Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday, hanging on.....with a light grip

Studio  $27.12
Personal -$669.00

See this poor flat of perennials that need to go into the ground, but hands too sore to dig.

Don't you love a purple pansy?

 Garden is ready to plant, Is there anything greener than new spring?

     Paid all the studio bills except the CC's yesterday and put $500.00 into studio savings.  So now anything that comes in goes to the CC balances.  Hubby and I will not hit a grocery store until this weekend and then it will be under $50.00.  It is the gas that eats
us alive and drugs.

     My hands and shoulders are getting progressively worse without medication.  I am in a great deal of pain and I am not sure if the antibiotic is working any more.  So today if I don't see changes I will go to the doctor again.

     It is so beautiful outside and I cannot get out to plant or weed.  I hate that. Okay something positive.....hmmm...... I ate an orange last night that was really sweet and good.  I really had to search for that.

     I think it really froze last night some of my plants on the back deck look a little burned.  But the sun is shining and I hope it warms up.

     I need to fold and put away a lot of laundry and clean my kitchen.  I will do this slowly as the day progresses. Loosens up my hands and shoulders.

     Need to get into the shop 3 wedding dresses and several prom dresses are due out.  Okay I will quit feeling sorry for myself and get to work.

Have a great and productive day.


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  1. You remind me of me when things are constantly going wrong... even the smaller silver lining is worthy of mention. I hope you can find some relief soon!