Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, what happened to Thursday?

     What happened to my Thursday?  I guess I was just busy.  I did finally complete that last prom alteration.  But I have a boat load of sewing to do today.  I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted off me, now I just need the money to role in :)

     I took the last of my 21 days of antibiotics this morning so maybe by next week I will get the all clear to start arthritis meds again.  Backside is doing better, but I am watching it (or feeling it) carefully so it does not happen again.

     I really need to kick through this house.  Every trash can upstairs is full and I need to gather dirty laundry and do laundry.  I just need to run through this house.  Also need to do a deposit and pay the staff today.  I hope I have enough money in to do this.

     Hubby had a crown yesterday, so he was home on the couch last night sleeping.  We have $712.00 left in the medical savings that has to be used by July 1st.  So $435.00 will go to the crown.  I also need a crown so the rest will go to me and I will make up the difference.

     Must order flowers for Hubby's mom's Birthday Saturday, also call in prescriptions.  So  long list of to do's.

1. call doctor
2. call pharmacy
3. call florist
4.make deposit
5.payroll, sew, sew   Will do more if possible
7. do at least 4 loads of laundry     Started!  on my 4th load
8. empty trash cans
9. make beds
10.clean kitchen
11. order costume parts   Started!
     We are out of dog food and car food and laundry and dish soap so I expect a trip to Wal-mart.
Trying hard right now not to spend any money so I can get $500.00 for the house payment.  I think I have at least $350.00.  I will need this by May 9th.  Then I have to save for another $500.00 bill.  It never ends.

     Out My Window:  Beautiful everything blooming but a little cold.  

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Uff, hope hubby is doing well after the crown. My partner at work is getting hers done and the way she dreads it would make you think it involves an amputation! Have a great weekend.

  2. You're making great progress on your list! Hope the beautiful weather stays around. :-)