you would love that and I am complaining.  Must pay the state taxes today and the studio rent.  Just going to lay low for a while too sick to care much about things.  Antibiotics are wrecking my digestive system.

     Did not get drip on Friday.  They would not administer because of my infection.  Rescheduled for May 3rd.  Oh insurance only agreed to pay for dose through April 30 so unless I want to come up with $4000.00 I get to pay for it myself.  Back to fighting with them.  Gotta love my life. 

     It is so pretty outside but cold.  I need to check on the chicks.  Will try to keep you posted but down for the count for a while. 

Lena took your advice.  As long as I continue to be generous with my business and life I will be blessed and more than provided for.  My disease will not abate, but I will have drugs to control it.  I do feel better.  But I want a fairy to come pay off my bills so I can take a nap......;)


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, crawling from bed to bed

Personal -$662.00
Studio $275.00

     I received the studio Visa bill and it is $1142.00 for the month so I think I will make it.  I paid the house payment today and still have to x-fer some money into our personal account to cover the overdraft before the end of the month.  I will be very close to the edge but I can do it.  The shop is very busy and I will have a lot of money coming in in the next two weeks.

     I am running a fever of about 101 off and on.  Right now it is down to normal but keeps climbing.  I have so much sewing to do and I am just crawling from bed to bed.  I actually called in a sub for my classes today, something I never do.  I mean maybe once in 5 years.  But I am too weak and shaky to teach.

     I have a prom dress to alter and several things for a mother of the bride they have to be done today but I can't seem to get into the shop as I crawl into a bed and dose.  I am supposed to leave tonight for Spokane so I can have that load dose administered but that may not happen if I don't feel better soon.

Updated my totals.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, Oh my debt runneth over

Personal Account -$662.00
Studio $202.00

     I received the Visa bill for last month and I knew it would be bad.  But it was awful!  I will need $1947.00 to reach status quote on my personal card.  This is not counting the studio card.  I do have about $1000.00 put away for Mom's party charges but I have to come up with the rest.  I had better get to work!  I don't like the total but I will pay it plus the $250.00 regular payment so I don't go backwards.  This is tough.

     Slow and steady sometimes seems like a stand still.  I made a large deposit yesterday and it covered all the payroll and paid back the savings.  I hope to make a large deposit today.  The house is cleaned except for mirrors and vacuuming.  Which I will try to do today.  Last night I had a lot of extra work to do at the bank and hubby could not help me.  I was very tired.  Ran a lower fever about 10 p.m. but could not sleep.  Even with sleep meds I did not get to sleep until after 2:30 and then woke up at 7:00.  Crawled back in bed
and just got up  but did not really go into deep sleep.  I hate not sleeping worst than anything.

     The shop is really busy and I am grateful for that. But I must be really careful these next three months.  I want to go on a vacation with Hubby in July and I will need to get caught up.  So much for paying anything off.  Still I am closer.  Every month I am closer.

Out My Window:  Cold and overcast.

     Carla had a good post on Luck.  I always beleive we make our own luck.  Lief Erickson or "Lief the Lucky" as he was called is where we get the term for luck.  He would sail the world and always return.  He was considered lucky, but in reality, he was a good sailor.  He studied charts and stars and weather.  He avoided storms and always tried to sail known routes.  Most of his luck was practice and hard work and choices.
     I consider myself lucky in the fact that I did have the opportunities to learn the skill set I have.  I had a great mom that taught me a strong work ethic.  I came from a family that prized education.  We were not wealthy, but I had lessons, was able to get college degrees.  I worked hard to become a good teacher, I have spent years becoming a professional seamstress.  I beleive I have made my own luck in many ways.

     I heard from Sluggy, she is quite sick, but on the mend.  Please go wish her well, and keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, have to pay attention.

     Yesterday was long, I mean long.......  I got home about 9:30, or I should say I shuffled home as picking up my feet was out of the question.  Had a bad case  of the chills ran a fever of about 100 degrees.  But I felt it was related to my arthritis.  I haven't done that for a long time.  Took a hot bath and that helped the chills not the fever.  I am scheduled for a load dose of Orencia in Spokane on Friday.  Hopefully this drip in procedure will help me get on top of this arthritis flair.  It will take about 2 hours and is so expensive.  The insurance company was not happy but they are the ones that would not approve the yearly injections and made me wait a month for approval so now here I am with the injections not working at full strength.  Answer: a $4000.00 load dose.  At this point I just want to feel better!

     I did get several checks in last night and I need to do a deposit.  I also have to pay the House payment and I have my share put away.  I am having a hard time believing it is 1/3 of the way through April.
I have vacuumed and cleaned the downstairs bedroom and family room this morning. I would like to rearrange the spare bedroom upstairs back to the way it was before Mother came.  I need to sweep and vacuum the upstairs and get the kitchen cleaned (dishes are soaking while I blog) Then if I put away 2 large baskets of laundry I will feel that the house is clean for now.

     Hopefully I will have totals up on the blog sometime this week of where I stand.  That seems to really help me stay accountable.  It is so easy for me to ignore finances when I get busy.  I think it is my way of copping out.  But I was to busy to see that I was over spending........  Yeah have to pay attention. 

     I was able to get payroll done yesterday and also get forms out for costume charges and workshops, now I pray I get good workshop results.  That will make the difference on how I get through the summer.  Although I have saved religiously it will not be enough.  Plug along pay and do not add to your debt.   It is so slow.

     Out My Window:  It is a beautiful day today.  I will not have tome to go outside except to water and feed chicks and water the planters.

     By the way I usually put $40.00 a week into Baby elephants account.  This week I put in $20.00.  I told her I did this because she left the house a mess and to cut back herself.  Not a happy elephant.

     Well I am off to the races,  the slow races......

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday, unexpected trip

     Well I did get the bills paid and I am very broke, but they are paid.  I will have to play catch up this month. 

     We had an unexpected trip to the Boise area this weekend.  Hubby's parents had their 65 wedding anniversary.  His two sisters that live in Idaho decided to have a party and they wanted us down there.  Now realize that I along with my sister's planned a birthday party for my mother that took us a year.  Or we planned it a year in advance.  My shows are booked 2 years in advance.  I don't think of myself as a super future planner but I must be one.  We were somewhat irritated about the guilt trip we received.  But how many people do you know that are married 65 years?

     It was nice to see all my nieces and nephews, many whom I have not seen for years.  Only our oldest was able to come as she lives two hours away, but she brought our grandson so that made it worth the trip.  It was a long way to drive for a dinner.  Hubbies folks were thrilled. This will certainly throw off the budget for a bit, but again I will have to catch up.

     Both the girls were here for the weekend and the house is a mess.  Now the oldest one did clean up but our youngest (the baby elephant) did not do her share.  Every bathroom and bedroom has elephant droppings in it.  I am surprised at how hard it is for me to tolerate a dirty house.  I have so much to do today.  Three large notices for the studio, sewing to do, my Celtic teacher is in a show this week so I will have her hours, Hubby is tree planting so he is working 16 hours a day and I will have to do the bank by myself.  I don't dare have him stay up and do it with me.  SISSIE  WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!???????

  So I started in the master bathroom, where the Jacuzzi was full of sand and dirt?  Did you know you can wake board in a seal suit on the Snake river in April?  Yes, you can if you have a hot tub or a jacuzzi to crawl in and thaw.......  Anyway after cleaning the master bath and bedroom, and the two spare baths, starting laundry and picking up innumerable droppings it occurred to me that I would have to be on my feet from 2:30 until 9:30 and I sat my butt down and will continue to do things that require sitting until I have to go to the studio.  Like getting the fliers done and sewing.  The house will wait.  I don't have to change all the sheets today, or scrub the kitchen floor, or vacuum the whole house.  My OCD tendencies just make me crazy sometimes.

     Out My Window:  Chicks are thriving, it is cold and sunny today so I will stay inside.

Pray that my parents pay tuition this week.  As last week was spring break they are all due now!

Have a great a productive day.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday, procrastinating...

     I am procrastinating paying the bills.  Not that I don't have the money, just that I want to be outside, and I want to sew and I want to read, and I want to nap!  All of which I did yesterday.  It was wonderful.  But today, I am going to shower and pay bills first and clean up my desk and get Aprils budget ready.  I mean really how long can I put this off?  (Don't ask!)

     Shop was super busy yesterday, I had a great deal of work come in and that is wonderful.  The 4 front 100 foot beds are cleaned of weeds and ready to be barked.  This is such a huge job.  I still have weed garbage to pick up but the beds are cleaned.  Now I just have the front of the house, and the pond and some cleaning left to do in the back.

     But I am not going to go outside until my bills are done and the dishes, and the laundry.  I also have sewing that I must get out today!

     The sunshine just calls to me.  It is supposed to rain this afternoon, so maybe the weather man will help me.

     Daughter # 2 came home last night so that is nice, maybe she will help me a little with some planting I need to do.  Oh hold it that is outside........

Okay, Okay I will not blog again until my bills are paid I promise.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday, I love April!

     Still have not done the bills but I will get on that today:)

     I love April. It is so beautiful outside that I spent about 3 hours out weeding yesterday.  I am going out again this morning for at least an hour.  There is so much to do and a little every day helps.  We really have to rebark this year, but I am saving that for the scouts to do on their fundraiser.  I will just get the beds ready,  One of my front beds I did not touch last year and it is such a mess, I will never do that again.  So I say now.

     In between basking in the sunshine, I managed to get pants hemmed and get two complicated wedding dresses ready for a second fitting.  I caught up on laundry and cleaned the spare room and bath to have it ready for any guests.  I had not ironed pillow cases for a month and had 20 to iron and 4 top sheets.  I just do the top 16 inches where they are turned down.  Also got the ironing done.  I still have not put away the bedding that was used by guests but will try to get house back to normal today.

     I need to go through the fridge and throw away dribs and drabs of food I made last week. Small containers of leftovers.  I like a clean fridge.  I really miss the big chickens as they would eat any leftovers, but I am not giving scarps to the baby chicks yet.  They are growing so fast, losing their down and getting feathers.

      I have several clients coming in today and another wedding dress to alter.  Also 3 sport coats, 2 formals, mother of the bride dress, zippers, general hems.  Blessed with work.

     I am ordering costumes tonight for the spring recital.  I dislike costume ordering but it has to be done.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday, lost in space

     I hope every one had a happy Easter.  I feel like I am lost in space and so out of touch.  Having company for the holidays really kicked my butt.  Just too much, physically and mentally.  My mom left the Saturday before Easter, but I had 7 older adults (over 80) at the house and Hubby gets the flu.  He isn't much help as is but now he is in the negative.  My arthritis was (is) flaring terrible and I just had a melt down yesterday after they left.  I cried all day long and felt sorry for myself.  Sniff, choke, whine.

     I know this is going to sound crazy, but I get really tired of Hubby's family telling me how, talented, hard working, spiritual, and wonderful I am.  In fact I am tired of parents going on and on about my talent and the shows and the costumes, etc.  It is nice to be appreciated and it is nice to be complimented, but how about writing me a check? I really don't want lip service I want my bills paid.  Am I nuts?  But the compliments get a little thick and I am am working like a dog and getting no where.

     I guess I don't see myself as all that wonderful.  I see myself as doing what needs to be done and doing what needs to be done, efficiently in the time given.  Is that so unusual?  I just want to turn around and snap back, you could do this too if you wanted to or had a desire.  Okay, okay I am being bit%^&.

     Please cheer me up!

     I was able to pay both the large payments to the CC's and today I will pay the last of March bills.  I have the money just did not have the time last week when Hubby's pay came in on good Friday.

     Out My Window:  It was 75 degrees on Easter weekend.  So beautiful!  I am going to spend some time in the sun shine, I hope it will make me feel better.

Have a great and productive day!