Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, bad day in the shop

     I had crazy's in the shop yesterday.  The bride from hell that I knew was going to be difficult.  I almost told her on her first hour long fitting in my shop that she needed to go else where, not that I could not do her dress, but that she was not one to be pleased.

     Finally after 3 fittings and numerous changes her dress is done, it is perfect and she is happy.  Now she starts going inch by inch around the huge train.  I have cut 5 inches off the entire length of this dress and she is carefully looking for something.  She finds a liver spot about 2inches above the hem the size of my little finger nail and complains that I got the dress dirty.  Obviously she knew the spot was there before she entered my shop.  I am charging her $190.00  for 3 fittings, a bustle, taking the heavily boned and lined dress in, and hemming 5 layers one of which was organza.  I also altered her slip and lined the sleeves of her flower girls dress because they were itchy.  I steam pressed the dress saving her from having to take it to the cleaners.  I think $190.00 is a steal.  She wants to pay me $75.00 so the dress stays here.

     I had a miser come in with several items of mending that were as far as I was concerned unreasonable.  I can hem a pair of jeans in 5 minutes and charge 10.00.  I cannot patch a pair of old jeans in 5 minutes and charge 10.00.  So I patch and work on his 4 items of clothing for 1.5 hours and charge him $15.00.  The knees of his old long Johns were shredded and I had to darn and embroider many holes  and runs.  He came to pick up these items and I asked for the $15.00.  He carefully examines all my work and then complains that I told him it would be 3.00 a piece and I charged him $15.00.  It was three dollars a patch and he more that owes me.  Well I did not see a small hole in the crotch seam of his very shredded long johns.  I took his money and actually threw it at him and hit him in the chest with it and told him off.  He was then embarrassed and asked me to fix that one little hole.  I did and then I told him not to come back.  (He is probably a serial killer)

     Completed another wedding dress and the bride was lovely.  The dress is a huge frosting dress and they must be pressed and hung open to keep from crushing.  Well I do not have the room to keep large dresses like this in storage.  I called and asked them to pick it up.  The grandmother did, but she asked me to send the mother the bill.  So again I don't have my $190.00 now I don't have my $120.00.  I have spent my hours sewing on things I am not getting paid for.  I need the money now, I did the work.  I have no doubt I will get paid but I am aggravated.

     I also have a doctor appointment at 1:30 today.  Blood work, and I keep having my left hand go numb at night due to swelling in the joints.  The pain is unbearable and it is going to get worse.  He will have to give me something for pain if I am to sleep and rest without drugs to control my arthritis.  I will not take steroids!!!!!!!!!!

     Don't you just love these negative cranky posts?  I did not get any money into the dance studio last night and I have $3000.00 worth of bills left to pay.......  but that is okay because my sewing shop doesn't seem to be generating a lot of money right now either.  Does anyone want anything done for free because I can send you my address?  I am very good at what I do and generous:)


                           Sorry I had to stop in the middle of my post and go outside as I can't stand myself right now!  These sights made me smile.  Also someone was asking about landscaping on the cheap and honey I have done that.  Every brick and pathway and rock in my 3/4 acre yard has been scavenged.  I also buy many plants left for dead.  Sometimes nursery's will give plants away.

Isn't This a beautiful crab tree over the pond?  It smells heavenly!

These perennials were purchased from the dead and dieing bin at home depot.  Most were .50 up to $2.50.  I planted them last spring and they will continue spreading.  We will bark these beds in a few weeks.

Just an idea of what I want to fill with perennials eventually these rock walls are 100 feet long.  They are a work in progress.
 Out My Window:  Wish I could spend more time outside.  My chicks are getting huge!

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Hi Kim, I have been reading your blog for a while now, but am too shy to comment. Today however, I felt like I must say hello and send you positive thoughts. I am sorry you are having such a bad day; I know it must be very, very tough to deal with such people, especially when you are in such a lot of pain.


  2. Sorry to hear these crappy attitude people came into your life at the same time....just makes you feel worse!

    Why is it everyone wants to be the one "in control" in every situation and transaction?....even when they are NOT the one in control....
    Is everyone power hungry?

  3. You are right, there is no pleasing some people, no matter what you do. I hope they pay soon, that is ridiculous. If you are going to be a miser about things, just do them yourself instead. If you weren't so far away, I'd go over for tea and force you into a small vacation... your hands need rest! Love the crab tree (funny name). That corner just looks so relaxing.

  4. I'm mad for you that you have to put up with such nonsense! You seriously don't charge enough! I had my dress hemmed and the sleeves of the jacket hemmed for my daughter's wedding and it cost me $90 - more than the dress cost!! And you shouldn't let anything leave your shop that hasn't been paid for - hold it hostage!! OK, off my soap box now ...

    Your yard is just lovely. Spring flowers always lift my spirits, too. I've been praying that you get some relief from the pain .. and soon!


  5. You so undercharge for your talent, Kim. Just like with have a commodity that others want. There is nothing wrong with being paid fairly for your time and talent.

  6. Good grief, I have to agree with everyone here...You've got to be paid fairly! $190 for all that work on a wedding dress??! Start charging what you're worth, honey bunny! And, not only hold those non-payer's items hostage, but charge them a storage fee as well! Your bills aren't giving you a "break", so don't let other people use you for theirs.