Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday, scary financials!

Personal -59.13
Studio - 412.00

     I am going to have to take money out of savings to meet my goal of no added credit card debt this month.  That is okay as I realized that I am just not giving myself enough money to pay bills and live on.  I need to adjust my pay off strategy to enable me to pay our living expenses in addition to debt pay off.  As you all know I am big about paying large sums of money to debt.  I mean unrealistic sums.  This year my goal was to pay the agreed upon minimums and not go further into debt. So far I have been able to do this.  But this month was an expensive one and I have not been reimbursed by the Firefighters for the last show, so in order to meet my goals I will have to borrow from savings.

     I was able to pay the one $1950.00 credit card payment, but the other $1242.00 I will take from savings.  I just thought by this time I would have all this extra money but that is not happening.  I did get hubby to understand that he is not to write any checks for gas or anything.  He is to come to me for cash.  This way I can control what is going out.  He is not a big spender, but his gas adds up to about $350.00 a month.  He has not been commuting for over a month and it has taken its tole. He did start commuting again today thank goodness.  Plus the trip to Boise  for Hubby's folks and my trips to Spokane for medical have all cost money.  On top of that all the doctor co-pays and medications I have been on and continue to be on are expensive.  Life just has a way of costing money even when you are trying to be really careful.

     I get anxious because I want to see one of my debts gone and they just go down slowly, so slowly.  I have to be happy with the fact that I am not going backwards.  Putting things on the credit card and then not paying for it that month is going backwards and I will not break that goal unless I am forced to.  Right now I have over $3500.00 on different savings accounts and I can do this.

     I was able to get the dwarf hats done yesterday and costume the dwarfs out of the costume closet.  Snow Whites dress is done.  I still have to put hooks up the back and hem it do a little work on the cape but it was fine for pictures.

     I did not get any sewing done for the shop yesterday so I really need to get busy today, but I am going to pay the rest of Aprils bills and set up a budget for May before I hit my machine.  I can't believe it is May already.  I love May although it is a very stressful month.

     Still not 100%.  I am medicating and taking a lot of drugs for pain.  I will be so glad to get through this mess.   If I every truly get through it.  I feel like I get one problem resolved and another uglier one pops up.  It is discouraging.  Especially when pain is involved as it saps your mental ability to stay positive.

     Out My Window:  Wind has blown hard now for 2 days and is making everything a mess.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I'm a lot like you... I set unrealistic payment goals that will break a lot of other things in order to succeed, and I'm dead set on succeeding once I set them. I've heard debt paying goes down easy with a piece of cake by your side!

  2. You know that not going further into debt is a HUGE deal, so you need to cut yourself some slack.

    And stop paying the cards until your necessitities are taken care off! It isn't extra if you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  3. I'm right there with you wishing the numbers would go down faster. It seems like it will be an eternity until we reach the end, but we will do it! You have so much going on and you do it while in pain. You are such an inspiration!