Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday, May day!

Personal -$59.12
Studio I don't know have not added deposit!

    I was reading blogs this morning and just realized that I skipped the month of April.  I was sick with an eye infection the 2nd week of March.  I had a bad cold the 3rd week of March with a fever. I also had the Celtic show and I lost my voice the entire week.  I mean nothing would come out.  Then I had fever and chills the next week.  The entire month of April was spent with one serious infection after another and I am still doctoring my Backside and the carpel tunnel in my left wrist is horrible.  Will I ever be normal again?  Ok I was never normal but will I ever be abnormal again?  Enough said.

     Yesterday I had a reporter from the local paper come and interview me on why in our combined area of 100,000 people we cannot keep a formal dress or wedding shop open. Then I had a high school girl come and job shadow me in the shop for a Senior project.  I was able to get 4 dresses and a military uniform done.

     I have a load of sewing to do today.  I still did not get to the bills yesterday, so I will tackle that before I hit the machines.

     I made several dozen cookies for Hubbies office as his old boss was going to visit in the afternoon and asked Hubby if I would send his favorite cookie.  So hubby takes them in and puts a sign on them that they are for John who is coming in later in the day.  He comes back to several new signs.  I am Rick and I am the new boss so I get a cookie.  Rick was grouchy today so I get 2 cookies (secretary).  Anyway the list went on and John was not able to get to the office so everyone ate the cookies.  I mean what those old bachelor foresters will do for a cookie.  I remember making a cheesecake for one of their birthdays and when Hubby came in with the cheesecake he had to have it for breakfast.  Men....

Out My Window:  COLD, Cold, cold,  windy but sunny!

     Well I am off to try and do the dishes and see if I can loosen up this wrist and hand.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That's really funny about his office! It's great when you can have that sort of sense of humor going on.

  2. Very interesting about the reporter's story. Hope he/she does a good job on it and quotes you correctly!

    I'm still laughing about the disappearing cookies! Yes ... men!


  3. The cookie story is awesome :) I hope, May will be kinder to you...